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Data Driven Insights 2024

Join MRS online, for a day of case studies and discussion that will demonstrate how to distil actionable insights from an infinite number of data points captured across multiple datasets.

Thursday, 04 July

MRS Best of Events and Awards, Manchester 2024

Catch the very best of MRS this summer in Manchester!

Over the past 12 months, MRS has showcased some extraordinary research and convened brand and agency experts to address the biggest issues facing insight teams today. This July, Manchester will host MRS Best of Events and Awards.

Wednesday, 17 July

B2B Research Conference 2024

Businesses’ thirst for B2B insights to extend their customer understanding, build business resilience and support decision making has never been greater.

Wednesday, 25 September

Behavioural Science Summit 2024

New ways to understand decision making and influence change

This year’s behavioural science summit focusses on new and emerging approaches to distilling behavioural insights and designing behavioural interventions.  Expect a day of discussion and case studies demonstrating how applications of behavioural science in market research are optimising marketing outcomes, improving user experiences and supporting behavioural change initiatives.

Thursday, 26 September

User Research Conference 2024

Thursday, 17 October

Financial Services Research Conference 2024

Thursday, 14 November

Agency Owners Conference 2024

Thursday, 21 November

Client Conference 2024

Thursday, 05 December

AI in MR 2025

Thursday, 23 January

Innovation Conference 2025

Thursday, 13 February

Gen A-Z Conference 2025

Thursday, 27 February

CX | UX | MR Conference 2025

Thursday, 27 March


MRS Annual Conference 2024 – Applied Transformation

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MRS Annual Conference 2024, Applied Transformation, will celebrate all that is excellent in our sector and address the transformative issues facing agencies and in-house teams.

Semiotics and Cultural Insights Conference 2024

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Unlocking Significance & Decoding Cultures

Join the MRS for a day of case studies from around the world, demonstrating how semiotics and cultural research are solving multiple branding and communication challenges. Hear how brand leaders are engaging new audiences by recoding messaging into modern, nuanced narratives. Examine the impact AI will have on visual culture and the implications for semiotics and cultural analysis.

AI: Powering-up Consumer Insights 2024

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AI continues to reshape insight generation.

Join MRS for a showcase of real-world case studies that demonstrate innovative and transformative applications of AI in market and consumer research.

&more Virtual Conference 2023

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Pack your kit – essentials for your career journey

Growing from strength to strength, the &more Conference is back for a fifth year, with specially selected sessions focusing on innovative methods and essential skills. We’ll be shining a spotlight on the brilliant work young researchers do and equipping our attendees with useful knowledge, guidance, and techniques for their career trek.

Consumer Qual 2023

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Placing customers front and centre

Sometimes, only qual-led research programmes can deliver the agility and depth of insight needed to thrive in a consumer landscape which is shifting faster than ever before.

Digital Ethnography 2023

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Capturing lived experiences & fostering empathy with audiences

Join MRS for a day packed with new case studies that demonstrate the value of using digital ethnography to capture in-the-moment, and in-context behavioural insights. Find out how to optimise the planning, management, implementation and impact of digital ethnography and how to build organisation-wide empathy with key audiences.

Sustainability Summit 2023

Increasing weather incidents, supply chain shortages and the cost-of living crisis have shifted citizens’ priorities when it comes to sustainability. Consumers want to see sustainable practices and products in the market but set against financial pressures it is not always clear how brands, service organisations and government should approach this call.

Data Driven Insights 2023

Powering decisions at speed and scale

MRS presents a day of case studies and discussion examining how to scale, accelerate and enrich insight using AI, big data and analytics. Examine methodologies and outcomes from insight teams that are fusing datasets, extrapolating insight using predictive techniques and experimenting with large language models (LLMs) and other AI techniques across research projects.

CX | UX | MR Conference 2023

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Explore new ways that break down research silos to deliver greater customer understanding. Hear how a new insight approach can accelerate the journey towards customer centricity at CX/UX/MR Conference 2023.

Insights from the Metaverse 2023

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As metaverse hype becomes (virtual) reality, this conference explores the implications for consumers, brands and research. How can we prepare for it, what can we expect from it and what opportunities and challenges lie ahead?

Brand Purpose Conference 2022

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Insight strategies to shape, embed and activate purpose

Today’s customers want to buy into brands that represent the values and champion the causes important to them. Find out how market research is helping leading brands like Santander, Co-op, Danone and Wilko demonstrate authenticity, develop emotionally resonate narratives and connect with consumers.

Storytelling 2022

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Transforming insight into narratives

Storytelling has become a critical skill for today’s research professionals with top brands demanding to hear the narrative behind the insight. At this conference, find out how Just Eat, Pinterest, Sainsbury’s, The Football Association and others are using storytelling techniques to communicate with customers.

Monday, 01 June

Big Qual 2022

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Scaling large-scale qualitative insight

Discover how to build your own Big Qual capability using a range of tools, methodologies and technologies. Join Unilever, Cereal Partners Worldwide, IPA, Colart, IGD and Heads UP CIO to hear their approaches to delivering qualitative insights at scale and at speed.

Sunday, 31 May

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One Day Conferences

For well over a decade, MRS one day conferences have helped providers and buyers understand and capitalise on fast-moving research sectors. Moving to digital delivery has not compromised this. We remain committed to keeping the research world galvanised and inspired by delivering an annual programme of one day events.

Attending an MRS conference will give you access to some of the best business minds, as they share illuminating case-studies that trigger innovation, uncover new solutions to old problems and generate compelling debate.

MRS Annual Conference

Every year, MRS brings the research world together for a celebratory and wide-ranging festival of ideas, talent and business. This flagship event showcases compelling case-studies, ground-breaking approaches, insightful debate and valuable networking.

With the world changing at speed, the conference often has a primary objective or master theme, but this is never a constraint. With a variety of formats, content and approaches, you are guaranteed an event that stimulates, informs, entertains and engages.

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