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Context counts, use it to unlock consumer truth.

Global full service research agency using curiosity, expertise and leading edge approaches such as VR and other digital techniques. We help you understand the whole consumer decision making process from insight to action for innovation, product, pack and shopper objectives.

Senior Contacts

Dorte Torpe Hansen (Chief Commercial Officer)
Jackie Tarran (Managing Director)

Breakdown of Personnel

Executive/Research staff: 4
Total Number of Employees: 1 to 5


308 Cocoa Studios
The Biscuit Factory
100 Clements Road
SE16 4DG
Tel: +44 (0)203 735 9050
Establishment date: 2007

International Address

Strategir GmbH
Tullastr. 11
Tel: +49 621 76 2123 70
Fax: +49 621 76 2123 72

Strategir BlueGate
Room F2, Floor 24, Jiushi Renaissance Plaza
No.918 Middle Huaihai Road
Huangpu District
Tel: +8621 64328010
Fax: na

Strategir SAS
5 Rue Foy
Tel: +33 5 56 00 89 89
Fax: +33 5 56 00 89 88

The Future of AI & Automation - L’OR line extends with confidence coming from AI driven sales volume forecasts

AI based modelling increases confidence in sales volume forecasts built on research samples of a couple of hundred consumers.

This case study shows how the Market Shaker AI volumetric model unlocked the potential of a new innovation for L’OR coffee by:

  • Integrating the right context for purchase through a realistic shopping situation;
  • Recreating the multitude of individual behaviours with powerful AI, multiplying the power to predict each one’s behaviour up to 10,000 times;
  • Considering each buyer as unique throughout the entire modelling process.

Thanks to AI’s enhanced understanding of consumers’ behaviour, JDE had the confidence of thousands upon thousands of virtual consumers’ behind the launch of their innovation

For further information, contact Jackie Tarran 

Source: Strategir Ltd

The recommendations always go a step further to ensure they are insightful, relevant and useful
Marketing Director, European Personal Care Manufacturer

Strategir teams are engaged and flexible, proposing tailored solutions to respond best to our objectives
Market research Manager, International dairy company

I value that I work with the same team of researchers who know my business issues, the way we work as well as my category
Consumer Insight Manager, Biscuit manufacturer

The Strategir Market Shaker® model stands out for me because it has been able to factor in the complexities of our category perfectly through the rigour and emphasis placed on the “at shelf” element of the research. The end result is high level of concept feedback plus a volume forecast built in a robust and realistic way. Very impressive!
Group Marketing Director, Thai Union (John West, Petit Navire, MareBlu)

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