The research sector is taking steps to be part of the solution to the growing climate emergency.

Our sector has two key responsibilities:

  1. To mitigate our impact on the environment
  2. Through insightful research help customers understand their impact and recommend solutions

The MRS Sustainability Council was established in 2020 to review the key sustainability issues facing our sector. With an ever-increasing number of clients demanding a commitment from suppliers on inclusion and sustainability issues we need to take these steps before they are forced upon us.

The first sustainability step for the research sector is the MRS NetZero Pledge designed for research agencies and teams to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices.

While we are not the first services sector to launch a pledge (the Ad Association established Ad NetZero) we are responding to the groundswell of support from professionals and leaders in the sector. The NetZero Pledge also builds on the learnings from the launch and success of the Inclusion Pledge.

We are delighted to have the support of the the Insight Climate Collective which recently conducted research on attitudes in the research sector and helped us bring this initiative to market.  

ICC survey - attitudes to climate change in the sector

In April and May a survey designed by the Insight Climate Collective (ICC) probed the attitudes of professionals in our sector in a personal and work capacity, and explored how they see the role of the sector in addressing climate change. Hear the results of this survey in this webinar.

The NetZero Pledge

The MRS NetZero Pledge asks CEOs to make four commitments towards ensuring their organisations are sustainable by 2026. The pledge includes: to be NetZero, publishing carbon emissions, collaborating across the sector and encouraging call outs by employees and clients on environmental concerns. Signees of the Pledge are required to be an Accredited Company Partner.

If you would like to sign the NetZero Pledge on behalf of your organisation please email

Download a copy of the NetZero Pledge

Read our FAQs on how to implement the Pledge

The NetZero pledge has been signed by:

Bayes Price
Big Sofa Technologies
BMG Research
Box Clever Consulting
Britain Thinks
Cobalt Sky
Deep Blue Thinking
Empower Translate

England Marketing
Harlow Consulting Services
Ipsos MORI

Impact Research
Insight Now (OrbitaCX Limited) 
Morris Hargreaves McIntyre
MTC Research
RED C Research

Sapio Research
Service Insights
The Crow Flies
Vision One
Winning Moves

Find out why leaders have signed their organisations up to the Pledge

Carbon Calculator

The Pledge does not mandate the process you choose to measure your carbon footprint. Although if you would like help MRS has partnered with Green Element to offer their carbon footprint calculator. All MRS Company Partners are eligible to a 20% discount on the calculator (MRS makes no financial gain in this arrangement). Find out more here.

Sustainability in our sector
– resources

  1. Sustainability 101 – what sustainability and net zero means, difference in degrees of warming, the timelines required to stay in a safe space for humanity, and what cultural shifts we might see in a net zero economy

  1. Sustainability Key Concepts – the sustainable development goals, life cycle thinking, the circular economy, and stakeholder capitalism

  1. Paddy Loughman presentation from Impact 2020 – How can business meet the climate challenge 
  2. Little Book of net zero - published by bsi,  provides useful information and describes effective tools, including recognized business standards, to help you manage and minimize GHG emissions.
  3. ICC Attitudinal Research 2021 – survey headline results report
  4. Professional Webinar: ICC survey results – what researchers think about climate change. Sign up to the webinar on 7 July to discover what research professionals think and feel about the climate crisis and sustainability solutions.
  5. Business Climate Hub – support for SMEs on how to achieve net zero emissions.
  6. The Plastic Pollution Clogging European Freshwater Environments – an illustration of the types of plastic found in European rivers and freshwater spots

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