The Operations Awards, or Oppies as they are affectionately known, are the only awards that recognise the vast amount of operations talent in the research sector.

Penny Steele, Chair of the judges, says: “The restrictions resulting from Covid-19 have impacted those working at the operations end of the sector particularly hard, so we were impressed by the number of entries that still came in – both from those wanting to celebrate the brilliant projects they had been involved in pre-pandemic and from those wanting to recognise the sterling work their people were doing in incredibly difficult circumstances. The innovation and creativity in evidence are a testament to those working in research operations and an encouraging sign for how we will continue to adapt after this crisis.”

Best Data Collection - Face-to-Face

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Winner - Face Facts Research

The judges said: “Face Facts were commissioned with the huge task of using ‘automated observation’  technology, wearing camera glasses, to recruit 1000 supermarket customers to record their entire customer shopping experience across one store. Such was the success of their fieldwork that the results enabled the client to format better store layout, helped them realise better ROI for their marketing budgets and captured essential metrics on each category across the whole store portfolio – a resounding success. Their submission was backed up by glowing client testimonials - congratulations.”


  • Acumen
  • BEAM Fieldwork
  • Walnut Unlimited
Best Data Collection - Online

Winner – Savanta & Brandwatch

The judges said; “Savanta and Brandwatch conducted an 87 country online study which was designed to capture both emotional and rational responses. The study looked at the influence that countries have on other countries due to their approach to social needs such as education. Both the management of this study and the high profile reporting of results impressed the judges making them the clear winner.”

Highly Commended -


  • Cobalt Sky
  • Natives
  • Omnisis
Best Data Collection  - Telephone

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Winner – RONIN International

The judges said: “RONIN International demonstrated great expertise in successfully delivering this complex and high profile global study comprising 1000 interviews across 71 countries in 20 different languages. RONIN utilised highly effective multi-mode recruitment and desk research techniques to access the hard to reach audiences required and implemented bespoke project training to equip the multi-lingual team with all the necessary tools to maximise response rates and deliver quality data for their client. The excellent supporting statements from the end client team highlighted the success of the approach and the rigorous and credible expert views obtained.”


  • Global Operations, Kynetec
  • Prevision Research
  • QRS Market Research
  • Walnut Unlimited
Best Data Solution

Winner - mTab

The judges said: “mTab successfully developed an intuitive data marketplace for organisations who need data-driven decisions and strategies. The breadth of the solution is impressive with over 30,000 global datasets and the ability to create dynamic dashboards which has significant benefits allowing users to focus on testing hypotheses and exploring evidence and insights. The success of the approach was demonstrated by some good metrics and strong client testimonials. An innovative and elegant data solution which is a worthy award winner.”


  • Confirmit
  • Colgate Palmolive & Market Logic
  • Savanta
Best Support Services

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Winner – EMPOWER Translate

The judges said: “EMPOWER was set an ‘impossible’ task by a client to reduce by 50% the time-to-market for the translation of multi-market medical surveys. The solution developed by EMPOWER met and exceeded the original client challenge as demonstrated by strong metrics. The solution is also scalable and can be applied to other clients, particularly those seeking localised solutions, evidenced by the strong range of supportive client testimonials. All round an excellent entry which addressed fully the award criteria.”


  • Kadence international
  • Language Insight
  • Research Opinions
Best Training & Development

Winner - RONIN International

The judges said: “RONIN International clearly demonstrate their wholehearted commitment to interviewer training and development on their annual study amongst an extremely vulnerable audience. With MRS and IQCS quality guidelines underpinning the whole process, the impressive training program combined qual and quant techniques in order to equip the niche language speakers required with the competence, confidence and engagement skills necessary to deliver this highly complex and culturally sensitive research program. The team should be proud of this well-deserved win.”


  • Perspective Research
Best Viewing Facility

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Winner - i-View Studios

The judges said: “i-view have truly exceeded all the criteria the judges were looking for this year. They have demonstrated exceptional and consistent client servicing and participant experience, which was endorsed by three fabulous client testimonials. Within the VFA they are the only facility to have scored 5/5 in every compliance category. Their huge investment in the latest and most sophisticated technology to complement this sector is outstanding - one client has described them a ‘phenomenal’. Congratulations to the worthy winners for 2020.”


  • Aspect Viewing Facilities
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Perspective Research – Holborn Focus
  • Taylor McKenzie – Glasgow View
Operational Excellence

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Winner – IFF Research

The judges said: “This impressive entry detailed how IFF Research had migrated their telephone interviewing operation to a home-working model. At the peak it included 1,100 interviewers with 250 working concurrently to deliver some of the largest surveys in the UK. The transition came with challenges which were overcome to help them deliver record performance in 2019/20. Congratulations and really well done.”

Highly Commended –
RONIN International


  • B2B International
  • Cobalt Sky
  • QRS Market Research Ltd

Best Data Collection (face-to-face)

2019 – Ipsos MORI

2018 – Acumen Fieldwork

2017 - Facts International

2016 - Jump Research

2015 - QRS Market Research

Best Data Collection (online)

2019 – Hall & Partners

2018 – Alligator and Northstar London

2017 - respondi

2016 - ICM Direct

2015 - Perspective Research Services

Best Data Collection (telephone)

2019 – Watermelon

2018 – QRS Research

2017 - ICM Direct

2016 - QRS Market Research

2015 - Facts International

Best Data Collection

2014 – YouthSight

2013 – Co-operative Food and Join the Dots

2012 – Perspective Research Services

Best Data Solution

2019 – Market Logic Software

2018 – Walnut Unlimited and University of Surrey

2017 - Populus Data Solutions

2016 - Populus Data Solutions

2015 - Populus Data Solutions

Best Support Services

2019 – People for Research

2018 - Liveminds

2017 - E-Tabs Dashboard Design Service

2016 - CrowdLab

2015 - Language Connect

2014 - Spectrum Viewing Facilities

Best Training & Development (Formerly Best Field Force/Best Investment in Interviewers)

2019 – Walnut Unlimited

2018 – Epinion Research

2017 - ICM Direct

2016 - GfK

2015 - ICM Direct

2014 - Facts International

Best Viewing Facility

2019 – i-view

2018 – i-view London

2017 - Aspect Viewing Facilities

2016 - The Research House

2015 - Spectrum Viewing Facilities

Operational Excellence

2019 – Cobalt Sky

2018 - IRI

2017 - Cobalt Sky

2016 - Cobalt Sky

2015 - ICM Direct

2014 - Cobalt Sky

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