Fair Data is an accreditation launched by MRS in January 2013 to show which companies handle their customers' personal data fairly. A Fair Data company must meet the 12 Fair Data principles.

Fair Data is a recognisable mark that enables consumers to make educated choices about their personal data. When you interact with a Fair Data organisation, you have confidence that your information is safe. 

Fair Data is an accreditation trust mark that allows companies to showcase best practice in data protection. It will help guide you towards GDPR compliance. 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that took effect in May 2018 has signalled a new era for data protection. The GDPR is far-reaching. Even after Brexit, it will apply to any organisations in the UK (or elsewhere in the world) dealing with data that relates to EU residents.

Fair Data consultation  2018

MRS is consulting on revised Fair Data principles. Revisions have been made to the existing principles to reflect the pace of reform and changes in data protection frameworks. The changes also seek to ensure that the principles are able to keep pace with the speed and progress of technological development and data use.

We are seeking views on the revised Fair Data principles from partner associations, accredited Fair Data organisations and other interested organisations. We also welcome views from other interested stakeholders.

The consultation documents are available below:

This consultation will run for 10 weeks to 30 November 2018. Responses should be submitted by post or email by no later than 5 pm (UK time) on Friday 30 November 2018 and should be sent to:

MRS Fair Data Consultation
The Old Trading House
15th Northburgh Street
Or email: fairdata@mrs.org.uk 

Fair Data website

Find out more about the Fair Data trust mark and what it could mean for your company.

Go to the Fair Data website


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