Celebrating their 10th year the MRS Oppies were presented at Drake & Morgan at Kings Cross, on 28 September.

Over 200 guests enjoyed a fantastic evening, recognising the unsung heroes of research for their important contributions that keep the sector running.

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2023 Oppies Winners

Best Data Collection - Interviewer administered

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  • WINNER – Kantar Public

    The judges said: “Kantar Public delivered an impressive large scale quantitative study on the impact of destitution amongst highly vulnerable groups. The research required the inclusion of individuals who are often marginalised and excluded from traditional research studies due to disability, language, literacy and migration status. The data has been widely used in parliament, by the research community, community services and the UN. ”

Best Data Collection – Quantitative

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  • WINNER – Cobalt Sky

    The judges said: “Cobalt Sky has yet again demonstrated how they continue to deliver exceptional online data collection. Their client was thrilled with how agile, innovative and creative they were in building their survey and live dashboard system. Excellent supporting statements from their clients highlight how they see Cobalt Sky as a true partner who consistently delivers data of the highest quality. ”

    HIGHLY COMMENDED – Bilendi & respondi & Harvard University


    • Alligator Digital
    • Face Facts Research
    • Face Facts Research & McCann Truth Central
    • Ipsos
Best Data Solution

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  • WINNER – Inspirient

    The judges said: “We were particularly impressed by their Automated Analytics Engine. This tool massively reduces the time needed to conduct the project end to end. It validates the responses ensuring rapid quality control checks and enables deep statistical dives on the data. It also incorporates the benefits of Chat GPT. In summary delivering better insights, quicker to their clients. ”

    HIGHLY COMMENDED – Savanta & Samsung


    • 2CV
    • Behaviorally
    • RONIN
    • SampleNinja
    • Yonder Data Solutions & Greene King
Best Online Qual
  • WINNER – Beatfreeks

    The judges said: “This entry demonstrated how invaluable their National Youth Trends platform is to their clients. This innovative technique through their pioneering approach ‘WhatsApp Diaries ‘ is a vibrant and dynamic research initiative which helps clients truly understand the experiences and ideas of 16–35-year-olds across the UK. Testimonials from clients have acknowledged how important this is to their business and has successfully empowered them to make informed business decisions and drive strategy forward for their young consumers.”


    • Campden BRI & Quorn Foods
Best Support Services

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  • WINNER – Empower Translate

    The judges said: “We were impressed how Empower challenged traditional approaches to translation services, showing agility and ingenuity in developing a fixed price, fixed turnaround costing solution. By analysing Computer Assisted Translation data, Empower created defined price sets based on average survey lengths and costs. Testimonials from clients clearly demonstrate that this solution has been a game changer in terms of improving efficiency and facilitating accurate project budgeting and scheduling.”


    • Research Runner
    • Sketchbook
    • The Language Factory
Best Training and Development

  • WINNER – Kantar Public

    The judges said: “Kantar Public have created a comprehensive approach to Training & Development with a significant investment in the Kantar Public Wellbeing Roadmap. This training covers all the essential Code and standards requirements whilst placing significant emphasis on building wellbeing to deal with many of the challenges of modern life. The success of the training was demonstrated with excellent satisfaction and engagement metrics, and supportive testimonials from staff who have benefited from the programme.”

    HIGHLY COMMENDED – B2B International


    • Acumen Field
    • Perspective Research Services
    • Savanta
Best Viewing Facility - Experience and Impact

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  • WINNER – Babble

    The judges said: “Babble have gone above and beyond to create an outstanding experience for all who use their viewing facility. They provide a friendly and flexible approach, making sure everyone feels welcome. Not only that, but they also support local businesses and schools, making an extremely positive wider impact in their local community.”


    • Aspect Viewing Facilities
    • The Front Room (Ninth Seat)
Best Viewing Facility - Technology and Innovation

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  • WINNER – Aspect Viewing Facilities

    The judges said: “We were very impressed by Aspect Viewing Facilities innovative ‘Healthcare Simulation Suite’. The suite replicated an intricate seven-hour operation using a mannequin, live streaming, and PiP. Users of the suite have benefited from their technological capability, ‘can-do’ attitude, and pre-emptive approach.”


    • The White Rooms
Premier Award - Operational Excellence

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  • WINNER – Cobalt Sky

    The judges said: “Cobalt Sky continue to impress the judges and their clients with their above and beyond approach to service delivery. They are viewed as a true and trusted partner by their clients who are clearly standing out within the industry.”



    • Bulbshare
    • FlexMR
    • IFF Research
    • RONIN
    • Yonder Data Solutions
    • Smart Connect Research
Recruitment Excellence

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RONIN Logo-Hamburg (2)

  • WINNER – FieldMouse Research

    The judges said: “FieldMouse Research focuses on social purpose to ensure the fair representation of rural voices in research. This approach was demonstrated with a Department for Transport project to explore public attitudes to Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) with FieldMouse Research recruiting participants for a series of face to face deliberative workshops across a number of rural locations including Northumberland and Somerset. The success of the approach was supported by some strong metrics and client testimonials. ”

    HIGHLY COMMENDED – Angelfish Fieldwork


      • Beam Fieldwork
      • Face Facts Research
      • Roots Research
      • Serrula Research
      • Smart Connect Research


Perspective - Principal Sponsor

Perspective Research Services offer solutions to every stage of your data journey. You can use our full range of international services as an end-to-end experience, from CATI, F2F, Qual, Mystery Shopping, Online, Mixed Mode and DP or just select the elements you need. We will find a bespoke solution to your requirement and support you through every stage from specification through to data delivery.


Alligator - Premier Award - Operational Excellence

Sharp, incisive insights powered by global research, behavioural science and data solutions. Alligator is here to support you as your expert digital insight partner, offering fast paced field services and robust data quality practices. We enhance your insight through our data science capabilities, which maximise the value and return from your data.


Bilendi & respondi - Best Data Solution

Bilendi & respondi combine true panels, innovative solutions and proprietary technology to gather and deliver market research data. We offer various services: qualitative and quantitative recruitment, programming, hosting, sample delivery, ad effectiveness tracking, mobile solutions, community building and more. We provide access to 2.5 million online proprietary panellists across 13 European countries. In addition, we service further countries across the globe using a network of trusted partners.


Criteria Fieldwork - Best Support Services

We absolutely love supporting the MRS Awards and the huge array of talent year-on-year. Criteria continually promotes fieldwork of the highest standards, integrity and skill for each and every project. We deliver recruitment both on and offline using all existing and emerging methodologies without compromising quality or confidentiality. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!


Hannelius - Best Data Collection - Quantitative

By partnering with clients and candidates to pin down their requirements and plan for the future, we create a deep understanding and engender trust. Investing this time at the outset means we target precisely and match the right candidates with the right companies. We spare clients from drowning in CV hell – and candidates from the wrong interviews. And it works; our CV to interview ratio is second to none and our clients always come back for more.



i-view London - Best Viewing Facility (Experience & Impact & Technology & Innovation)

The multi-award winning viewing facility that strives to offer a seamless service for your face-to-face needs. The i-view team will go above and beyond to exceed expectations every time. Estabilished in 2012 as a contemporary hub for researchers and considered the leader in its field. i-view are delighted to sponsor the Best Place to Work and Best Viewing Facility categories for 2023.


Prevision Research - Best Data Collection - Interviewer Administered

Prevision Research is a boutique data collection provider, established in 2009. The business specialises in telephone and online research among difficult-to-reach audiences such as tradespeople, business executives, the elderly, social tenants, restaurant owners, public bodies etc. Prevision also offer respondent recruitment among these audiences for depth interviews, focus groups and communities. In 2023, we launched a trade panel, giving access to multi-skilled tradespeople for both qualitative and quantitative research.


RONIN - Recruitment Excellence

RONIN the leading global market research firm, specialising in finding and engaging B2B and hard-to-reach audiences. Our team understands that every project is unique and requires a customised approach. We leverage our vast industry experience and knowledge to ensure that we deliver the right audience to meet your research objectives. With our reliable and accurate research results, you can trust RONIN to help you achieve your research goals.

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