At MRS we are champions of new talent, providing support and resources to assist anyone embarking on or growing their careers in research.


MRS membership demonstrates that you work to the highest professional standards in research. You prove your standing with designation letters demonstrating that you abide by the MRS Code of Conduct. It is a professional accreditation, but it also carries many benefits to allow you to connect and share ideas through networking, improve your knowhow through discounted training and free professional webinars plus help you stay relevant through the latest news and mentoring.

&more – network for young professionals

&more is the MRS network for brilliant young thinkers. Sponsored by Unilever, &more is a learning community and a hub designed to enable young insight, research and analytics professionals to connect and shine in their careers. It is created by and for young researchers.  

There are discounted and free events, peer support, wellbeing and career resources, as well as opportunities to speak, contribute and make your mark in the sector. All you need to be is under 30 or within the first five years of your career in research, insight or analytics to sign up. Simply create an MyMRS account to take advantage of the specialist &more resources to get better connected in the sector.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a formal way of members taking control of their career. It encourages you to think about professional goals and any gaps in knowledge and skill set that may obstruct these. It can also be used as route to upgrade your membership to the higher-level Certified Member status.

Mentoring Scheme

MRS has developed a specialist Mentoring Scheme to give members access to senior individuals in the research sector for professional mentoring. The Scheme provides matched members with the support of an experienced professional who can help you optimise your work and plan your future. Mentoring is recognised within the MRS CPD scheme.


MRS has the widest range of research, insight and analytics training in the UK. The majority of our courses are now delivered in live virtual classrooms, as are in-company programs. We also offer a range of e-learning and on-demand courses. Each year 2,000 professionals benefit from our specialist training.

Professional Development Framework

The Professional Development Framework is a useful tool to help you identify the key functions and competencies required to be a research, insight, analytics and marketing sciences professional. From core skills to business leadership, the Framework has been designed to be relevant and applicable to professionals from across the sector, in organisations of all sizes, enabling you to plan your future career and development needs and gain recognition for your achievements by upgrading to MRS Certified Member Status.

Research Jobfinder

Research Jobfinder is the no.1 job site for research and insight role. As the specialist recruitment site for the sector, the platform enables 1,000s of organisations to source the most qualified and experienced professionals in the sector. Successful recruitment ranges from first-line positions to senior directors.


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