Market research and data analytics play complementary roles in providing insights into consumer behaviour and market trends. Data analytics is increasingly making its way into the sector, but there is still a chasm between the specialisms, with people often sitting in siloed teams.  

MRS is putting increased focus and resources into the world of data analytics with a new sub-committee of individuals. The Data Analytics Council has two wide-reaching aspirations:  

  1. Encourage and support those in the research industry to understand, and collaborate more with analytics and data science.
  2. Showcase the research industry as an exciting, innovative and challenging space for advanced analytical skills.  

If you are interested in finding out how you can get involved in the work of the MRS Data Analytics Steering Group email 

There are already training courses, conferences, awards, webinars and a dedicated network for advanced data practitioners called ADA. Plus you can keep up-to-date on how big name brands are using analytics for commercial success at Research Live.


The DA blog: MRS Analytics Spotlight

In the latest post on the data analytics blog, Michael Martin talks about the use of data analytics for his clients at The Mix.

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