&more is the network for brilliant young thinkers. Sponsored by Unilever, &more is a learning community and a network hub designed to enable young professionals to shine in their careers.

There are complimentary benefits including discounted and free events, big brands, a research team challenge, free keynote entry, cool content and a party with the drinks thrown in!

All you need to be is under 30 and keen to make your mark in research, insight or analytics. You simply sign up for free to take advantage of the brilliant resources to boost your development and get better connected in the sector.

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  • Connect with other young researchers, sector leaders and new thinkers.
  • Build your learning with the team challenge, inspiring events, lively content and celebratory fun!
  • Access FREE benefits and events that give young people a boost at the start of their career.
  • Enjoy opportunities for exploration, self development and problem solving.
  • Access a sense of pride and cohesion for young researchers in the sector… & much more.
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