Is your survey (still) working hard enough for you?

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

Course overview/description

Many of us inherit quantitative surveys that have been running for years that are in need of an overhaul. Others may be working on a great survey but budget cuts mean a leaner more efficient approach is needed. Or maybe you’ve seen your tracker response rates fall as it gets harder and harder to gain respondents attention.

This course provides practical guidance for how to conduct a robust review of your quantitative survey. It will help you think through options for refreshing it to better address today’s objectives and practical challenges.

Learning outcomes/learning objectives

  • Pressure-test all aspects of your survey
  • Identify questions that aren’t working hard enough
  • Shorten your questionnaire
  • Increase the cost effectiveness by making smart compromises
  • Highlight options for integrating data sources
  • Use data analytics to provide evidence
  • Build your confidence to recommend change

Who will benefit?

This course is for agency or in-house researchers at any level who are working on projects that need an overhaul.

Learning method

Mix of presentation, discussion and practical exercises.

Course delivery mode

Online (or in-person)

Additional Information

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