Research is a ‘people’ business: it is built upon relationships and influence. Clients, whether internal or external, will listen to, and be influenced by, those who sell the benefits to them of doing so, who deliver their definition of ‘value’ and whom they trust and respect. The astute researcher recognises the importance of the ‘emotional’ elements of business (communication, relationships, influence and impact), and knows how to leverage these for both personal and organisational impact.

This online course will give all participants the opportunity to learn the theories and how to apply them in practice in the research environment, identifying tangible areas for development.

Impact becomes even more crucial, and challenging, when you are trying to influence remotely. Discover the key skills of effective influencers and how to apply these to your own stakeholder relationships, particularly when those have to be maintained and indeed strengthened in a virtual environment.

  • Understand the fundamental tools and skills of effective influencers and communicators
  • Appreciate the importance of influencing where it matters
  • Recognise the range of influencing tactics and types of power at your disposal
  • Analyse the different stakeholders you want to influence
  • Appreciate the need to clarify their definition of ‘value’ so as to deliver it
  • Recognise the importance of developing and strengthening trust
  • Appreciate the need to balance listening with asserting
  • Understand the importance of selling the benefits of being influenced by you
  • Be able to influence through both face-to-face and virtual channels
  • Increase your influencing skills for greater personal impact at work

Who will benefit?

Anyone wanting to develop successful business relationships through effective influencing, or to have greater impact, confidence and assertiveness in those working relationships, whether face-to-face or when operating in a virtual environment.

Additional Information

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