Mentoring scheme – mentee application form

The MRS mentoring scheme is only open to individual MRS Members. Places are allocated on a number of criteria including location, expertise, availability of mentor and stage in career.

Before embarking on your mentoring journey, now is a good opportunity to think about what you would like to get out of the experience, whether it is to develop a new skill, a different approach to an element of your role or guidance on working towards the next step in your career. Although, for the sake of clarity the scheme is not designed to provide any technical training, shadowing or to provide business support.

Please complete this brief questionnaire to give your Mentor a better understanding of your experience and what you hope to gain from the programme. With a limited number of mentors available your application will be assessed alongside other mentees looking for a match. Please be thoughtful and detailed in your responses to the questions below.

Our trained mentors give their time freely in order to give back to a profession that they love. If you are selected as a mentee, you will be expected to respond to their communications in a timely manner, schedule meetings that work for both you and your mentor, complete a session record form after each meeting, and be engaged fully for the full mentoring term.

Good luck with your application!

The current application period closes on 29 April 2022

To read the full handbook click here.

Please watch the MRS Mentee Webinar, with copies of the Webinar Handout and Mentee Handbook to hand for reference.

Please ensure you read and understand the Guidelines of the Mentoring Scheme and confirm the information provided on this form is correct.

* denotes compulsory field

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