Welcome to our new MRS Company Partners. We are delighted to welcome our newly Accredited Company Partners and International Affiliates to MRS who join an international network of over 700 companies upholding the highest research standards.

June 2024

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SMG (The Social Marketing Gateway) is a leading social marketing and behaviour change agency, offering a full range of expertise, skills, and services. We deliver effective solutions to behavioural, health, social, and environmental challenges. Our experienced and skilled research team ensures that all our work is driven by actionable insight. 



At InsightX Research Solutions, we’re committed to reshaping market research fieldwork with innovative, bespoke strategies. Our expertise lies in tailored fieldwork and data collection, designed to meet the unique needs of each client. We offer extensive high-quality fieldwork solutions – Consumer, B2B or Experts, local or international, quantitative or qualitative, CATI, face-to-face or online, single or mixed mode - we excel in omni-channel recruitment to reach niche audiences and gather high-quality data.

We pride ourselves on being methodology-agnostic, offering flexibility and adaptability for any project - qualitative or quantitative. Our strength in both Qual (Digital and in-person recruitment, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and moderation) and Quant (Consumer & Executive CATI, online surveys, face-to-face interviewing, and mixed-mode) recruitment ensures that we work closely with our clients to guarantee feasibility, maintain high-quality standards, and optimise cost efficiency.

Our leadership team boasts plenty of experience across various sectors, including finance, automotive, construction, technology, transport & tourism, media, FMCG, and social research. With a proven track record in managing operations and overseeing domestic and international client accounts, our team is equipped to deliver exceptional results for every project.

Make it yours: tailored service options for your bespoke needs!

Website: https://www.insightxresearch.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/insightx-research-solutions

May 2024


The Wine Society is the world’s oldest member-owned community of wine lovers. Since 1874 we’ve been doing business differently, putting our members before profit to ensure fairer bottle prices for both the people that enjoy them, and for those who make them. Our purpose is to champion the joy of good wine for today and tomorrow.

Being a responsible co-operative is more than a business model. It’s at the heart of all we do.  We don’t just put our members at the heart of our business, we literally exist for them. 


April 2024

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CARMA, established in 1984, is a leading media intelligence provider recognized for excellence in communications research and measurement. Recently honored at the AMEC Awards as the large communications, research, and measurement organization of the year, CARMA serves over 3,500 clients globally.

We empower clients to strategically navigate the media landscape by integrating primary research with industry-leading monitoring and evaluation programs. Our blend of cutting-edge technology and seasoned consultants offers unparalleled insights. With 650+ staff across five continents, CARMA is the preferred choice for organizations seeking to understand and optimize their communications effectiveness through comprehensive media intelligence solutions.

For more information about CARMA International Ltd, its expert team, and their work, visit www.carma.com.

March 2024


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IDR is a global Expert Network connecting leading institutions, corporations, consultancies and market research firms to vetted experts, across multiple functional roles, industry sectors and geographies.

What sets IDR apart is our unique ability to identify and custom recruit B2B targets quickly and efficiently, helping clients to access the right stakeholders, meet their deadlines, and achieve key business objectives.

With a team of 200+ international researchers, a fast-growing network of over 500,000 experts, and our advanced proprietary technology, we are able to offer truly competitive timelines and costs as well as exceptional quality standards, for all your Qualitative and Quantitative B2B studies.


February 2024


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iMAD Research is a leading global market research company providing end-to-end data collection services including our global B2B, Healthcare, and Consumer panel, survey programming, and 24/7 project management.

We ensure the highest quality survey data to research companies, ad agencies and corporate brands so that they can make better, informed research and business decisions. Together with our selected industry partners, we directly connect with over 8 million respondents in over 35 countries with a focus on B2B Decision Makers, Healthcare Professionals, and Consumers.

With our in-house CATI experts, iMAD is capable of delivering fast, insightful data collection with industry leading standards for quality amongst hard-to-reach audiences. The team is trained on survey techniques, and is well verse with research nuances which helps add value to research insights.

Leading global quantitative data collection company covering methodologies from CATI, social media recruitment to CAWI, with a very strong focus on innovation based on XR interviews.


January 2024

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Specialising in media, entertainment and technology research, Tapestry’s purpose is to make the complex beautifully simple.  

Our strength is in understanding interconnected systems and we would argue that everything is connected, all the time. Even seemingly straightforward questions come with context, stakeholders and a hinterland which can make them more complex than first imagined. When faced with these issues we do much more than simply measure; we make, we create and we provoke debate. We deliver elegant solutions that are as simple as they can be but absolutely no more simple than they should be, closing a project with something that people want to see, want to talk about and want to come back to time and time again. 

Contact: hello@tapestryresearch.com
Website: https://tapestryresearch.com/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tapestry-research



Since founded in 1999, Epinion’s core objective has been to give voice to people and deliver deep insights about citizens and consumers based on sound methods. Since then, the company has grown steadily – in terms of projects, customers, and employees. 

Even though Epinion is now a mature organisation, an agile and innovative culture prevails. This is important, because in a fast-paced world, helping our customers with innovative and creative answers to their strategic challenges is key.

Understanding people and the world requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. We have specialised in a wide range of industries over the years, so we can provide the best possible advice.

Today, Berit Didriksen is the CEO of Epinion.

November 2023



With digital-first products and specialized online research services, Borderless Access stands out as a company with proven market and business transformations cutting across industries and domains that connect brands with the voice of customers to create a positive business impact.

Having worked with Fortune 100 clients and global clientele of MR firms, Ad Agencies, Consultancy firms and End Enterprises for the past 15 years, we deliver validated genuine customer insights using our proprietary quality framework and AI-ML technology. We use best-of-class digital tools with robust fraud-detection methods. Borderless Access offers end-to-end research solutions, including qualitative and quantitative insights, competitive & market intelligence, niche audience data and advanced analytics.

Borderless Access established its presence in 2008 in Bangalore, India; and further expanded its presence in client markets of the US, UK, Germany, Romania, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Its current employee strength is 350+, working full time based across Bangalore and other International cities.

Awarded with ‘23 Top Online Research Companies 2023’ by Quirk’s Media, ‘GRIT Top 50 Innovative Supplier 2022’, ‘ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Award – GOLD, 2021’; Best Partner Paper Award at PAMRO 2019; Borderless Access is a certified ‘Great Place to Work’ and is affiliated with other leading market research governing bodies such as ESOMAR, Insights Association, Intellus, EPHMRA, BHBIA, PAMRO, SAMRA and MRSI.

Borderless Access values data security, privacy, and confidentiality and is ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 27701:2019 certified; and a GDPR & CCPA compliant company. Learn more about our services and credentials on our website – borderlessaccess.com

October 2023


CDS Company Logo

Cheshire Data Services is one of the UK’s leading market research data processing providers, dedicated to empowering businesses with actionable insights through top-tier data processing and project support services. With a commitment to precision and quality, we are the go-to choice for clients in industries ranging from B2B/Consumer market research to specialist pharmaceutical agencies.

Our core expertise is our ability to make sense of vast and intricate datasets. We specialize in pharmaceutical verbatim coding, ensuring that valuable information is captured and analysed accurately. Additionally, our capabilities extend to a wide spectrum of consumer and B2B market research needs, giving our clients a comprehensive understanding of their target markets.

Cheshire Data Services also specialise in survey programming and hosting, providing user-friendly, custom-built solutions that yield rich and reliable data.

Our cross-tabulation services enhance the interpretability of your data, offering actionable insights, allowing informed decision-making.

We’ve served the Market Research industry for over 20 years, so our dedicated team of experts are proficient in delivering the highest standards of service, ensuring that your data remains secure and your objectives are met.

Visit our website to explore our full suite of services and discover how Cheshire Data Services can become an integral part of your business as your data processing partner.


August 2023


Truth Consulting is a strategic insight agency founded in 2006.  Our foundational idea was to be a different kind of agency; driven by strategy and business needs, rather than methodology.  We have grown to be a full-service agency, offering all types of research, from group discussions and semiotics, through to advanced analytics. 

We still aim to be a different kind of agency: relentlessly curious, collaborative, fresh thinking and creative.  We see ourselves as partners in change, helping clients find bright solutions to challenges and opportunities.  Our work has taken us across the globe, and we have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest and most dynamic organisations.

Truth has offices in London, Frankfurt and Johannesburg, but we have worked across all major markets, and many minor ones, in order to meet the needs of our clients.  Unusually for a mid-sized agency, we work across many sectors, with expertise in CPG, Beauty, Automotive, Technology, Health & Pharma, and Financial Services.

July 2023


Global Lingo offers specialised language solutions for the research and insights sector. Helping you to launch your local, regional, or global research with ease. We provide 24/7 support through our dedicated in-region project and account management.

As language consultants, we help businesses understand the cultural, social, and commercial nuances of different languages. This includes providing guidance on adapting content and messaging to complement linguistic variations.

Our team has a wealth of experience and can support you with the following services and more:

  • Translation of Discussion Guides, Screeners, Questionnaires, and other research materials into over 150 languages
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Overlay
  • Open-end/verbatim translation
  • English and in-language coding
  • Link checking/online validation 
  • Interpreting including simultaneous translation for IDIs, TDIs, or focus groups
  • Transcription
  • Content analysis
  • Moderation
  • Adverse event monitoring
  • Captioning & subtitling

    Global Lingo provides a secure, impartial, and confidential service. We are ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 27001 (information security) certified. These underpin our goal to strive for the highest quality of work produced and commitment to data security. We look forward to supporting you with your next international research project.
June 2023

ImpactSense are a global market research consultancy who guide businesses to make informed decisions through insightful and effective research.  Their clients typically carry out more research than the industry average and they believe this is due to the equal focus on effectiveness and efficiency.

ImpactSense offer valuable advice and strategies that are specifically tailored to each client's unique circumstances and the discoveries they make together. That’s because the true power of market research isn't solely in data collection but in understanding and applying it. They’re committed to increasing the effectiveness of research, directly combatting many of the issues identified in their recent global study that you can read for yourself here.

Their team is comprised of experienced specialists (from backgrounds of CX to Marketing) who aren't afraid of venturing into unexplored areas in diverse methods of research. They take pride in their distinctive outlook and their ability to convert insights into coherent and actionable plans that assist their clients in strategic growth.

ImpactSense is working to make market research fairer and more accessible to everyone. Whether you're a large enterprise or a fledgling start-up, they are committed to providing insights that will enhance your business strategy and drive lasting success.

May 2023

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NERDS Collective was founded by Luke Hodson in 2013 as a specialist agency that places brands at the frontline of street culture through hyper-nuanced consumer insights, cultural strategy, and creative content. In addition, the collective intended to spotlight and champion inner-city individuals and grassroots communities by finding ways brands can play a more meaningful role in their world.

The foundation of the agency was URBAN NERDS, an iconic live music platform forged in London’s East End in 2007, to champion underground sounds and support emerging scenes through a series of industry-leading warehouse parties, club residencies and festivals that saw the brand break raw British talent to crowds of thousands across Europe. NERDS have been living and shaping youth culture since 07’, it's this experience that gives the company its authentic voice.

NERDS utilise industry-leading research tools and audience specialism to deliver global consumer insight with a subcultural perspective, powered by FRONTLINE, their consumer-centric​ ​cultural intelligence platform.

NERDS specialise in engaging the street-culture youth consumer; 52m across Europe and North America, 65% of Gen Z. FRONTLINE helps brands get closer to the inner city, youth trends that shape pop culture and mass behaviour.

​Their mission is to help brands cultivate a purposeful connection with youth culture, focused on marginalised, unrepresented, and under-resourced youth.

Contact:  nerdscollective.com  

April 2023

Prodege is a tech-enabled, data and insights company that has charted a course of innovation in the evolving technology landscape by helping leading brands, marketers, and agencies quickly obtain actionable insights to uncover the answers to their business questions, increase revenue, and drive brand loyalty & product adoption. We’re committed to delivering cutting-edge technology, a flexible, "research for all" approach, and world-class support to make the research process smooth, fast, and easy. Bolstered by a major investment by Great Hill Partners in the fourth quarter of 2021 and strategic acquisitions of Pollfish, BitBurst & AdGate Media in 2022, Prodege looks forward to more growth and innovation to empower our partners to gather meaningful, rich insights and better market to their target audiences.

March 2023

Freshwater Strategy Name and Logo

Freshwater Strategy operates at the nexus of capital, business, and government, transforming uncertainty into opportunity.

We create long-term value for companies, investors, and leaders. Freshwater’s empirical approach can be applied across borders, and sectors, to improve performance, perceptions, and profitability.

  • Our evidence-led strategies are deployed in complex scenarios, regulated environments, and frontier opportunities.
  • We shape opinion, manage risk, and identify opportunities in shifting environments to gain a competitive advantage.
  • The Freshwater approach is to align people, places, policy, and profit to give our clients a clear strategy for success.
  • Our services include research and insights, public affairs planning, public policy, and regulation support, as well as markets and investment advisory.


  • Sanctuary Search Ltd
  • Serco


February 2023

  • ArrowStream


Axiom Translate Ltd. is a high-tech, cutting-edge language service provider. We are on a mission to support Market Research businesses in scaling across borders and outperforming the competition.

Our Company provides fully customized enterprise solutions. As a translation agency that specializes in the Market Research sector, we understand the importance of combining top-shelf quality on accelerated timelines.

To increase content velocity, we leverage advanced translation technologies alongside a team of experienced linguists, with the sole focus to deliver the best product in the most optimal timeframe. 

As an industry veteran in the #MRX field, we acknowledge the significance of accurately interpreting and translating each word. We adapt the content to meet the needs of the target market not only on linguistic, but on cultural, political, and legal level. Our goal is to help our client gather the most accurate research findings.

Our further expertise lies in the in-depth understanding of the MRX industry - types of studies, analysis tools, code frames and the complex programming background. We treat variable data with great attention when transferring it into a different language, factoring the language specifics and the grammar nuances of each language.

We work closely with our clients with the goal to provide consulting services on how the data will be displayed, and provide a final layout and content testing, as well as a test if the logic paths are working well in the target languages.

By combining linguistic proficiency and MRX expertise, we provide outstanding localization and consulting solution to our customers worldwide.

Potentia Logo

Potentia Insight is a digital market research agency that provides trustworthy and high-quality data, allowing clients to make strategic decisions quickly. With an experienced team of dedicated specialists, it offers a bespoke approach to each project, adding an expert consultative element throughout the process. The agency utilises a range of innovative digital solutions, from market research and customer surveys to online panels and communities, combining both automation and the skill of their experienced team to offer exceptional levels of client service.


Audience_agency_logo_black -1-

The Audience Agency is a mission-led charity, incorporating a wholly owned trading subsidiary (TAA Tech Ventures), dedicated to demonstrating how publicly-owned data can make a difference to cultural organisations and their audiences. The Audience Agency helps organisations deliver their creative vision, social purpose and business resilience, believing that arts, culture and heritage have the power to improve the quality of people’s lives, to create meaning and community, to promote empathy and learning. The Audience Agency operates in the UK and internationally and offers a range of mixed method research, insight and enterprise solutions for the cultural sector and creative industries. Throughout all our services, we champion the user - taking a people-centred approach that encourages engagement and drives innovation. 

January 2023


Talking to customers has never been more important. But, being able to do so in a way that is inclusive, accessible and compliant with data protection regulations is challenging. Founded in 2019, Consent Kit is a cloud based CRM that makes managing the administrative burden of research easier. Consent Kit works with responsible research organisations like the BBC, Gov.uk and TPX Impact, helping them scale and democratise data governance and best practice when talking to customers.

Consent Kit is based in the UK, but has customers all over the world who rely on Consent Kit as a single source of truth for their research data. Alongside enabling remote working and saving researchers up to 45 mins per participant in admin time, while significantly reducing risk for organisations."

  • Mackman Research
December 2022


the7stars is the UK’s largest independent media agency, built on transparency, excellent client service and doing the right thing.


Lynchpin is an independent analytics consultancy.

We help organisations to use data to accelerate growth, increase sales & marketing efficiency and improve customer experience.

Lynchpin integrates data science, engineering and strategy capabilities to solve our clients’ analytics challenges. By bringing together complementary expertise we help improve long term analytics maturity while delivering practical results in areas such as multichannel measurement, customer segmentation, forecasting, pricing optimisation, attribution and personalisation.

Our services span the full data lifecycle from technology architecture and integration through to advanced analytics and machine learning to drive effective decisions.

We customise our approach to address each client’s unique situation and requirements, extending and complementing their internal capabilities. Our practical experience enables us to effectively bridge the gaps between commercial, analytical, legal and technical teams. The result is a flexible partnership anchored to clear and valuable outcomes for our clients.

Founded in 2005 with offices in Edinburgh and London, Lynchpin is privately owned by the management team. We operate independently of vendors to enable us to focus solely on what is in our clients’ best interests, deploying our deep expertise in digital marketing, data science and CRM technologies.

November 2022
  • Norstat UK LTD

  • The Unmistakables 


The Unmistakables embeds equity, diversity & inclusion into organisations. We are an award-winning consultancy that works with forward thinking leaders and teams to navigate shifts in equity, diversity & inclusion internally and externally.

Our work spans organisations of all shapes, sizes and sectors and is based on inside out inclusion®, our proprietary framework that senior leaders use to create systems change.

People and HR teams come to us to build inclusive cultures, learning programmes and  behaviour change and marketing teams and agencies come to us to build more inclusive insight, brand strategy, campaigns and communications - Linkedin profile

  • Glow

Glow. logo -300x200-
Glow is a research technology (‘restech’) company on a mission to make consumer research faster, more transparent and more accessible so that businesses can make better decisions that fuel their growth and support their customers, stakeholders and the planet.

Glow has offices in the UK, US, Australia and Hong Kong and can access the opinions of over 110m consumers globally.

  • Savvy
  • BAMM London
October 2022
  • Relish Agency
  • Antedote Ltd
  • LADbible Group
  • Bold Insight
  • The Behavioural Architects
September 2022
  • Medeon A.I. Ltd
  • Border Crossing UX
  • The Good Side
  • Kampo Research
August 2022
  • The Young Foundation
  • Serrula Research Ltd
  • Asahi
  • AMA Research Ltd
July 2022
  • Inspirient GmbH
  • Questionardo
  • Vocal Views
  • Newton X 


    NewtonX is now a member of MRS! They are a rapidly growing B2B market research company who counts Salesforce, Microsoft and McKinsey as clients. To learn more and meet the UK based team, email info@newtonx.com or visit https://www.newtonx.com/get-in-touch/.  

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