Have you been contacted by a Research Agency? Check the validity of a research supplier by searching the list below or by calling the Market Research Society's Freephone verification service on 0800 975 9596*.

The Market Research Society is the professional association for market researchers and all organisations featured in the Research Buyer’s Guide and the verification service are bound by the MRS Code of Conduct. For more details on the Code of Conduct or to make a complaint against a research organisation please visit www.mrs.org.uk/standards

This is an opt-in service and as such does not include all research providers in the UK/Ireland. Not being featured does not exclude any organisation from being legitimate researchers or from being members of MRS.

If you wish to check if a person is a member of MRS please call 020 7566 1820. 

Calling 0800 numbers from outside the UK is possible but will incur charges. The international rates will vary depending on where the caller is phoning from.


ABA White Rooms

Tel: 01728 837 322; Contact: Stuart Walters www.abawhiterooms.co.uk

Absolute Market Research Ltd

Tel: 07971534643; Contact: Morwenna Ellis

Acacia Avenue International

Tel: +44 (0)20 7014 9500; Contact: Wendy Gordon www.acacia-avenue.com

Academic Research Consultancy Ltd

Tel: 01753 372570; Contact: Omar Al-Habash academicresearchconsultancy.co.uk/

Accent Market Research

Tel: 020 8742 2211; Contact: Omar Shareef www.accent-mr.com

Accent Scotland

Tel: 0131 220 2550; Contact: Angéline Dépaty www.accent-mr.com

Acritas Research Ltd

Tel: +44(0) 808 178 3020; Contact: Lucy Leach www.acritas.com

ActionPoint Marketing Solutions

Tel: 01462 681 187; Contact: Penny Wylie www.actionpointms.co.uk

Active Pregnancy


Acuigen Ltd

Tel: 01234-751 133; Contact: Tracy Bartlett www.acuigen.com

Acuity Research and Practice

; Contact: Alison White www.arap.co.uk/contact/

Acumen Fieldwork Ltd

Tel: 0161 234 9940; Contact: Abi Fuller www.acumenfieldwork.com

Adkins Medical Research

Tel: +44 (0)121 355 7421; Contact: Janet Adkins www.adkins-medical.com

Adkins Research Group

Tel: 0121 355 7421; Contact: Janet Adkins www.adkins-medical.com

Advantage Market Intelligence Ltd

Tel: 01664 738380; Contact: Kevin Simmons AdvantageMI.co.uk

AECOM Limited

Tel: 0121 262 1900; Contact: Fiona Lever www.aecom.com

Africa 54 Market Research

; Contact: Denis Wung www.a54marketinggroup.com/

Ageas UK Ltd

Tel: 02380 644 455; Contact: Robin Queripel www.ageas.co.uk

Agrifocus Ltd

Tel: 01600 860844; Contact: Lesley Russen www.agrifocus.co.uk

Agroni Research Ltd

Tel: 0208 981 1020; Contact: Nooruddin Ahmed www.agroni.co.uk

Albemarle Marketing Research Ltd

Tel: 020 7462 7272; Contact: Annabelle Spooner www.a-m-r.co.uk

Alchemy Research Associates

Tel: 01924-382 863; Contact: John Shepherd www.alchemyresearch.co.uk

Alison Walsh: Brand Planning & Research

Tel: +44 (0)20 8203 3205; Contact: Alison Walsh www.brand-planning.com

All Global Viewing

Tel: +44 (0)20 7920 7780; Contact: Kate Grady www.allglobalviewing.com


Tel: 020 7400 1010; Contact: Jon Young alligator-digital.com

AMA Research Limited


Amarach Research

Tel: +353 (0)14105200; Contact: Mary Mulcahy www.amarach.com

Andrea Burton Associates

Tel: 07775 717090; Contact: Andrea Burton andreaburtonassociates.com/

Andrew Smith Research

Tel: 01372 817979; Contact: Andrew Smith www.andrewsmithresearch.co.uk

Angelfish Fieldwork

; Contact: Sophie Zadeh angelfishfieldwork.com

Antedote Ltd


AR Consulting

Tel: 01384 562861; Contact: Adrian Rhodes

Ardent Fieldwork Ltd

Tel: 0203-371-1467; Contact: Vipul Chokshu ardentfieldwork.com

Arrowstream Analytics Limited

ase Dublin

Tel: +353 (0)1 678 5000; Contact: David Dubow www.aseresearch.com

ase Market Intelligence Ltd

Tel: 020 7580 7757; Contact: David Dubow www.aseresearch.com

Ashbrook Research & Consultancy Ltd

Tel: 0141 333 1213; Contact: David Brooks www.ashbrookresearch.co.uk

Ask Chili

Tel: 00 353 1 675 5761; Contact: Declan O'Reilly www.askchili.ie

Ask for Research

Tel: 01630 639 759; Contact: Angela Lowe www.askforresearch.co.uk

Ask Insight

Tel: +44 (0)1484 437424; Contact: Susan Kenyon www.askinsight.co.uk


Tel: +44 (0)1736 719321; Contact: Rosemarie Plette www.aski-uk.co.uk

Aspect Viewing Facilities

Tel: 0161 242 7858; Contact: Joanne Malaney www.aspectviewingfacilities.com


Tel: 0141 942 7210; Contact: Sinead Assenti


Tel: 020 7099 1010 www.atomikresearch.co.uk


Tel: +44 (0)1293 601900; Contact: Pauline Pickles www.attitudesviewing.co.uk

Aurora Market Research Ltd

Tel: 0207 9609680; Contact: Justin Alderson www.auroramr.com/

Aviva PLC

Tel: 020736623100; Contact: Rob Hancock www.aviva.co.uk

Axiom Consultancy

Tel: 0141 212 7980; Contact: Alistair McCrae www.axiomconsultancy.co.uk

Axiom Translate Ltd


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