For over 60 years the MRS Code of Conduct has been the foundation of good research. We clearly and fairly set out the professional standards that all research practitioners must maintain.

Key changes to 2023 MRS Code of Conduct

The new MRS Code of Conduct launches on 15 May 2023.

The MRS Code of Conduct is crucial in helping to protect and regulate first-rate research, insight and data practice.  MRS is committed to keeping the Code under regular review to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Revisions have been made to the current 2019 Code to reflect evolving ethical best practice. The changes focus on the scope of the Code, clarification on Member and Company Partner obligations regarding co-operating with MRS in investigations, participant wellbeing and reporting obligations in the context of inclusive data.

We consulted with you on these changes in 2022 and having reflected and incorporated all feedback, the MRS Code update is now complete.

How the Code has changed:

  • Clarification on Member and Company Partner obligations - Members and Company Partners must ensure that contracts and Non-Disclosure Agreements with clients/suppliers/third parties/participants do not compromise adherence to the Code and obligation to assist if a complaint is raised.

Guidance on the MRS Code of Conduct 2023 (NDAs)

  • Scope of the Code - The scope of the Code now places a stronger emphasis on research, insight and data analytics best practice. Since 2019, the MRS Code of Conduct has been expanded to cover all professional activities undertaken by MRS Members and MRS Company Partners.
  • Participant wellbeing - Increased focus on participant wellbeing, including providing information to support and assist as appropriate.
  • Representative Samples - Clarity on reporting obligations in the context of inclusive data, which includes reporting sampling characteristics and parameters used when defining samples as representative of segments of the population, such as when reporting Nationally Representative (‘Nat Rep’) or City Representative (‘City Rep’) samples.

The new Code of Conduct will apply to all MRS Members and MRS Company Partners from 14 August 2023; giving you several months to undertake any staff training, process updates and policy reviews to ensure the new MRS Code requirements are being adhered to. 

Resources to assist MRS Members and MRS Company Partners with the key changes to the Code, including live and recorded webinars, will be made available over the coming months.  The first of these will be the next edition of the regular MRS Standards & Policy webinar series on 30 May 2023, so look out for the joining instructions in your inbox.  In the meantime, any questions concerning the revised Code should be directed to MRS Codeline.

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