Enhance your professional repuation and prospects by upgrading your MRS membership with CPD.

The MRS CPD Programme has made a huge difference to me and my business. Not only has it given me the impetus and focus to invest in my research skills, but I’ve also been able to upgrade my membership to reflect the experience and skills I’ve gained.

It’s a really flexible programme that allows you to include external training and courses. It’s definitely improved my work and I’ve grown in confidence as an independent researcher.

Adam Pearson

Pearson Insight

The table below shows you the various upgrade routes that are available. As you can see, the more qualified and experienced you are, the fewer CPD 'years' that are required to achieve MRS Certified Member (CMRS) status. Remember, a CPD year is at least 21 hours of CPD, within a 12-month period.

DH 2020 updated CPD webinar
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Benchmark Standards

MRS benchmark standards provide a set of standards by which individuals can be measured for eligibility for Certified Membership, the professional grade of membership within MRS.

These standards also demonstrate what is required of an MRS Certified Member in terms of practitioner competency.

Route 5

If you have been working in a research related role for at least three years, and have achieved the MRS Advanced Certificate, you only need to complete one year of CPD to be eligible for MRS Certified Membership.

For your CPD programme to meet the criteria for MRS Certified Member status, in addition to meeting the 21 hours, it must also clearly match the seven mandatory MRS Benchmark Standards. You will need to demonstrate that professional development activities have been completed that cover each of the mandatory standards – 1, 2 or 3, 7, 8, 9 & 10 (descriptions of each standard can be found above).

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