• Assist you in structuring your learning needs, professional development and career planning.
  • Accelerate your career and professional development.
  • Strengthen your professional credibility with current and future employers.
  • Provide a permanent ‘passport’ of professional development you have undertaken, assisting you in maintaining your CVs completing annual activities such as appraisals, etc.
  • Improve your confidence.
  • Increase your job satisfaction.
  • Enable you to achieve MRS ‘Certified’ Membership – the recognised Professional Membership grade for experienced research, insight, marketing sciences and analytics professionals.

The MRS CPD Programme recognises a broad range of professional development activities, from a variety of providers and sources. These include both formal and informal learning.

Essentially, if you undertake something that results in an element of identifiable learning, it should be recognisable within the MRS CPD programme. It’s likely that you’re already participating in activities that qualify.

Formal examples:

  • Studying for a qualification
  • Studying E-learning programmes
  • Attendance at training courses, conferences, seminars, webinars or workshops
  • Attendance at a professional talk or networking event
  • Attendance at MRS accredited training e.g. company graduate training
  • Sole authorship of books, papers, journals or articles

Informal examples:

  • Your own in-company development
  • Reading
  • Training of others
  • Mentoring
  • Awards
  • Contribution to the industry

Different providers use different language. Some providers use  points, while other use units or credits. Despite these differing terms and measurments, they all relate to CPD hours. These hours are pre-determined by the provider or CPD partner and relate to the time spent in 'active learning'. Typically, 1 CPD point equates to 1 CPD hour.

CPD hours can be used as a currency to enable you to maintain or upgrade your MRS membership.

Examples of CPD hours assigned to MRS actvities:

The MRS CPD prgramme is a Member and Accredited Company Partner benefit. You will need to become an MRS Member prior to registering for CPD or be an employee of an Accredited Company Partner and signed up to Access or &more

If you are an MRS member or an Accredited Company Partner employee signed up to Access or &more, and you want to set up a CPD account, please email your request to cpd@mrs.org.uk.

Instructions for how to create an account can be accessed via our CPD Handbook, pages 17-20, or you can watch this step-by-step guide

You can find more information on how to use the MRS CPD Portal in this helpful how-to guide.

Find out how to add activities by watching this step-by-step how-to guide.

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