From tech to TV, social to private, our media experiences with brands are increasing complex, rich and bespoke. This year’s Media & Advertising Summit will showcase the broad range of research being undertaken by brands, media owners and tech giants using a variety of research methods and measurement tools.

We’ll be asking how audiences want to be served up content and advertising and what their biggest concerns are? What’s the psychology underpinning consumer engagement? How are brands and platforms responding to dynamic paradigms?
Core areas we’re interested in exploring at the event are: 

  • social, cultural and technology trends that are influencing media
  • consumer engagement with content and brands
  • brand building strategies and the impact they’ve achieved
  • key growth opportunities including voice, audio, video and more…
  • media representation of today’s most topical issues such as climate, diversity, inclusion
  • the maturing of influencer marketing, ecommerce, personalisation, search and recommendation
  • tracking of social media activity, privacy concerns and implications for brands
  • what 5G means for brands and consumers?
  • tech ecosystem strategies for brands
  • psychology of advertising

If you’re interested in getting involved, we’d love for you to share your research journeys, project pitfalls, key outcomes and latest insights. Please send us your ideas for a:
30 min case study – present new research where innovative methodologies have been used, outcomes have been notable and the audience will be left excited by your story
Panel debate – you may wish to participate in a discussion on a particular topic or curate the whole session. Please suggest topics which will generate a stimulating discussion where a range of viewpoints can be represented 
Round table discussion – suggest and lead a 30min discussion on a burning industry issue with a table of delegates. We’re looking for topics with broad appeal where delegates will welcome the opportunity to discuss strategies and solutions with industry colleagues
A quick note on our selection criteria

With just 10 sessions available we give priority to client side presenters / co-presenters, new hot-off-the-press research and projects using pioneering research techniques.
If you have a recent research project that you’d like to showcase or a conference session idea please submit a brief synopsis (approx. 200 words) for consideration by Tuesday 3 March to

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