For 60 years the MRS Code of Conduct has been the foundation of good research. We clearly and fairly set out the professional standards that all research practitioners must maintain.

This edition of the Code of Conduct was agreed by MRS to be operative from 1 October 2019 and has been revised to encompass the requirements of the UK’s Data Protection Act 2018 and to include a broader selection of data collection processes. This edition has also been reformatted into three main headings with sub-headings to represent the stages of the data collection process, with links through to MRS Guidance, training and FAQS on each subject.   

It is a fully revised version of a self-regulatory Code first adopted on 5 November 1954. 

All MRS Members must comply with this Code.  It applies to all Members, Company Partners and those retained by them. 

MRS Company Partner organisations are required to take action to ensure that all individuals employed or engaged by them (whether MRS members or not) comply with this Code as if they are MRS Members.  It applies to all Members irrespective of the sector or methodologies used.

The Code of Conduct was historically created to support all those engaged in research, insight and data analytics in maintaining professional standards. In recognition of the expansion of the activities the MRS Code of Conduct has been expanded to cover all professional activities being undertaken by MRS Members and MRS Company Partners.

The Code is also intended to reassure the general public and other interested parties that activities undertaken by MRS members and MRS Company Partners are carried out in a professional and ethical manner.

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