Since 2018 MRS has been facilitating an annual research project to explore the impact that poor mobile design and lack of mobile optimisation has on participation, completion, and response rates in research.  

In an unprecedented project of collaboration four panel companies - Dynata, Kantar, Lucid and Toluna – have been working with MRS giving access to their response rate data to identify trends in participation and response rates. 

Drawing from the research and the experiences of the four companies, MRS has produced some best practice tips and recommendations to help practitioners to produce better mobile design, increase optimisation and to improve completion and response rates. This guidance is supported by the US Insights Association and The Research Society in Australia.

The research was expanded for 2019 assessing three years of international panel data from the four panel companies reviewing patterns between mobile and non-mobile measurements.  In October 2019 a webinar was recorded discussing the results of the 2019 research which is available here. 


The third wave of research has been undertaken for 2020 and new this year is a supplementary participant satisfaction survey, which all four companies undertook over the summer of 2020, to identify some of the underlying issues behind the trend data.

Key points from the 2020 webinar include:

  • The key findings for 2020 including four years of data analysing the response and completion rates between mobiles and desktops.
  • New survey data on participant satisfaction and the factors driving satisfaction and dissatisfaction with mobile surveys.
  • How the project has extended our knowledge of mobile best practices and is driving improvements in mobile research.
  • The implications of the insights generated from the consolidated information in encouraging commissioners/buyers of research to address the longer-term issues surrounding mobile optimisation and survey satisfaction.


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