Keith Hughes, Dr Stephen Jenkins and Geoff Wright have been awarded Honorary Fellowships for the creation of the Triple-S standard, the standard for transferring data and variables between survey systems.

The Triple-S standard defines a means by which both survey data and variables may be transferred between different survey programs running on different software and hardware platforms.

Keith Hughes is Development Director of Merlinco Ltd and has been involved in the development of survey software on all kinds of system platforms for over 30 years.

Dr Stephen Jenkins is Managing Director of Snap Surveys with over 30 years’ experience in designing and writing software for survey work. He designs and manages development of the snap research analysis software.

Geoff Wright is a Director of Computable Functions Ltd, an independent survey research IT consultancy. He has been using, designing and advising on survey software for over 30 years.

Honorary Fellowships are awarded to eminent public and business figures who have championed, or who demonstrate the power of research, insight or data from outside the sector.

The Triple-S Group commented:We feel very honoured to be awarded Honorary Fellowships in respect of our work on the Triple-S standard. We first met as a group over 30 years ago to work on reducing the problems often encountered when transferring survey data between analysis systems. Although we were all from different companies, each with our own commercial perspective, we worked as a group to build the standard across versions as it evolved. It was a challenging but enjoyable exercise, and we must give thanks to the ASC for supporting our work, and to Peter Wills for providing the initial inspiration.“

Jane Frost CBE, Chief Executive of MRS, comments: “This world is meant to be increasingly connected, but frequently we deal with systems that are anything but, the Triple S standard provides a very useful contribution to allowing data transfers to be made and it is right that we acknowledge such an important contribution to the work of our sector.”

The Honorary Fellowships will be presented at the Excellence Awards Lunch on the 7 June. Tickets are £85+VAT for Fellows, £105+VAT for Members and £125+VAT for Non-Members. For more information and to book please click here

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