The Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS) has been developed by the Market Research Society (MRS) and the Association for Qualitative Research (AQR) to raise the profile and status of recruiters, by devising a training and accreditation scheme that recognises the knowledge, skills and competence of professional recruiters.

The RAS programme combines online training and assessment with self-directed work-based learning.  All of the RAS online training is available for use without financial charge. 

Completion of the RAS is estimated to require around 40 learning hours. Experienced recruiters do not need to undertake the online training if they believe that they have previously received adequate training to cover the RAS syllabus.  For these practitioners, the RAS assessment can be undertaken immediately.

To find out more about RAS and access the online training and assessment please visit the website or contact

Register of accredited recruiters and companies

To qualify as an accredited recruiter candidates must pass an online assessment. For companies, accreditation of an organisation will be given once 50% or more of the organisations' recruiters have successfully achieved accreditation. 

Year accredited: 2020

Accredited recruiters:

Henry Angus, Roots Research, 14 October
Amanda Baines, PwC Research, 7 October
Julie Boreham, PwC Research, 7 October
Ashley Busby, Kudos Research 16 September
Victoria Chapleo, Research Opinions Ltd, 6 August
Lynne Chapman, Considered Response, 6 July 
Alexandra Coleman, MIS Group Intl. Ltd, 2 September 
Harriet Connell, Research Opinions Ltd, 1 September
Accalia Cullen, Criteria Fieldwork Ltd, 9 October
Natasha Bailey, Roots Research, 13 October
Julia Banks, Acumen Healthcare, 13 August
Jade Butler, Angelfish, 18 November
Susy Campbell, Roots Research, 14 October
Victoria Cohn, Kudos Research, 9 September
Clare Deer, Research Opinions Ltd, 13 August
Molly Ebdon, Angelfish, 17 November
Stephanie Foy, Research Opinions Ltd, 9 August
Deanne Gold, iPoint Research, 9 July
Amabel Hall, Angelfish Fieldwork, 17 November
Becca Hatton, Acumen Healthcare, 11 August
Joseph Hinton, MIS Group Intl. Ltd, 2 September
Shelley Hodgson, Saros Research Ltd, 17 November 
Amy Holmes, Prevision Research Ltd, 21 July
Joakim Jägerhult, Kudos Research, 9 September
Natalie Keen-Haudin, Roots Research 15 October 
Louise Kirby, Roots Research, 14 October
James Latham, JTL Research, 11 November
Cindy Lewis, TFQ LTD Total Focus Qualitative, 29 October
Chris Linger, Roots Research, 21 September
Hannah Lloyd, Roots Research, 13 October
Angela Macson, Angela Macson Market Research, 2 November
Zoe Malkin, Roots Research, 14 October
Chloe Marks, RDSI (Research Development Services International), 19 November
Jesse Moffat, Roots Research, 14 October
Sophie Myers, Roots Research, 13 October
Charlotte Neild, Research Opinions Ltd,  2 September
Gill Newport, Gill Newport Market Research Services, 3 November
Hana O’Connor, Roots Research, 14 October
Cecilia Patterson,  MTC Marketing Research Solutions Limited, 8 November
Becki Pickering, Acumen Fieldwork, 14 July
Carol Raithatha, Carol Raithatha Ltd, 6 August
James Sainsbury, Criteria Fieldwork Ltd, 13 November
Alan Shirley, Acumen Healthcare, 20 August
Emma Smith, ES Research, 11 November
Lizzie Somers, Acumen Healthcare, 21 September
Penny Steele, Steele Fieldworks Ltd,  27 June 
Stephanie Surdeau, Criteria Fieldwork Ltd, 17 November
Mandy Tinnion, First For Fieldwork, 8 October
Hannah Walker, Roots Research, 22 September
Emily Welsh, Research Opinions Ltd, 31 August
Chrystal Williams, Research Opinions Ltd, 12 August
Martha Wilson, Research Opinions, 14 August
Sophia Wise, Roots Research, 14 October

RAS-accredited companies:

Acumen Healthcare, 2 September
ES Research, 11 November
First for Fieldwork, 8 October
Gill Newport Market Research Services, 3 November
JTL Research, 11 November
Kudos Research, 21 September
MIS Group Intl. Ltd, 2 September
MTC Marketing Research Solutions Limited, 8 November
Prevision Research Ltd, 21 July
Research Opinions Ltd, 2 September
Roots Research, 14 October


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