Applying the principles for questionnaires that really work.

This course enables you to:

  • Understand and apply the principles of good questionnaire design

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, delegates should be able to:

  • Identify the key stages in an efficient & effective questionnaire writing process
  • Be aware of the range of question types and of key issues affecting their application and interpretation
  • Structure a quantitative questionnaire to minimise order bias and create a good flow
  • Identify weaknesses in question wording
  • Understand the impact of layout

Who will benefit?

This course will benefit researchers from both agency and client-side who have some basic experience of designing, using or analysing questionnaires.

By agreeing to participate in this training course you also agree to download any software application(s) that are required for the fulfilment of the course.

Reinforced the key and important elements of questionnaires and makes you aware of what you need to do to get reliable and accurate research.

Sophie Bryan, QRS Market Research
02 February 2017

Eye-opening to common things in surveys that you could easily make mistakes with, without the proper care or attention.

Tom Smith, Enhance Media
02 February 2017

Useful, insightful and fundamental for anyone who wants to communicate effectively thorough questionnaire surveys.

Joanna Darling, Opinium Research
02 February 2017

Very informative and kept my interest all the way through!

Eleanor Peabody,  Tesco
07 November 2016

Informative, practical with useful tools and process to get us started.

Gillian Slowly, Bridgethorne
07 November 2016

Amazing training covering all the necessary information on questionnaire design.

Elisha Goodman, Dennis Publishing Ltd
07 November 2016

Easy to follow guide in creating effective surveys.

Sarah Durrant, Vanquis Bank
04 July 2016


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

Kate is a user-friendly, freelance trainer focused on building research and insights skills among agency and client researchers and marketeers. Kate shares her enthusiasm for clarity and simplicity so that research outcomes are practical and commercial.
Before returning to freelance Kate spent 15 years as Learning Director at Kantar - creating global research training programmes. She’s experienced in translating specialist content into engaging learning material – including online video tutorials - as well as facilitation of virtual and in-person training.
Kate’s training skills build on her first 20 years as a research practitioner (RSL, TNS). She is a Certified Member of the MRS and an MRS Advanced Certificate examiner. She originally studied Experimental Psychology at Cambridge.

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