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Engage your students with our University Roadshow

The Market Research Society and the Association for Qualitative Research have a team of enthusiastic research practitioners passionate about raising the profile of research and how it underpins practically every business decision ever made.

The team of young professionals visit universities across the country, providing one hour sessions about the big name products, brands and clients they have worked with in the first few years of their careers. This year we are undertaking a virtual tour.

They bring research to life describing key research projects from inception of a concept, through to results delivery and how their involvement has played a major part. They also demonstrate how research influences the strategy and communications of most commercial and social establishments.


Last academic year, 22 different Roadshow sessions were held and over 1,300 university students attended talks about the value of market research. If you’d like to book a virtual session for your university in 2021/22, or would like to volunteer as a speaker, please contact

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The presentations to students at the University of Birmingham provided invaluable insights into the range of career options available to undergrduates interested in research. MRS/AQR have presented to Human Geography and Psychology students in particular, due to the excellent range of skills they develop within their disciplines. We are extremely grateful for their assistance and look forward to welcoming them back to Birmingham in the future!

Jim Reali

University of Birmingham

It was a most enlightening session that really brought working in marketing research to life for undergraduates who have no or limited knowledge of the reality of such a challenging and varied role. The examples used were contemporary and very engaging. I would thoroughly recommend attending one of these sessions to all marketing undergraduates and their lecturers

Dr Jane Hudson

University of Plymouth

I just wanted to say a big thank you for getting in touch about the University Roadshow. It was fantastic, the students really loved it and it taught them so much.
The three speakers that came, Ken Parker, Kieran Griffiths and Joe Robert-Walker, were fantastic and really got the students interested in market research.

Treasa Kearney

University of Liverpool Management School

Get in touch

If you work in a university or business school would like to bring research to life for your students, please get in touch to arrange a session lead by our committed volunteer team.

Contact: or call 020 7566 1822

With thanks to our volunteers from…

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Each year, MRS and AQR tour a range of UK universities with a team of volunteers explaining to undergraduates what research involves and the value it adds to both business and society. 

This year we are undertaking a virtual tour! We are looking for experienced research professionals to bring research and insight to life and inspire the next generation.

We need both junior and senior volunteers to present. Ideally, junior professionals, from agency or client side, with less than 3 years’ experience and senior professionals with over 5 years, experience and in a management position, to present to undergraduates. 

Junior volunteers:

  • Outline how they got a foot on the ladder
  • Detail the types of projects they have worked on
  • Give tips on how to get ahead
  • Explain the benefits of working in research
  • Talk about how they present research findings

Senior volunteers:

  • Coordinate and chair the sessions
  • Liaise with junior volunteers prior to the event
  • Support junior volunteers with their presentations
  • Introduce the session with an overview of MRS and AQR
  • Give examples big brand or government research
  • Present the careers information available

How to get involved?

If you are interested in volunteering please email We will then contact you with more detailed information on what is involved including details of our specialist volunteering webinar.

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