MRS has developed a specialist Mentoring Scheme to give members access to senior individuals in the research sector for professional mentoring. The Scheme provides matched members with the support of an experienced professional who can help you optimise your work and plan your future. Mentoring is recognised within the MRS CPD scheme.

Created for the research sector, the scheme is designed in response to demands to equip research professionals with a new combination of skills for today’s market.

A sector review by PWC, The Business of Evidence 2016, highlighted how – along with a comprehensive understanding of the ‘evidence market’ – competences for researchers must now include business acumen, data analysis, storytelling skills as well as the ability to be an agile, early adopter.

“My mentor is very engaged, knowledgeable and personable. Mentoring is helping me make great progress.”


Bianca Truhel, Innovation Manager, Tesco PLC

A brief overview on how it works

The MRS Professional Mentoring Scheme provides a framework to develop a broader set of competences and interpersonal skills to fulfil this brief. The mentoring relationship enables research professionals to review their approaches, optimise their thinking and integrate both left-brain analysis with right-brain creative thinking.

“We’re all so busy that sometimes we can lose sight of what’s important. While being a mentor is challenging at times, it’s great to feel that you can help someone else develop their career while you get to learn about yourself along the way”.

Mentor Fiona McAllister, Managing Director of Beaufort Research

The scheme is only available for individual MRS members. The scheme invites members to apply to the scheme and places are allocated on a number of criteria including prompt application, location, match, availability of mentors and stage in career.

"With both the PWC sector review highlighting the new skills needed for researchers, and increasing requests from members for more individualised support, we launched the Professional Mentoring Scheme. The pilot in 2016 demonstrated just how effective mentoring relationships are in enabling effective personal and professional growth. What is also heartening is that Mentors learn from the experience as well."

CEO Jane Frost, MRS

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How the Mentoring Scheme works

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a supportive process that enables you, the Mentee, to work in confidence with a Mentor who is willing to share their knowledge and skills with you in a relationship of mutual trust.

Mentoring is popular with professional people at all levels of their career. It is a positive way to gain support to think through strategic decisions as well as manage day-to-day work challenges more effectively.

How does mentoring work?

Mentoring takes place within a confidential one-to-one relationship, where Mentors encourage you to collate your thoughts and feelings. The mentoring process is designed to assist you in developing effective approaches to achieving your goals. The relationship lasts for as long or as little as you need – although a period of 6-12 months is often optimum. Though every relationship and career situation is different.

What are the benefits of mentoring?

Working with a mentor can help you to face new challenges, cope with the demands of promotion, invigorate your career, manage changing circumstances and balance the pressures of your working life with your home life. It can also give you greater insight into how to progress effectively.

Mentoring can help you to develop over a substantial period of time and can support you in addressing a wide range of different issues that have the potential to impact your professional life and career development.

Who is a mentor?

Mentors are senior professionals in the field holding the professional membership grades of either Certified Member or Fellow. They want to give something back to their profession, be that their experience, insight, support, ability to offer an additional perspective or capacity to allow you to reflect on your actions.

Mentoring and MRS

Mentoring is beneficial to both you and to your Mentor, who can offer you neutral and objective support. They can support you seeing the bigger picture, supporting you and challenging you as required. Mentoring offers an added perspective that comes from working with someone who has many years of experience and insights into the challenges you may be facing.

Who can access the MRS Mentoring Scheme?

The MRS Mentoring Scheme available to all individual MRS Members as a free membership benefit. There is a matching service to ensure you are connected to the right mentor. Places are limited so there can be a waiting list for the scheme. Individuals are allocated places on the basis of location, match and mentoring needs and ambitions, as well as availability.

How do I get started?

Mentors - Senior professionals holding Certified membership or Fellow grades can qualify to be Mentors. Selected Mentors undertake a day's professional Mentor training at MRS to qualify. You will then be matched with a suitable mentee usually close to your geographic location.

MRS Members can apply to become an MRS Mentor here

The next intake for the mentoring scheme will be in 2019 - date to be confirmed

Mentees - Members or Certified Members can apply to be mentored. Selection criteria is based on availability of mentors, location, match and assessed needs. There is an application process and you will be asked to watch a webinar. This will help you understand the process, set tour objectives and determine your goals.

MRS Members can apply to become an MRS Mentee here

The next intake for the mentoring scheme will be in 2019 - date to be confirmed

For both Mentors and Mentees there will be two intakes per year. Look out for your personal invitation.

To find out more please refer to the Handbooks or contact






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