MRS Benchmark Standards provide a standard which individuals can be measured against for eligibility for Certified Membership of MRS.

The Benchmark Standards demonstrate what being an MRS Certified Member means in terms of the competency of practitioners, and the knowledge, skills and attitudes expected at this level. Some of the standards have more weight than others, although all of the standards are important.

In order to become a Certified Member, within the 21 hours you will need to demonstrate a minimum of 1 hour (formal or informal) of CPD against each of the mandatory standards – 1, 2 or 3, 7, 8, 9 & 10.

STANDARD 1: Ethical and legal considerations governing the conduct of MRS members

STANDARD 2: Research within its broad political/economic social/ technological context

STANDARD 3: The role of research in decision making within an organisation

STANDARD 4: Client and supply relationships in research

STANDARD 5: Project management (including planning and the use of resources)

STANDARD 6: Oral and/or written communication skills

STANDARD 7: Awareness and evaluation of research methodologies

STANDARD 8: Conducting all or part of a research project

STANDARD 9: A nominated specialist area in research

STANDARD 10: Quality control and assessment in research

STANDARD 11: Commitment to your own personal and professional development

STANDARD 12: Commitment to the development of others and or the profession

Full details on the standards can be found here.

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