MRS members hail from all parts of the research sector – we have experts in the key research methodologies from qual to quant to neuroscience and analytics and across a wide range of industries including FMCG, charities, finance, media and government.

Hear the stories and views of our members in these insightful videos revealing how they started out in the sector and what they think the future holds for research.

Ben came to London as a young graduate with ambitions to run a nightclub but realised that it was ultra competitive! Instead he joined the then MORI grad scheme - planning to stay for two years, 30 years later he is now Ipsos’ CEO.

‘We are privy to the intimate details of people’s lives. The MRS Code of Conduct shows we’re responsible as a profession. In an age of big data this is more important than ever.’

MRS membership: Ben loves research because of the endless diversity of people and the range of work. He's a member so he can be part of the body that keeps pressing for high standards and offering a coherent voice for the sector when talking to government.

Amanda wanted to become a journalist but after working at a local paper she realised she liked the research more than the writing. She signed up to an Apprenticeship at ITV.

'Research gives you the opportunity to understand people. It gets you to step outside of your own shoes and into those of another person. You can find out what they think, feel and do.’

MRS membership: Amanda loves research because it constantly opens her mind to new thingsShe is a member so that she can keep up with research developments both for herself and her colleagues.

Vijay chose to work in market research because of insight it gives into real people. He relishes meeting real people and getting to understand them. 

‘The world wouldn’t have had the innovations that have propelled us forward without insight. The world is better for having market research.’

MRS membership: Vijay enjoys developing products that will help alleviate the stress points people have in their lives. He is a Member because it is the professional guild for research where professionals can get together to share and create best practice.

Helen was studying animal behaviour in zoology as a student. Working for a large shopping company, she liked the look of the research team’s work so decided to get a job in the profession.

‘Without research we’d live in a biased world, we’d lack impartiality where customers wouldn’t have the voice that they do. We are the cultural intermediaries.’

MRS membership: Helen loves so much about research but top of her list is working with fellow professionals who are curious and nosey – and want to understand why. She is a member to be part of an professional body with an ethical framework along with the support, training and all the other benefits.

Aura started as a door-to-door interviewer in the freezing cold, then progressed through to data collection, data analysis and now as a statistician.

‘Even now people think market research is easy and you just ask some questions in a survey. But research is an art where you need to ask the questions in the best way.’

MRS membership: Aura loves research because every day is so different. She’s an MRS member so she can get training, support and networking especially as a statistician working in the sector.  



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