Lifelong learning is key to ensuring you stay at the top of your game. An increasing number of research professionals are tracking their CPD (Continuous Professional Development) through the MRS Programme. Our framework helps you to assess your abilities and set goals for development. 

Finding time for CPD can be tricky but you get out what you put in. MRS members can access a wide range of professional development resources via My membership. These include SAGE Research MethodsMRS Delphi Group reports and the Evidence Talks podcast, and the MRS webinar library. 

By continually building your skills and knowledge, you increase your resilience, and relevance, and future-proof your career. Tracking this allows you to prove your competencies to your employer. Your CPD journey can also maximise your MRS membership, with the opportunity to achieve Certified member status.

I’ve really enjoyed the programme and how it pushes me to improve what we offer. I’ve learnt about some really inspiring techniques and examples and definitely plan on continuing to participate in the opportunities that MRS offer.

Being based in a small organisation in Guernsey, with only small travel budgets, it really makes me feel that I’m part of a wider market research community.

Lilyanne Guille

Island Global Research

How to register

The MRS CPD prgramme is a Member and Accredited Company Partner benefit. You will need to become an MRS Member prior to registering for CPD or be an employee of an Accredited Company Partner and signed up to Access or &more

If you are an MRS member or an Accredited Company Partner employee signed up to Access or &more, and you want to set up a CPD account, please email your request to

Instructions for how to create an account can be accessed via our CPD Handbook, pages 17-20, or you can watch this step-by-step guide

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