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Video library

MRS publishes a wide variety of content including face-to-face interviews with leading industry figures, and keynote speeches from conferences. 

MRS also publishes a range of member only content including webcasts and presentations which is only available in the member area MyMRS.

The post-Brexit divide: dispatches from the front line
Filmed at Impact 2017, this session looks at how research can help reconcile a divided country. 
Beyond the poll: responses to the failures GE2015
This session was filmed at Impact 2016, MRS Annual Conference.
Rabbi Neuberger DBE
Keynote interview at Impact 2016, MRS Annual Conference.
Prof Spiegelhalter: What statistics can tell us about sexual behaviour
This session was filmed at Impact 2016, MRS Annual Conference.
John Yorke on storytelling
Keynote interview with author John Yorke at MRS Annual Conference 2016.
Stan Sthanunathan, Unilever
Keynote presentation from MRS Annual Conference 2016.
The Future of Innovation
The Future of Innovation was a fringe session at MRS Annual Conference 2016.
Simon Carter, Fujitsu
Simon Carter, Executive Director of Marketing UK & Ireland, on how research is helping Fujitsu identify thought leadership content for its campaigns. 
Best Practice Guide to Buying Research and Insight
Social media: now that's what I call smart targeting
Deborah Mattinson of BritainThinks
Why the polling industry must find its voice to defend itself
Prediction and planning in an uncertain world
Applying behavioural economics to Innocent drinks
Consumer psychology isn't new, but clients still need help in learning how to use it, says Olivia Taylor at Innocent drinks. 
Brands must understand people, not consumers
There's a big difference between people insights and consumer insights, says Stan Sthanunathan, Sr. Vice President, Consumer & Market at Unilever. 
Poll of pollsters – the great election debate
BritainThinks co-founder Deborah Mattinson chairs a debate with leading pollsters.
Sebastian Faulks
Author Sebastian Faulks explains the importance of storytelling in research in his keynote interview at Impact 2015. 
In conversation with William 'Bill' Schlackman
Lawrence Bailey and Simon Patterson talk to Bill Schlackman about his life and work. Part of the Oral History of Market Research Project.
MRS Data Protection Series: Notification
MRS Data Protection Series: Notification
The secret of a good client relationship
Stan Sthanunathan, Sr. Vice President, Consumer & Market Insights at Unilever describes a new model for working with agencies.
The data skills crisis 
Interview with Tesco Clubcard pioneer Edwina Dunn, CEO of Starcount and an MRS Patron.
David Canter -Following in killers' footsteps 
Author and psychologist Professor Canter gives us a fascinating insight into the secretive world of geographical offender profiling.
Will Self on the role of storytelling in marketing 
Self wittily discusses the role of narrative in marketing and in life; the curse (or blessing) of ‘everythingitis’; the primacy of creativity over objectivity; how to become a more effective consumer and his own personal take on memory and behavioural economics.
Simon Rogers, the Guardian, discusses data journalism
Simon works with the graphics team to visualise and interpret huge datasets. He was closely involved in the Guardian's exercise to crowdsource 450,000 MP expenses records and the organisation's coverage of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wikileaks war logs.
Patrick Barwise on the researcher of the future
Patrick Barwise lays down his challange to the research sector, and describes what skills the research professional of the future needs to have to survive. 
Shock of the New keynote debate - MRS Annual Conference
A highlight of the MRS Annual Conference 2013. Panel: chairman of Which? Patrick Barwise, MCSaatchi's Camilla Harrison, former BBC1 controller Lorraine Heggessey, Brainjuicer's John Kearon, and Matthew Taylor from RSA. 
Earning attention in the digital age
Filmed at Impact 2017 - MRS annual conference.
Finding the insights in social media data
This session was filmed at Impact 2016, MRS Annual Conference.
Migration: facts, fallacies and Facebook posts
This session was filmed at Impact 2016, MRS Annual Conference.
Richard Osman
Presenter of Pointless Richard Osman in conversation with Marc Brenner, at MRS Annual Conference 2016.
Bill Bryson in conversation
Travel author Bill Bryson in conversation with Martin Lee, co-founder of Acacia Avenue, at MRS Annual Conference 2016.
Gavin Patterson , BT Group, at Impact 2016
Keynote interview at MRS Annual Conference 2016.
Paul Polman: Research industry needs to catch up
Unilever CEO says research 'needs to move from a reactionary industry to a proactive industry'. 
Will curious computers replace curious minds?
Watch the winner of 'Best fringe contribution' at MRS Annual Conference - Impact 2016.
Sue Unerman on big data
Mediacom UK's Chief Strategy Officer on innovation, big data and the need for agencies to be flexible.
Dan Snow on the history of human behaviour
Dan Snow on fake news, war and understanding human behaviour through the ages, filmed at Impact 2017.
Memories of the future - imagination and innovation with Mark Earls
This session was filmed at Impact 2017, the MRS Annual Conference.
Data protection reform and Client-Side Research
A leadership moment for the industry - Paul Polman, Unilever
'Market research is more important than ever,' says Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever at MRS Annual Conference.
The global security gap
We need to understand geopolitical upheaval. General Sir Richard Shirreff, ex-Deputy Supreme Allied Commander for NATO.
The Research Network Oral History Project
Research luminaries discuss seminal moments in their careers and the evolution of the sector.
Confessions of a researcher - look away now boss
We've all got a dirty little secret that would make our boss's toes curl. But strange as it may seem, these have often made us better researchers.
RAS Presentation October 2015
Recruiter Accreditation Scheme
Kids and youth research
MRS has published six short films that give an entertaining and digestible overview of the MRS Guidelines for Researching Children and Young People.
The new customer loyalty
20 years after the launch of Tesco Clubcard, what's the big new idea for customer loyalty? Edwina Dunn is clubcard pionneer and CEO of Starcount. She is also a Patron of MRS.
Andy Hobsbawn - The internet of everything
We should prepare for a future of connectivity that goes far beyond what we experience today.
Martin Sorrell on data and the economy in 2014
CEO of WPP and patron of MRS looks at the value of data and the state of the research industry in 2014.
Roisin Donnelly, P&G, on using data and insight to win business
Procter & Gamble's Corporate Marketing Director talks about walking in consumers' shoes and using social media data.
Facebook's Simon Milner on trust, privacy and big data
An interview with Simon Milner, Director of Policy for Facebook UK and Ireland on trust, privacy and big data. 
Professor Jim Al Khalili OBE - a physicist's view of human nature
Understanding ourselves requires an understanding not only of the deep mystery of life, but of what makes us human. Jim Al-Khalili OBE is a British scientist, author and broadcaster.