EFAMRO, the European Research Federation, is the voice of the European market research sector.

EFAMRO was founded in 1992. MRS has been a member since 2006.

EFAMRO's mission is to:

  • influence legislation and public opinion in favour of research;
  • promote best practice;
  • enforce compliance with the principles of international standards;
  • advise the European research industry; and
  • publish information about the European research industry.

EFAMRO is responsible for representation of research businesses to the European institutions, including the Commission, Parliament and Council of Ministers, and has been actively involved in the development of a new data protection framework for the European Union.

EFAMRO has sixteen member associations:

These countries together represent 31% of the global research industry, or US$10.4 billion (£7.4 billion).

To find out more visit the EFAMRO website or contact EFAMRO direct via: info@efamro.eu.

Global Research Business Network


The new Global Research Business Network was launched at the 2012 MRS annual conference. The Network connects 36 research associations and over 3500 research businesses on five continents. More than US$24.8 billion (£15.7 billion) in annual research revenues (turnover) are represented by these businesses.

Its mission is to promote and advance the business of research by developing and supporting strong autonomous national research associations by:

  • Sharing information and expertise to strengthen and develop national associations to deliver value to their members;
  • Promoting development of research technologies and insights through creating additional opportunities for cross-border exchanges amongst research associations, communities and businesses;
  • Promoting international ethical and quality standards;
  • Promoting effective self regulation at the national level and developing solutions to resolve complaints about multi-country and cross-border projects;
  • Developing guidance on cross-border trade issues such as outsourcing and sub-contracting;
  • Identifying needs and potential partnerships between national associations.

EFAMRO, the European Federation of Associations of Market Research Organisations of which MRS is a member, joined forces with APRC, the Asia Pacific Research Committee and ARIA, and the Americas Research Industry Alliance, to create the Global Research Business Network.

  • APRC has ten member associations:
  • AMSRS - Australia
  • CMRA - China
  • CMRS - Chinese Taipei
  • JMRA - Japan
  • KORA - Korea
  • MRSM - Malaysia
  • AMRO - New Zealand
  • MRSNZ - New Zealand
  • MRSS - Singapore
  • TMRS - Thailand
  • These countries together represent about 14% of the global research industry, or US$4.4 billion (€3.3 billion).
  • ARIA has ten member associations:
  • ABEP - Brazil
  • ACEI - Colombia
  • AIM - Chile
  • AMAI - Mexico
  • APEIM - Peru
  • AVAI - Venezuela
  • CASRO - United States
  • CEIM - Argentina
  • CEISMU - Uruguay

These countries together represent about 39% of the global research industry, or US$12.3 billion (€9.3 billion).

The Global Research Business Network is guided by five principles:

AUTONOMY: The Network acknowledges the role of each national association in representing and promoting the interests of their national membership.

COLLABORATION: The Network will enhance member value of each national association by strengthening the relevance of the association in a global environment. The strength of the Network is dependent on vibrant, healthy and relevant national associations.

COMMON STANDARDS: The Network will compile and publish a set of global standards and guidelines to provide a common framework for the development of the business of research, while acknowledging national and regional variations.

RESPECT: The Network respects the desire of each national association to direct its own efforts to promote self-regulation while advancing the business of research. National associations are in the best position to address changes in the legal environment that might impact research.

DEVELOPMENT: The Network will sponsor conferences and events and encourage participation in national association events to promote the growth of members concerned with the business of research.

The Global Research Business Network is co-directed by Peter Harris of APRC, Alex Garnica of ARIA and Barry Ryan of EFAMRO.

To find out more visit the GRBN website or contact GRBN direct via: info@grbn.org

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