We are on a mission to magnify the voices of LGBTQ+ communities in the research sector to make it more inclusive and diverse, providing a platform to highlight the unique ways the research sector can share the stories of our communities. MRSpride is the MRS network for LGBTQ+ professionals and allies working in research, insight and data analytics. It provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ researchers to meet, collaborate and take part in important conversations.


  • Amplifies – We campaign for diversity, inclusion and equality in our sector and beyond. We amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ people, allies and heroes.
  • Represents – We give a platform to LGBTQ+ research stories, encourage best practice in researching our communities and promote research as a tool for understanding them.
  • Supports - We create a safe space and community for LGBTQ+ professionals and allies in our sector and support them in their journey to be their true selves at work.

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MRSpride blog

Get to know our MRSpride Stars, research professionals from across the globe doing remarkable things. Find out about what they most admire, what future-fit research world looks like and their resilience tips for when times get tough.

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OUTsights podcast - all episodes

OUTsights is a podcast from MRSpride which aims to amplify LGBTQ+ voices and stories, inspire, learn and have a bit of a laugh. 

Our latest video

MRSpride is pleased to share this session from &more’s 2021 conference, presented by Kantar Public’s Richard Matousek, focussing on measuring Britons’ attitudes towards LGBTQ+ people and issues.

&more is the MRS network for young researchers. Find out more about their activities here.

YouGov is the Principal Sponsor of MRSpride

You can read a piece from Chantel le Carpentier about why they have supported the network from its launch event here.



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