Currently Director in the Media, Brands & Communication team at BVA BDRC, Tim is a dedicated and successful market research professional with over 20 years’ experience. For most of his career he’s focused on media and communications. He’s now looking at AI and its implications (good and bad) for MR and has a strong track record of developing and implementing innovative methodologies.

Tim has made a significant contribution to research understanding including the representativeness of online data collection via a range of articles, conferences and events including publication in IJMR. His contribution to MRS includes 3 years on the MRS Main Board and as Deputy Chair of the Company Partner Service Advisory Board. He is as a long-term contributor to a number of other associations and is a committee member of the MRG.

Michael has extensive consumer research experience and has led studies for many brands including Fitbit, Johnson & Johnson, ITV, Spotify and The Economist. He prides himself on delivering a deep level of human insight, always with a focus on actionable recommendations. He has recently taken on the leadership of UM’s Data Solutions division, harnessing the agency’s best-in-class audience data stack, and client data, to deliver effective campaigns.

Michael is a significant and long-term contributor to the development of research understanding on topics such as understanding of marginalised societies, measuring creative effectiveness and mental health via a range of conferences and published articles. His contributions to MRS include being co-founder of MRSpride and a supporter of MRS’ wider EDI agenda. He is also a contributor to other associations and is a member of the IPA’s Talent Leadership Group.

Lucy is a strategy and communication expert with over 30 years’ experience. She founded Keen as Mustard Marketing in 2006 to provide communications for clients in data, research and insight. Mustard helps client-side researchers from global companies such as Adobe, Bic, JPMC, and Purina get impact from their insights. Serving on ESOMAR Council from 2018-2020, Lucy started out in insights in 2000 as global marketing director of Research International, working in over 55 countries. Lucy is an award-winning writer and presenter and a sought-after keynote speaker.

Lucy is a significant long-term contributor to the improvement of branding and marketing of the research sector including designing, convening and presenting events for associations such as MRS, QRCA and ESOMAR. She contributes to a wide number of publications including the Journal of Brand Management and is a supporter of industry associations including as an ESOMAR UK Representative and trainer, a BIG Main Committee and BIG Conference committee member.

Christian’s market research career spans over 25 years in the areas of consulting, strategy, commercial and general management. He has proven success in building strong, scaled, high growth businesses with a bottom-line focus in the research industry.
An early pioneer of the online methodology, Christian is fascinated as to how participants engage in the mobile and digital space as a whole - combining behavioural and declarative data techniques to optimise understanding. An audience and sampling expert, he has written many papers and presented on modal differences in research.
His significant contribution to MRS includes over 4 years as a member of the Company Partner Service Advisory Board and the creation of the MRS Mobile Optimisation initiative which has now been running successfully for over 5 years. He contributes to other organisations and is a judge to the Super Brands Council.

Babita Earle is Executive Vice President of Global Enterprise Partnerships at Zappi, where she partners with Insight leaders across leading global brands on their digital transformation journeys, helping them adopt new ways of working, scaling systems and tech so that they deliver greater/smarter impact within their organisations. With more than 25 years of experience in consumer insights, Babita is a leader and advocate for the future of insights and the partnership between technology and humans in driving its progress.

Babita has played a key role in the leadership of MRS’ EDI agenda as inaugural Chair of the MRS EDI Council, creating the MRS Inclusion Pledge and overseeing the two waves of the MRS Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Research Reports. She has also been involved in wider MRS initiatives including 3 years on the MRS Main Board and is a long-term contributor to a number of other associations including WiRE.

Chloe has been a qualitative researcher for 25 years, and intends to be one for the next 25 too. She now works at The Nest Research, which is a grandiose term for being an independent consultant. Prior to that she was co-founder of Razor Research, a full service qual and quant agency. She is about to step down after four years of being Chair of the Association for Qualitative Research (the AQR). She loves her job, and she loves this industry with quite a weird passion.

Chloe has made a significant contribution to the development of qualitative research understanding via training sessions, workshops and conference sessions. She has been a judge for the MRS Annual Conference awards, is an MRS mentor and member of the MRSpride Steering Committee.
Crawford founded HeadlightVision, a behavioural futures consultancy based in London and NYC, which pioneered future facing research. HeadlightVision was acquired by WPP in 2003 and subsequently merged with The Henley Centre and Yankelovich to become The Futures Company, with Crawford as Global Executive Chairman.

In 2011 he co-founded The Behavioural Architects which, for over 12 years, has pioneered methodologies that apply insights from behavioural science to understand and influence behaviour.

A significant and long-term award-winning contribution to the development of research and behavioural science understanding, Crawford has published over 350 articles for publications such as the New Scientist, IMPACT, EMPOWER and The Behavioural Scientist. He is a long-term contributor to MRS as an Impact columnist and conference presenter and lectures regularly at the London Business School and other institutions worldwide.

Sam is the founder and MD of data storytelling consultancy Insight Agents. He helps organisations make smarter use of data – in how they communicate and in how they develop innovative products and services. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Professional Speaking Association. He is an established and sought-after keynote speaker, author, trainer and podcaster. Originally a classicist, Sam also holds a doctorate in psychology. These are two sources of his deep understanding of human motivation and behaviour and his love of telling stories with statistics.

Sam is a significant and long-term contributor to the development of research, insight and data understanding on topics such as data and analytics storytelling, psychology and neuroscience via a wide range of books, journal articles, keynote presentations and training sessions. His contribution to MRS, includes over 5 years as an MRS trainer and conference speaker. He is a trainer and speaker for other associations including MRG, APG, IPA and the PRCA.

As an expert strategist, Leanne has won multiple awards in the UK and internationally. Providing strategic guidance to global brands from technology and gaming, to healthcare, finance, fashion and FMCG brands. Leanne believes the success of ‘insight’ stems from our ability to motivate through ideas and helping people imagine a new or different future, just like the great influencers of our time.

As an international conference speaker and contributor to professional publications, she has challenged the sector to think beyond immediate specialisms. Promoting cross-disciplinary thinking and disrupting out-dated industry habits, to generate higher levels of commercial impact and influence.

Leanne is a significant and long-term contributor to the development of research understanding on topics such as cultural insight and expanding research minds via a range of publications, training courses and conferences. She is an MRS judge and created the Virginia Valentine award and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Changemaker award. Leanne is also a contributor to other associations including AMSR and ESOMAR.


Representing, advocating and supporting the research sector

MRS Patrons

Patrick Barwise


“One of my priorities is to ensure that research and other insights are relevant and actionable, flow freely through the organisation to reach decision-makers and are acted on rather than buried or ignored. As patron of MRS, I want to help promote the importance of research as the lifeblood of customer-focused delivery and innovation.”

Patrick attended our roundtable where attendees debated findings from the inaugural MRS Delphi report. Read the article here.

Roisin Donnelly


Roisin spoke to us about using data and insight to win business. Watch the video here.


Clive Humby


MRS Patrons Peter York and Clive Humby discuss the importance of evidence in this video.


Sir Martin Sorrell


"If possible, market research, or what we call consumer insight, is becoming even more important in this day and age. The changes in new markets, new media and the application of technology and development of big data mean that market research or consumer insight is critically important in understanding strategic planning and creative execution, opportunities and issues."

In 2014, Martin spoke at our annual conference, and discussed the link between data and the economy in 2014. Watch the video here


Stan Sthanunathan


Watch our interview with Stan looking at the secret of a good client relationship here.


Edwina Dunn


Edwina wrote the foreword of our privacy report, 'Private lives?', looking at the consumer perspective of the consumer debate. Read the report here


Sir Robert Worcester


“Market research is a way of life. It gives the curious, the intelligent and the interested a view of society which is almost unique. It provides a means by which an alert – but not indolent – young person might taste of a broad variety of experiences without becoming too attached to any one stream and therefore limit their opportunity to move upwards in the trade, or outward into a wide variety of occupations and callings. I hope that as a patron of the MRS I can give a bit back to what I’ve learned about the fascinating business we are in.”


Peter York


“Market research is a very broad and brilliant church...and I want to do my bit to persuade people of that.”

MRS Patrons Peter York and Clive Humby discuss the importance of evidence in this video

This video follows the launch of a joint PwC/MRS industry report 'The Business of Evidence' which revealed that the UK research market is worth over £3bn, 50% more than previously estimated.

Below is a list of current MRS Gold Medallists, Honorary Fellows and Fellows.

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Gold Medallists

Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows

2021 – Phyllis Macfarlane

2019 – Peter Mouncey

2018 – William (Bill) G. Blyth

2017 – Dr Barry Leventhal

2008 – Professor Sir Roger Jowell

2006 – Tony Cowling & John Samuels

2004 – Dr Stephan Buck & James Rothman

2002 – John Downham

1996 – Andrew Ehrenberg, Gerald Goodhardt & Paul Harris

1993 – Dr Elizabeth Nelson

1988 – Professor Harry Henry

1986 – Len England

1982 – Dr Mark Abrams


Belinda Beeftink

Bill Bryson, OBE

Rita Clifton, CBE

Melanie Courtright

Sir John Curtice

Christopher Graham

Rt Hon Dame

Margaret Hodge MP

Seema Malhotra MP

Deborah Mattinson

Elissa Molloy

Dr Camilla Pang

Alan Rusbridger

Baroness Minouche Shafik

Sir David Spiegelhalter

Patrick Sturgis

Dame Dianne

Phyllis Vangelder

Richard Webber

Keith Weed

Stian Westlake

David Wilding

Nadhim Zahawi MP




Aftab Ahmad

Paul Baines

Stephen Bairfelt

Dr Nick Baker

Tim Barber

Phil Barnard

Chris Barnham

John Barter

Crispin Beale

Nikki Bell

Susan Blackall

Fiona Blades

William Blyth

Clive Boddy

Nick Bonney

Rita Brophy

Michael Brown

Sue Burden

Simon Burrows

David Cahn

Jonny Caldwell

Caroline Callahan

Martin Callingham

Rosie Campbell

Simon Chadwick

Paul Child

Joanna Chrzanowska

Barbie Clarke

Nick Coates

Bob Cook

Sarah Davies

Lucy Davison

Philly Desai

Andrew Dexter

Patricia Dowding

John Downham

Richard Drury

Christian Dubreuil

Keith Dugmore

Babita Earle

Rob Ellis

Richard Ellwood

James Endersby

Gill Ereaut

Jem Fawcus

Mervyn Flack

Arthur Fletcher

Jonathan Fletcher

Chloe Fowler

Ruth France

Julie Fuller

Dr Peter Furness

Sally Ford-Hutchinson

Elaine Francis

Karen Fraser MBE 

Richard Goosey

Peter Goudge

Jane Gwilliam

Kathleen Hamilton

Terry Hanby

Josephine Hansom

Claire Harris

Pene Healey

Linda Henshall

Michael Herbert

Hugh Hoffman

Ben Hogg

Crawford Hollingworth

Clive Humby

Julie Irwin

Vanella Jackson

Jonathan Jephcott

Derek Jones

Thomas Kerr

Raz Khan

Sam Knowles

James (Jim) Law

Dr Rachel Lawes

Barry Leventhal

Simon Lidington

Rowland Lloyd

Tim Macer

Phyllis Macfarlane

Sofie Mallick

Ben Marks

David McCallum

Colin McDonald

Kevin McLean

Ruth McNeil

Jackie Megahey

Penny Mesure

Dawn Mitchell

Virginia Monk

Nick Moon

Dr Leigh Morris

Peter Mouncey

Corrine Moy

Elizabeth Nelson, OBE

Caroline Noon

Darren Mark Noyce

Martin Oxley

Ben Page

Simon Patterson

John Pawle

Adam Phillips

Bob Qureshi

Stephen (Steve) Phillips

Ray Poynter

Martyn Richards

Malcolm Rigg

John Rose

James Rothman

Jane Rudling

Danny Russell

John Samuels

Jessica Santos

Rob Sheldon

Richard Sheldrake

Chris Smith

David Smith

Mark Speed

Penny Steele

Ivor Stocker

Trish Stuart Parker

Liz Sykes

Neil Swan

Crispian Tarrant

Yvonne Taylor

Dr Mark Thorpe

Ray Tiwari

Leanne Tomasevic

Peter Totman

Helen Turner

Paul Vittles

Daniel Wain

Paul Walton

Nicholas Watkins

Caroline Whitehill

Neil Wholey

Trevor Wilkinson

Alan Wilson

Sir Robert Worcester

Rebecca Wynberg


Below is a list of past MRS Fellows who were acknowledged by the Society for their exceptional contribution to the profession.

Honorary Fellows

Jeremy Bullmore
Valerie Farbridge
John Gambles
Bill Schlackman

Lucinda Allum
Lawrence Bailey
Kenneth Baker
Mary Bartram
Peter Bartram
Bryan Bates
Keith Bates
Jennie Beck
Donald Beverly
Chris Blamires
Robin Birn
Julian Bond
John Bound
Timothy Bowles
Ian Brace
Nigel Bradley
Susan Brooker
Diana Brown
Douglas Brown
Dr Stephan Buck
Dominic Buck
David Chilvers
Eileen Cole
Steffen Conway
Prof Martin Collins
Mike Cooke
Peter Cooper
Antony Cowling
Susan Coyne
Nigel Culkin
Laurence Curtis
Kate Dann
Leslie de Chernatony
Gerald De Groot
Sue Duncan
Heather Dunn
Prof Andrew Ehrenberg
Stephen Ellis
Jan Faber
Paul Feldwick
Roddy Glen
Rudolph Goldsmith

Gerald Goodhardt
John Goodyear
Mary Goodyear
Wendy Gordon
John Griffiths
Justin Gutmann
Paul Hague
Mike Hannah
Paul Harris
Peter Hayes
Robert Heath
Prof Harry Henry
Clifford Holmes
Peter Hutton
Mike Imms
Fiona Jack
Peter Jackling
Jonathan Jephcott
Roger Jowell
Sheila Keegan
John Kelly
Richard Kottler
Claire Labrum
Roy Langmaid
Barbara Lee
J (Tony) Lunn
Derek Martin
Dr I McGloughlin
Peter Menneer
Kit Molloy
Elaine Moore
Rory Morgan
Ros Morgan
Alan Morris
Louis Moss
Gavin Mulholland
Clive Nancarrow
John O'Brien
Alison Palmer
Nicolas Palmer
John H Parfitt
Kenneth Parker
William Pegram
Nick Phillips
John R Potts
Jon Priest
Joy Reynolds
Richard Roberts-Miller
Sue Robson
Mike Roe
Edward Ross
Geoffrey Roughton
Peter Sampson
Eamonn Santry
David Seaman
Richard Silman
Leslie Sopp
Nigel Spackman
Paul Szwarc
Philip Talmage
Frank Teer
Dr John Treasure
Virginia Valentine
Martin van Staveren
Judith Wardle
Janet Weitz
John Wigzell
Eric Willson
Lorna Winstanley
Fiona Wood
Dr Jeremy Wyndham
Frances Yelland

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