Dynamic business is led by dynamic insight and there’s nowhere better to tap into the latest research intelligence than MRS conferences. We actively seek speaker submissions throughout the year.

This is your chance to showcase success, illuminate new insight and present cutting-edge concepts. What are you doing differently? What are your best practices? What experiences can you share that will add value for providers and buyers alike? If you think our audiences will enjoy hearing from you, then we will too.

MRS Operations Network

We are currently planning our 2022 calendar - here is how you can get involved

Semiotics & Cultural Insight

The MRS is launching a one-day conference to showcase applications of semiotics in consumer research.



Call for contributions: Digital Ethnography

Traditionally, ethnography has been associated with reaching hard to reach groups which may be vulnerable, marginalised or unheard. More recently and especially since the beginning of the pandemic, digital ethnography has been a key qualitative methodology for consumer brands, quangos and charities trying to understand the lived experiences of much broader consumer segments.



Call for contributions: Advanced Analytics

We are introducing a whole new format to our network events, these will now be smaller forum events where you will get the opportunity to discuss and debate with peers on a variety of specific subjects. Here is how you can get involved...

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