The first sustainability step for the research sector is the MRS Net Zero Pledge, designed for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices. It calls for research organisations and teams to be Net Zero by 2026.

See the list of signatories of the MRS Net Zero Pledge.

While we are not the first services sector to launch a pledge (the Ad Association established Ad Net Zero) we are responding to the groundswell of support from professionals and leaders in the sector. The Net Zero Pledge also builds on the learnings from the launch and success of the Inclusion Pledge.

We are delighted to have the support of the MRS Sustainability Council for helping bring this initiative to market and the Insight Climate Collective which conducted research on attitudes in the research sector.  

The Net Zero Pledge

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Read our FAQs on how to implement the Pledge

The MRS Net Zero Pledge asks CEOs to make four commitments towards ensuring their organisations are sustainable by 2026. The pledge includes: to be Net Zero, publishing carbon emissions, collaborating across the sector and encouraging call outs by employees and clients on environmental concerns. Signees of the Pledge are required to be an Accredited Company Partner.

Government procurement recognition

In November 2021, Crown Commercial Services (CCS) launched a new Research and Insight Marketplace Dynamic Procurement System (DPS) for the procuring of research and insight across the public sector. The new Research and Insight DPS will include the MRS Net Zero Pledge as one of the options for supplies to demonstrate their social value and carbon neutral plans. By including the Pledge in this way CCS raises the profile of the Pledge among the 200+ suppliers who are expected to register on the new DPS plus the public sector commissioners who procure from it.

Although the selection questionnaire itself does not mention MRS pledge as an option (due to the procurement policy regulations CCS are unable to do this) CCS have informed all suppliers and interested parties that they are welcome to offer the MRS NetZero Pledge as an option and that the CCS team will accept it as a compliant answer.

Carbon Calculator

The Pledge does not mandate the process you choose to measure your carbon footprint. Although if you would like help MRS has partnered with Compare Your Footprint to offer their carbon footprint calculation software. All MRS Company Partners are eligible to a 20% discount on the software (MRS makes no financial gain in this arrangement). Find out more here.


If you would like to sign the Net Zero Pledge on behalf of your organisation please email

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