The cost-of-living and inflationary crisis is affecting many individuals and businesses across the world including the research sector. Businesses are grappling with the challenges of supporting staff whilst protecting their financial stability. Staff are having to cope with the stress of higher costs and increased financial pressures.

Cost of living guidance for businesses

Click here to download new guidance on how to support your staff and business during cost of living and inlationary pressures.

This guidance is to review different ways which businesses can support staff, and to consider some of the benefits and pitfalls of the options available, to help businesses identify what might work best for them.

Not all of the available options are financial; communication, policies, working culture and accessibility can all help. Some of the suggestions may cost business significant sums, whilst others less so. Businesses should consider what suits and mix and match to find the best approach for their business and staff. But remember, even the smallest changes can often make the most difference if staff are really strugglingThe important thing is to manage staff expectations and to ensure that whatever is offered can be delivered.

Cost of living and the global consumer

Our ‘Testing the resilience of the global consumer’ Professional Webinar highlights the fascinating global study of consumer attitudes to the rise in the cost of living detailing reactions from across the globe, how behaviour has changed and how the crisis has impacted the emotional and health of individuals. Lucia Juliano, Head of Research UK and NL, Harris Interactive, Toluna Group outlines the importance of continuing to demonstrate strong social, ethical and brand values.

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