This Building Business Impact training course has been created by MRS and Global Research Business Network (GRBN) with input from research and insight professionals from around the world. The course provides the tools to build, measure and demonstrate business impact. At the core of the training is the GRBN Framework, which allows practitioners to systematically implement a mechanism to measure and report the ROI of insight.

Insights value goes beyond numbers, it’s about the customer. More and more companies across the globe are becoming increasingly customer-centric. This is shining a light on the need for customer insights in all parts of the business. 

As more and more companies adopt customer-centric strategies there is a growing demand for data and insights on customers and consumers. No longer is it only marketing that needs the outputs the Insights team produces, although marketing does of course remain an important customer, but rather almost all parts of an organization, including the C-suite, are using data and insights on customers to support, and even drive, their decision-making. 

The objective of this course is to introduce you to a framework that will help you produce your own ROI of Insights Report. We wrap up this course by giving you examples of measuring the ROI of insights in different business decision areas.

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