A statement from Jane Frost CBE, Chief Executive


As I look back on the period covered by this review – which ends in March 2020 – it’s hard to separate where we are now, in the centre of a global pandemic, from the time that preceded it. In February and March we were all scrabbling to make sense of the information we were receiving about the new virus.

Having delivered a hugely successful Annual Conference in a new venue, we rapidly pivoted to the digital delivery of all services. This from our new workstations in bedrooms and on kitchen tables, whilst bouncing babies on knees and in some cases as we shielded the vulnerable. Particular credit is due to our training team who in just a couple of weeks re-platformed a complex year-long programme of face-to-face training into a very successful virtual mode.

By the end of March we had already started to lobby the Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Ministers plus relevant civil servants to support the research sector and highlighted the catastrophic impact that lockdown would have on face-to face research.

We rapidly built solid foundations that would stand us in good stead for the ongoing turbulence that we are still experiencing now. When I say ‘we’ I am talking not just about MRS, but the research and insight sector as a whole, which as our forthcoming Delphi Group report will show has created for itself a new reputation for delivering agile, pop-up research and insight in a way that we could never have anticipated.

Even before the pandemic, the reporting year was already characterised by a large degree of caution in the market, driven in part by the Brexit transition.

In spite of all this, MRS corporate accreditation has grown, especially among client organisations. I am particularly pleased to see new members in areas where insight hasn’t always been recognized as a critical business driver – for example the FA and Formula One.

We entered the second year of our diversity and inclusion programme and numbers in the CEO Inclusion Pledge continue to grow. With the support of our sponsor YouGov we launched the MRSpride Award for Inclusive Research in January. As well as thanking outgoing MRS Main Board members for their contribution to the sector I’m also also delighted that we had almost three candidates for every vacant board place, and for the first time in my tenure as CEO the new board will be gender balanced.

We continue to make new strategic partnership such as that with IMPRESS with a common goal to help journalists back their stories with evidence. MRS has built on the already strong relationships we have with The Research Society (AUS) and the Insights Association (US), and our content partnerships, for example with the Festival of Marketing.

The MRS apprenticeship work programme, which is so important for helping social and ethnic minority representation in the research and insight sector, has made good progress; we’re well on the way to finalising the scheme this year. We also enjoyed record numbers of attendees – more than doubling the previous record - at our university roadshows in the autumn of 2019.

I would like to thank all those that continue to support MRS in so many ways: our individual members and accredited companies; advertisers and sponsors; speakers at conferences and training courses; and members of the many boards and committees that provide professional support and guidance to the Society and the wider sector.

Finally, I am delighted that one of our longest-serving members and greatest supporters Liz Nelson, who also helped to found the Archive of Market and Social Research (AMSR), has been honoured with the creation of the Liz Nelson Award for Social Impact. I for one can’t wait until this year’s MRS Awards on the7 December, and I’ll be dressed in my finest even if I am watching it on a screen.

I’ll be sure to raise a glass to all of us, not just the winners, for weathering through these most difficult circumstances. Rest assured that MRS will continue to support our members and the sector as we struggle with the ongoing economic fallout from the pandemic.

Annual Review 2019-20 (Read on desktop)

Annual Review 2019-20 (Read on mobile)

Standards and Self-Regulation

As the regulator, MRS promotes the highest professional standards throughout the sector via the MRS Code of Conduct and is committed to supporting members and championing the needs of the research sector, including during this health and economic crisis.

Along with a revised Code of Conduct published in October 2019, the MRS Standards Team continued to create and update specialist Guidance Notes to provide detailed interpretation and application of the data protection framework and Code to the insight sector, most recently including a wide ranging suite of comprehensive Coronavirus resources, guidelines and support via the MRS website and Codeline advisory service. MRS guidance and critical third party resources will continue to be enhanced as we monitor and respond to this fast changing situation.

The Standards Team continues to deliver guidance and updates through video communications, including regular webinars and tailored standards briefings.

During 2019/20 MRS introduced new quarterly standards and policy webinars to update members and Company Partners on all the relevant and up-to-date issues.

New guidance and advice issued included:

  • Interpretation of the ICO's Age Appropriate Design Code and its application to research and insight
  • GDPR Court judgments and their implications for the research sector and its practices
  • GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 fines
  • The MRS/IMPRESS guidance on using surveys and polling data in your journalism
MRS Policy Unit

MRS advocacy and lobbying activities are focused on promoting and protecting the interests of the research, insight and data sector to enable members and Company Partners to flourish. During the year preparations for Brexit and the end of the transitional period took centre stage.

Brexit Data

MRS worked closely with key UK Government departments including the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) and the Department for International Trade (DIT) on the implications of Brexit for research and insight. Key regulators such as the information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) were also consulted for issues such as the UK’s data protection and adequacy arrangements after the Brexit transition.

To support members and Company Partners MRS expanded and enhanced its Brexit Hub which includes guidance on: the impact of a no-deal Brexit; the appointment of EU representatives; immigration issues; data transfers; and standard contractual clauses.

Data protection

MRS met and liaised with officials in the DCMS, the ‘home’ department for GDPR and data protection issues, and the data regulator the ICO to ensure that MRS’ data protection guidance remained relevant and up-to-date. MRS contributed to a number of ICO consultations ensuring the research and insight sector’s perspective is recognised within the regulator’s guidance on topics including data sharing, political campaigning and the ICO’s direct marketing code. MRS met with representatives from the ICO to discuss these consultations plus long-standing areas of concern e.g. the definition of a data controller and the scope of the research and statistics exemptions within the Data Protection Act 2018. This activity was supplemented by MRS inputting its perspective into the EFAMRO position paper in response to the European Commission’s evaluation and review of the effectiveness of GDPR.

Clear and workable understanding of new legal concepts is critical for business certainty and MRS remained focused on aligning its activities with the wider research, marketing and data sector. MRS participated in various working groups and forums with other businesses, trade associations and regulators, including the Advertising Association and the International Chamber of Commerce, to ensure alignment and to assist in practical interpretation of the GDPR provisions and court judgements. As part of this activity MRS collaborated with the Social Research Association (SRA) developing a joint MRS and SRA guide to data protection and social research, including specific guidance on public interest research and statistical research. The new joint guidance will be issued later in 2020. More widely MRS worked with other national associations around the world on privacy developments including the Privacy for America initiative and the Californian Consumer Privacy Act.

Data ethics and AI

The UK Government and various stakeholder groups continue to look at the ethical and legal issues arising from online, AI and machine learning activities. Throughout the period MRS responded to a number of consultations on these issues including the Centre for Data Ethics & Innovation review of online targeting and the DCMS consultation on the national data strategy. MRS continued to be a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Analytics Group (APGDA) contributing to a number of parliamentary roundtables and discussions.

Electronic communications

Work continued within the EU on the update to the e-Privacy Regulation, particularly the proposed legal requirements for cookies and other forms of digital tracking. MRS input into the EFAMRO submission to the EU on the processing of electronic communications metadata.

Misleading activities

New misleading activities were classified by MRS during the period including lobbying for political purposes under the guise of research (‘plugging’) and creating false media content and commentary, including social media, under the guise of research (‘media mugging’) and these terms were added to the established MRS classifications of selling under the guise of research (’sugging’) and fund raising under the guise of research (‘frugging’) in the update to the MRS Code of Conduct 2019. By codifying these activities as misleading, MRS set the parameters of ethical behaviour across a range of professions and activities. To supplement this, MRS has established more formal links with the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) and the Fundraising Regulator to discuss Code rules, areas of joint concern and to share initiatives where appropriate.

Census 2021

MRS, working with the MRS Census and Geodemographics Group (CGG), continued to input into the plans for the 2021 UK Census including responding to a consultation on the ONS guidance on sex, gender identity and sexual orientation questions.

Telephone research

The UK Government remains concerned with the level of unwanted ‘nuisance’ calls to consumers and during the period there was further work undertaken on call blocking initiatives. MRS worked with a range of stakeholders, as part of the ICO’s Operation LINDEN taskforce, to ensure that research was recognised as not being part of the nuisance call problem and that accredited Company Partner organisations were not adversely impacted by these developments. This included liaison with fixed line and mobile operators as well as trade associations, companies and trading standards departments rolling out new call blocking technology. The schemes were provided with the Caller Line Identification numbers (CLI’s) of accredited Company Partners to allow them to identify organisations undertaking legitimate research.

Attendance at Operation LINDEN meetings and involvement in follow up projects has facilitated access to intelligence on key telephone and nuisance call projects and allowed MRS to provide early input into shaping activities and policies around core policy and regulatory issues impacting accredited MRS Company Partners and members.


MRS continued to challenge the UK Government regarding its research procurement arrangements, attending quarterly meetings with the Government Communication Service, the Crown Commercial Service and a wide range of public sector commissioners who use the Research Marketplace, the key research procurement tool for the public sector. MRS also fed into the BEIS review of its procurement arrangements following the end of the UK SBS research procurement framework.

Opinion polling and elections

Following a number of media articles raising concerns about the possibility of financial market abuse, MRS working with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), issued a guidance note on polling and insider dealing complementing the FCA’s note on its role and expectations with the regarding to market abuse and the control of insider information.

MRS partnered with one of the media regulators, IMPRESS, issuing new guidance for journalists on using surveys and polling data in journalism. The guidance was supplemented by a launch event during which journalists and researchers discussed the guidance and the challenges of accurate reporting of research and opinion polling results. This initiative addressed one of the recommendations that arose from the Lords Select Committee report on political polling and digital media and was well timed commencing weeks before the UK’s 2019 general election. In preparation for the general election MRS produced a comprehensive polling hub gathering together wide range of existing and new MRS resources.


EFAMRO, the European Research Federation, represents the interests of research businesses to the European Institutions and bodies - among which the Commission, Parliament and the European Data Protection Board. MRS has been a member since 2006, and since 2009 has undertaken all standards, policy and public affairs activities on behalf of the Federation.

MRS worked with EFAMRO on the assessment of the impact of the GDPR two years in, presenting to the EU institutions the practical implications of the regulation. Another important focus has been the development of a cross sectorial common position and interpretation of the concept of "Scientific Research" in the context of data collection and processing. This position paper argued that Scientific Research cannot be limited to the common understanding of medical and academic research but needs to be considered alongside other forms of research such as healthcare, arts, humanities and social and market research.

MRS is also currently working with EFAMRO and ESOMAR to develop a GDPR Research Code to specify the application of the GDPR for the wider research and insight sector. This Code will be pivotal in helping our sector to maximise the opportunities of GDPR, more effectively apply the legislation, and help with crossborder transfers outside the EU.


During this period MRS working via EFAMRO partnered with EphMRA, the global association for health and pharmaceutical research to provide professional standards and ethics support.

This included:

  • Development and drafting of EphMRA Code of Conduct
  • Analysis and interpretation of national legislation from around the wrold and its practical impact on health and pharmaceutical research
  • Advice on the interpretation and application of the EphMRA Code of Conduct
  • Drafting of additional standards, ethics and support materials such as EphMRA guidelines and FAQs as required
Global Research Business Network

The Global Research Business Network (GRBN) of which MRS is a founding partner, committed to effective sub-committee working on priority areas across all organisations and built on its existing profile in the sector.

Activities included:

  • Publishing the GRBN Building Business Impact Handbook, an Insights leader’s guide to measuring the ROI and demonstrating the business value of Insights
  • Launch of the GRBN Global Speakers Database. The database is designed to become an invaluable resource for the global market research and insights sector.
  • Launch of the Global Research Heroes: a new initiative to celebrate the people and companies, who are freely giving up their time and other resources to help tackle the challenges our world is facing: the environment, education, poverty, health, justice.
  • Launch of the GRBN Global Events Calendar; an events resource to help find the best research and insights events for your needs across the globe.
  • Consulting client-side Insights leaders and their teams on measuring ROI and demonstrating the business impact of Insights
  • Speaking at conferences across the globe
  • Issuing joint guidelines in partnership with ESOMAR, including the draft ESOMAR/GRBN guideline for researchers and clients involved in primary data collection; the draft ESOMAR/GRBN guideline on duty of care; and a new guideline for undertaking research and data analytics with children, young people and other vulnerable individuals
  • Issuing the Global Insights Newsletters on matters of interest to the research sector, including thought-leadership contributions from featured guests

Activities and highlights

Find key statistics for all of our products and services.


Speaker evenings and IJMR lectures

The regular programme of speaker evenings and IJMR events continued throughout the year. Topics included ‘Semiotics’, ‘Flexible Working’ and ‘The Unusual Suspects’.

1210 attendees at speaker evenings, IJMR, &more and special interest group events

750 attendees at regional events

Special interest groups

The ADA Network organised two very successful symposia in June and November. Topics focused on ‘Prediction, Planning and Forecasting’ and ‘Innovation’.

Professional Webinars

Free to MRS members, Professional Webinars, alongside the Speaker Evenings, are a key membership resource. Throughout the year MRS' interactive events attracted over 1500 participants from all around the world. Topics included ‘Mindfulness for Researchers’ and ‘The Inspired Leader’.

Around the UK

Events were held in Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds and Manchester. These included a hard-fought croquet match against SRA Scotland at The Meadows in July, another well-attended Best of Impact at The Lowry in Salford in September, and a half-day New Consumer Insights conference for MRS Yorkshire in February


A new member-led network uniting LGBTQ+ professionals and allies across the research, insight and data analytics sector was launched with great success. Events were held in May, October and February – the last an alliance with &more – each with well over a hundred attendees. As well as giving a platform to queer role models, presentations also highlighted research case studies that gave a voice to the LGBTQ+ community.

Industry Leaders’ Lunch

Jane Frost hosted the eighth annual lunch for agency CEOs and senior client-side professionals as a satellite event to Impact 2020 at Gordon Ramsay’s Union Street Cafe. 70 invited guests enjoyed an after-lunch speech from Luca Bassi of Bain Capital Private Equity.


The eighth Excellence Awards lunch took place at Paternoster Chop House in June, where nine new Fellows were presented as well as an MRS Gold Medal for Peter Mouncey. This was the twelfth Gold Medal awarded since its inception in 1982 as the highest MRS honour and recognised Peter’s 26 years as a member of the MRSB, 18 years delivering research training and 15 years as Editor-in-Chief of the IJMR. Over 270 people attended the Oppies at The Curtain in September, its biggest year to date by far. 882 guests celebrated at the black-tie MRS Awards dinner, which was held at Old Billingsgate in December, its second biggest attendance.


The &more Conference, the first MRS conference created specifically for young researchers, was held at Unilever, with 100 young researchers in attendance. The &more Peer to Peer programme began this year, with groups of young researchers meeting regularly to offer peer support. A career-based event, How to make it BIG in insight was held at Google and a joint event with MRSpride, MRS Alliance, was held at Twitter. Finally, &more members took to the main stage at Impact 2020, for the &more Ideas Dash competition session, a series of 4 minute pecha-kucha-style presentations, with Grace Jasper of the7stars declared the winner.


2,015 individuals received some form of training from MRS, including 1,252 delegates who received face-to-face training in MRS' fully equipped training suite.

106 training courses were delivered in MRS’s face-to-face training programme, covering research skills and complementary business and leadership skills across all levels of complexity, and catering to delegates with different levels of experience.

These courses covered the principal methodologies along with new and emerging techniques to keep the programme up-to-date.

New courses were introduced on subjects such as AI in Business and Research, Advanced Statistical Techniques, Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis and Big Data and Consumer Insight.

85 individuals took part in MRS’s flexible Business Skills, Statistics for Research and Questionnaire Design online training courses.

40 days of bespoke in-company training were delivered to blue chip clients, academia, central government, government agencies and research businesses.


MRS Advanced Certifcate in Market & Social Research Practice
In this financial year a total of 246 candidates participated in assessment for the Advanced Certificate qualification.

148 candidates were awarded the qualification – a 60% pass rate.

MRS Certificate in Market & Social Research
222 candidates achieved the introductory level MRS Certificate via the online multiple-choice exam.

The qualification syllabus was reviewed and updated, as was the online exam question bank to reflect the revisions. The online programme of learning for the qualification ‘An Introduction to Market Research’ also underwent an update and rebranded as the ‘Foundation Course in Market Research’. 165 enrolled onto the Foundation Course during the period.

Recruiter Accreditation Scheme
MRS and AQR have worked together over the past couple of years to develop the Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS) designed to raise the profile and status of recruiters. This past year AQR and MRS have developed the relevant training materials to compliment the guidance and compliance framework and were pleased to launch the scheme in July 2020 to recognise the knowledge, skills and competence of professional recruiters.

MRS Certifcate in Digital Interviewing Skills for Market & Social Research
21 Girl Effect TEGAS across 2 Networks – India & Tanzania - were awarded the ‘MRS Certificate in Digital Interviewing Skills for Market & Social Research’ using TEGA methodology. The qualification recognises the range of attitudes, knowledge and skills required to conduct effective interviews via hand-held technology with participants.

Bespoke accreditation
43 Girl Effect TEGAS were awarded accreditation for the TEGA Field Officer programmes.

Training of Assessors took place for the bespoke MRS qualification Certificate in Qualitative Interviewing Skills with pilot delivery commencing in South Sudan for BBC Media Action.

Home Office Digital Phase 4 of the bespoke MRS qualification Certificate in Qualitative Interviewing Skills commenced with– a total of 20 Home Office employees having achieved the qualification. Training of Assessors was undertaken to enable Home Office Digital to internally assess for the qualification.


With commitment from 15 employers (suppliers, clients & public sector) the Trailblazer Group continues to work on the development of an apprenticeship for the research sector.

The Occupational Profile was submitted to the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, approval was received in December and development commenced on the Occupational Standard, the knowledge, skills and behaviours which would be demonstrated by a competent research apprentice.

MRS is undertaking the role of facilitator to the Trailblazer. It is anticipated that the apprenticeship will be available towards the end of the 2020/21 period.


The Mentoring scheme continues to support participants to think through strategic decisions as well as manage day-to-day work challenges more effectively. Phases 6 and 7 commencing in the financial year. 61 new partnerships were in progress. 209 individual members have now benefitted from the scheme as mentees and 129 Certified Members and Fellows have been trained as mentors.


The MRS CPD programme continues to attract registrations, providing members with a framework to demonstrate their achievements, gain recognition for their professionalism and take control planning their careers. The programme has enabled 65 membership upgrades to Certified Membership

MRS welcomed 64 new companies in 2019-20 including client-side insight teams from: Marks and Spencer, Boots, Formula One, the Football Association as well as Government departments, HMRC and DEFRA.

Following the launch of new Company Partner benefits named ‘Access’ in 2018, 2019-20 saw 1,765 people signed up and eligible to make bookings. Company Partner employees can now simply create a web account to access the free Speaker Evenings and Professional Webinars. Other benefits include thought leadership events, online resources and sector news, as well as the ability to utilise the highly-valued MRS CPD programme, where learning can be tracked and reflected upon in one place.

The ADA Data Analytics support package including a wide range of specialist training courses, data analytics conferences, online training in R and big data, a specialist network plus its own MRS award category has been highly utilised by Company Partners this past year. Designed to build the connections and broader skills needed to shape the insight experts of the future, 2019-20 saw nearly 100 individuals, from MRS accredited Company Partner organisations, attending MRS ADA training courses, including: Narrative by Numbers, Finding the Story in the Data and MRS’ joint training course run with Google, Think Like a Scientist. Over 200 delegates attended MRS' specialist conferences: Data Analytics Tools and Methodologies, and Data Analytics and Insight. MRS Company Partners Flamingo and Formula One won the debut Innovation in Data Analytics award at MRS’ Annual Awards in December 2019.

This year Savanta took forward the Intelligence Capital™ initiative, pioneered by MRS and Kantar previously. Intelligence Capital™ is positioned as a critical business investment, alongside financial and human capital. The initial report recommends a framework that puts research, insight and data analytics at the heart of business strategy and makes the case for investment in the function now. In 2020 Savanta built upon those foundations providing a step-by-step framework for how Intelligence Capital™ can be fostered and developed within an organisation and leveraged to build tangible competitive advantage, while also providing robust and vital evidence to support decision making. The document includes actual, recent examples from across the market and social research sector and a number of tools to help along the way.

In April 2020 the Fair Data Principles were updated from 10 to 12. Revisions were made to the existing principles to reflect the pace of reform and changes in data protection frameworks. The changes also ensure that the principles keep pace with the speed and progress of technological development and data use. Completing the new Fair Data checklist, MRS welcomes Kynetec and Saros to join the growing list of Fair Data companies.


MRS Annual Conference – Impact 2020, The New Agenda

The MRS Annual Conference changed format and venue in March 2020. Moving to the Hilton London Bankside and taking place on 10 & 11 March, the conference featured a Mainstage and a smaller, Applied Intelligence Zone. Keynote speakers included Booker Prize winner, Bernardine Evaristo, Caroline Criado-Perez, author and activist, Jamie Bartlett, writer and presenter, and former Director of the Demos Centre for the Analysis of Social Media and Paddy Loughman, Strategy Director, Extinction Rebellion. The new format and venue were well received.

The conference welcomed over 500 participants from a diverse spread of practitioners across the spectrum of clients, suppliers, specialist, consultants, academics and the wider media.

One day conferences

MRS ran 10 one-day conferences which attracted more than 1,000 attendees over the year. These included annual sector-based conferences covering Financial Services, Kids and Youth, B2B Research, Data Analytics, Media Research and FMCG. A new Data Analytics – Tools & Methodologies summit was launched in October 2019, to complement the popular Data Analytics annual event alongside the new MR & Marketing Technology Conference. Sports & Gaming Research was a well-attended new addition to the portfolio, attracting client sponsorship from Formula One and the FA. The Behavioural Science Summit (due to take place on 26 March 2020) attracted a high number of delegates for a launch event, however the event was postponed to September 2020 as a virtual summit due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Highlights of the MRS media campaign 2019/20 included:
  • Proactive media relations around key issues and themes including data policy, quality standards and best practice, the principles of Intelligence Capital™ and its role in decision making and underpinning successful business strategies.
  • Profiling the role MRS plays on behalf of its members and the market and social research sector to lobby Government and influence national and international issues that affect them, including calling for support from the Chancellor at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Contributing two articles to the Insight Economy edition The Times’ Raconteur, focusing on the importance of human intelligence alongside development of technologies, machines and algorithms.
  • Launching the joint MRS and IMPRESS guidance for journalists reporting on opinion polls in the run up to the General Election in December 2019. Securing the attendance of national journalists, including the Financial Times, Economist and the i, at the launch event and ongoing work to brief journalists and encourage their engagement with the guidance.
  • Highlighting the role of market and social research in decision making at all levels of Government and making the case for the vital role it will play in the understanding the impact of the Covid-19 crisis and helping the country and the economy rebuild.
  • Driving MRS’s diversity and inclusion programme and raising awareness and support for its initiatives, including releasing the findings of the Where We Stand: Inclusion, Equality and Diversity (IED) Industry Report, supporting the launch of MRS Manifesto for Opportunity and profiling new sign ups to the pledge throughout the year.
  • Encouraging journalists from a wide range of trade, marketing and national press to attend MRS events and liaising with them about their areas of interest. Securing media attendance throughout the conference programme, including securing coverage of the keynote speaker sessions at IMPACT in the Evening Standard.
  • Profiling MRS’ relationship with its national and international partners, including announcing the appointment of the new EFAMRO president and new MRS Company Partners
  • Driving engagement with the MRS Awards 2019, announcing new categories and profiling the winners at the event through vox pops and a news announcement to research and marketing press.
  • Contributing to Research Live’s Review of 2019 and Preview of 2020 series, including setting out priorities for skills and talent in the sector, biggest disappointments of 2019 and reasons to be cheerful.
Throughout the period 66 pieces of media coverage were achieved in the following publications:
  • The Times
  • Raconteur
  • Financial Times
  • Daily Research News
  • Evening Standard
  • Research Live
  • WARC
  • Journalism.co.uk

MRS produces a range of content across numerous print titles and digital channels. This includes daily breaking industry news, in-depth special reports and digital interviews with research and business leaders.

MRS Delphi Group

The group is the think tank to the sector and includes experts from brands and agencies. As well as consulting on the second phase of the Intelligence Capital™ initiative, the group has focused on bite sized thought leadership in the form of the Evidence Talks podcasts, and round table discussions that have been published in Impact magazine. Topics have included industry consolidation, inclusion in research, the value of standards to clients, and social media and fake news. All reports, as well as a new series of Delphi podcasts, are available at mrs.org.uk/delphi.

Intelligence Captial™

MRS spearheaded the Intelligence Capital™ initiative that aims to demonstrate the direct effect that insight can have on the growth of any business. Now in its second year, MRS worked with sponsor Savanta, to produce the report ‘Intelligence Capital 2020: a practitioner’s guide’ and an accompanying webinar ‘How to get more from your research spend’.


Having won awards the year before for its focus on customer service and usability, the home of MRS provides members with secure access to all their services and content, as well as providing the broader MRS customer base with sector information and access to training and events.

Research Live

With a dedicated editorial team, the website continues to be the first port of call for research, insight and data news and opinion, with a large international audience. High points include the publication of the Research Live Industry Report 2020, live coverage of MRS annual conference, and regular interviews with industry and business leaders. April 2020 saw the departure of Head of Editorial Jane Bainbridge, and Katie McQuater become Editor of Impact magazine and Research Live, with a new Deputy Editor, Liam Kay joining the team.

Impact magazine

Impact magazine is sent to members and several thousand non-member clients and commissioners of research and insight, and content is available free-on-registration at research-live.com. The magazine includes an in-depth special report which is sponsored, as well as regular sections on technology, business and brand case studies. This period included interviews with Heinz, Ruby League, the British Museum and RBS.

The Research Buyers Guide

The Guide continues to be the core reference tool for anyone buying research with over 1,500 print copies sent to client side research and insight buyers. The accompanying website is upgraded every year to better showcase company listings and ensure they are optimised for Google search. Among other improvements completed during the period, users can now save their favourite suppliers list and export it for their procurement and commissioning activities.


Members have free access to SAGE Publications’ Research Methods suite as part of their enhanced membership benefits. Sage Publications also publishes on behalf of MRS the bi-monthly MRS peer-reviewed journal, the IJMR (International Journal of Market Research), which is part of the membership package for MRS Fellows and Certified members. The IJMR website offers an archive of papers dating back more than 20 years as well as the latest issue and digital first papers.

Kogan Page

MRS has partnered with Kogan Page to provide access to 40 of the latest business, brand and personal development e-books. This in addition to existing services from Kogan Page including the joint Kogan Page/MRS online training course, Statistics for Research.

The following summary of key financial information is extracted from the audited accounts for the year 2019/20.

A copy of the Statutory Report and Accounts, which will be submitted to Companies House, is available to MRS members on request.


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