For 60 years the MRS Code of Conduct has been the foundation of good research. We clearly and fairly set out the professional standards that all research practitioners must maintain.

The comprehensive MRS Code covers research from the inception to design and from execution to use. It is relevant for market, social and opinion research. Our Regulations cover legal requirements and how these apply to research.

MRS members must adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct, Regulations and the associated disciplinary procedures. The Code, drawn up by researchers for researchers, helps to protect providers, buyers and respondents. It safeguards standards, promotes confidence and champions professionalism.

During 2018 developments in data ethics and privacy, including revisions to the data protection framework with the implementation of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016, have revolutionised the data protection landscape.

In light of this, MRS has taken the opportunity to revise the MRS Code of Conduct to ensure that it continues to represent ethical best practice and data privacy. 

Revisions have been made to the existing MRS Code of Conduct to reflect evolving ethical best practice and significant changes in the data protection framework. The changes also seek to ensure that the Code keeps pace with the accelerated speed and progress of technological development and data use. It is important that practitioners can easily understand, access and use the MRS Code of Conduct and that it is also easily accessible to members of the public.

Consulation closed on April 8th. 

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