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Newcomer of the Year Profiles

Hear from the Research Live Newcomer of the Year Nominees 2016

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  • Alexander Wheatley,
    Research Innovator, Lightspeed

    Why did you enter the Newcomer of the Year Award?
    I think the MRS is a great force in pushing the industry forward and I hugely admire their work. So to add my voice and play a role in their initiative to encourage young talent in market research is incredibly humbling.

  • Caroline Smiley,
    Customer Research & Insights, Delta Air Lines

    What would you do with a £1million research budget?
    I’d love to do some virtual reality research. I think it could be hugely valuable for airline research – trying out various cabin designs, seat testing, fare class differences etc. So many cool applications!

  • Graeme Cade,
    Client Director, Circle Research

    What’s your advice for young researchers?
    Speak up and be heard. Don’t automatically defer to more senior colleagues, but instead think about what your research really means and challenge the status quo. If they’re good ideas, you’ll be admired; not so good ideas, you’ll learn from them – but either way this will build confidence and respect.

  • James Davis,
    Research Executive at Atticus

    Why did you enter the Newcomer of the Year Award? 
    I think industry awards are extremely important, it’s a way of showcasing talent within the industry and sends out a positive message to our clients. I thought the Newcomer of the Year Award was a fantastic opportunity.

    Kelsey Beninger,
    Associate Director, Kantar Public UK

    Who’s your biggest influence?
    It may be cliché to say but my biggest influence is my mom. She was a sociologist with her own research agency in Canada so analytical thinking and curiosity was in my genes. She is always encouraging me to question the world around me and push myself in everything I do. Thanks, mom!

  • Katie Marks, Account Manager, Hall & Partners

    What three words should researchers live by?
    ‘Let’s try it!’ The best research solutions are those designed completely with our client’s business objectives in mind, as in a lot of cases, this can take us down a path of experimentation!

    Sabrina Salvador
    Group Insight Manager, Hachette

    Finish this sentence; if I weren’t sitting here right now I’d be…
    … researching the world with my bike and a good backpack!

    Daniel Tralman
    Associate Director, Northstar UK

    Who’s your biggest influence?
    I don’t think there’s any one person who’s influenced me the most. Rather I’ve had many mentors throughout my life who have inspired me and had a considerable effect on me. That said, as a Canadian and diehard ice hockey fan, Wayne Gretzky’s famous quote, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take” has had a tremendous impact on my life philosophy.

    Ben Moncrieffe
    Senior Consultant (Insight, Strategy, Brand & Innovation), C Space

    Why did you enter the Newcomer of the Year Award?
    C Space (and specifically my boss Vincent) put me forward for the nomination and I’m so grateful and blown away that they did. It’s a massive honour for them to even consider me, let alone put me forward for such a prestigious award.