After two years online, we can’t wait to get back together in person. However, we know many of our members have appreciated the convenience of our virtual conferences and training and want to see these continue.

Throughout 2022 we will be offering face-to-face as well as virtual conferences, so you can choose how you want to stay tuned into the latest trends and effective new thinking in our sector.


Storytelling 2022

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Transforming insight into narratives

Storytelling has become a critical skill for today’s research professionals with top brands demanding to hear the narrative behind the insight. At this conference, find out how Just Eat, Pinterest, Sainsbury’s, The Football Association and others are using storytelling techniques to communicate with customers.

Big Qual 2022

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Scaling large-scale qualitative insight

Discover how to build your own Big Qual capability using a range of tools, methodologies and technologies. Join Unilever, Cereal Partners Worldwide, IPA, Colart, IGD and Heads UP CIO to hear their approaches to delivering qualitative insights at scale and at speed.

Digital Ethnography 2022

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Explore how remote and in-the-moment techniques are enabling organisations to see through the eyes of their audience. This event showcases applications of digital ethnography from commercial and not for profit organisations striving to develop empathetic, customer understanding.

Impact 2022 - Reinvention

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The world is slowly emerging from one of the most extreme challenges it has ever faced. It is time to ask ourselves how can we rebuild in a way that offers true progress and prosperity? .What lessons have we learned through this period and how can we build on that knowledge to truly reinvent the way we work, create, interact and understand? 

Semiotics & Cultural Insight 2022

Breakthrough applications in market research

This conference highlights applications of semiotics and cultural analysis in market research. Hear from organisations that are developing semiotic frameworks and applying semiotic and cultural analysis to influence behaviour and to improve brand messaging, content representations and physical environments.

CX | UX | MR 2022

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CX | UX | MR challenges the siloed approach to insight and examine the pathways and benefits of bringing together three branches of insight generation to help organisations achieve a 360 view of their customers and to ensure the voice of the customer informs every experiential touchpoint.

Kids & Youth Research 2022

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Keep up with the changing motivations, behaviours and aspirations of young consumers. Hear from brands that are connecting successfully with this audience by engaging in creative, inclusive, participatory research and embedding the voices of young people at the heart of their strategic decision making.

Sustainability Summit 2021

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Join insight professionals who are using their influence, skills and outputs to engage policy makers, businesses and consumers and lead them towards climate action. Be inspired by the latest research and practices that are leading to improved environmental footprints and long-term behaviour change.

Data Analytics: Tools & Methodologies 2021

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Join MRS for a morning of case studies demonstrating the application of advanced analytics for improved modelling and segmentations, customer journey mapping, brand purpose analysis, media planning, automated benchmark analysis and chatbot based insight generation.

&more Virtual Conference 2021

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Celebrating the success of young researchers over the past year with fascinating case studies, innovative new methodologies and skills sessions.

Health & Fitness 2021

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The Health & Fitness conference reveals how the pandemic has transformed the way consumers think about health and fitness. Examine what the implications are for engagement, services and strategy and hear how brands are using insight to keep up with the evolving requirements of post-Covid health consumers.

The Future of B2B Research 2021

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The scale and pace of change for businesses over the past 12 months has been unprecedented. Demand from business leaders for swift, new, insight has never been higher. This event that will showcase new B2B research from the past 12 months that demonstrates originality, agility, depth and scale.

AI | Data | Analytics Virtual Summit 2021

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Hear how data analytics is helping insight budgets go further, enabling organisations to be more agile in their response to swiftly changing circumstances and providing a more granular understanding of customers’ needs.

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Discover exciting ways to meet traditional challenges and make significant breakthroughs in your business, your career and your work.

One Day Conferences

For well over a decade, MRS one day conferences have helped providers and buyers understand and capitalise on fast-moving research sectors. Moving to digital delivery has not compromised this. We remain committed to keeping the research world galvanised and inspired by delivering an annual programme of one day events.

Attending an MRS virtual conference will give you access to some of the best business minds, as they share illuminating case-studies that trigger innovation, uncover new solutions to old problems and generate compelling debate.

Impact - MRS Annual Conference

Every year, MRS brings the research world together for a celebratory and wide-ranging festival of ideas, talent and business. This flagship event showcases compelling case-studies, ground-breaking approaches, insightful debate and valuable networking.

With the world changing at speed, the conference often has a primary objective or master theme, but this is never a constraint. With a variety of formats, content and approaches, you are guaranteed an event that stimulates, informs, entertains and engages.

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