As the world leader in upksilling the research profession, we have extended our training provision to include on-demand courses. Our online courses can be taken at a time and a place to suit you, in bite-size chunks, wherever you are in the world.  We also now offer the Foundation Course, as well as the related Certificate in Market Research, in Spanish for teams across the globe.  

Building Business Impact

This Building Business Impact course, created by MRS and Global Research Business Network (GRBN) with input from research professionals from around the world, provides the tools to build, measure and demonstrate business impact. The value of insight goes beyond numbers. As more companies adopt customer-centric strategies, there is a growing demand for data and insights on customers and consumers. The objective of this course is to introduce you to a framework that will help you produce your own ROI of Insights Report. 

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Data Privacy and Research

Data Privacy and Research provides detailed instruction on how to build data protection principles into your research projects. You will learn how to design transparent privacy notices, ensure data security and manage reporting in the event of a data breach. This two part course totalling 3.5 hours also covers the UK's approach to Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) and how privacy by design and default fits within the GDPR. You'll learn how a DPIA works, when it is needed and how to undertake one successfully. 

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Designing Research that is Effective, Fair and Empowering


Research can play a powerful role in giving lesser-heard groups a platform to represent themselves. Representative research also has significant benefits for research buyers, enabling commercial and public organisations to better serve minority groups. Brands are increasingly seeing the multitude of opportunities, including financial and reputational, in engaging diverse audiences. This on-demand course will enable you to address biases and blind spots, along with guidance on research design to achieve valid and effective results.

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Finding and Communicating the Story in the Data

Though great graphics and wonderful communication are useful they only work if the underlying story is right. This on-demand course focuses on what comes before the story including market research data and an ability to reliably find the key messages. Delivered with a mix of example material along with some practical exercises this course will enable you to deliver great stories.

Foundation Course in Market Research

Designed for those new to or with little experience of market research, the online Foundation Course in Market Research provides a clear understanding of how to design and plan effective research projects. This is an invaluable course for support staff, those commissioning research for the first time, new entrants, undergraduate/postgraduate students, field workers and those looking to better understand the market. It can also lead to an MRS qualification, the MRS Certificate in Market Research.

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Generative Artificial Intelligence


With the rise of AI, this on-demand course explores Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in the context of research. It's designed to equip you with a fundamental understanding of AI concepts and the specifics of GenAI, as well as how to apply these insights to market research and customer experience (CX). The course combines theoretical knowledge with numerous practical demonstrations, exploring AI history from traditional GOFAI models to state-of-the-art GenAI systems and enabling you to develop an intuitive understanding of AI applications.

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Personal Influence and Impact


Research is a ‘people’ business. It is built upon relationships and influencing. Clients will listen to, and be influenced by, those who effectively communicate their definition of ‘value’ and whom they trust and respect. The astute researcher recognises the importance of the ‘emotional’ elements of business and knows how to leverage these for both personal and organisational impact. This on-demand course provides you with the key influencing tools, skills and tactics for greater personal impact at work. 

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Question Writing Essentials


Question Writing Essentials covers the key fundamentals of questions then dives deeper into the challenges faced by those involved in designing and reviewing questionnaires. It equips you with a better understanding of how the way the question has been asked might really be affecting the answers.

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The Science of Behaviour Change


Since NudgePredictably Irrational, and Thinking, Fast and Slow became best sellers over a decade ago, behavioural science has rapidly grown in popularity and is now of growing in importance for research and insight. We’re learning more about human behaviour and learning it faster than ever before. This on-demand course will deepen your understanding of human behaviour helping you make sense of the theory as well as providing step-by-step tools and templates to enable you to apply the latest behavioural science at work.

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Statistics for Research

If you want to thrive as a market researcher, particularly in the age of big data, your statistical skills need to be up to scratch. We’ve teamed up with independent publisher Kogan Page to create Statistics for Research, an interactive on demand training course. Perfect as a refresher, or as an introduction for those new to working with statistics, this course uses a combination of video content and collaborative activities to explain critical techniques like sampling, weighting and dispersion as well as calculating confidence intervals.

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On-Demand Conferences

Our conferences showcase the leading lights in the sector as well as presenting innovative and illuminating research case studies. You can access all of our 2023 conferences including: Consumer Qual, Digital Ethnography, Semiotics & Cultural Insight, CX/UX/MR and Insights from the Metaverse, as well as the 2022 Sustainability Summit. All accessible for a significant reduction on the original delegate price. 

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