GKB: Geodemographics Knowledge Base

This website is a major database of GeoDems sources, developed by the MRS Census and GeoDems Group (CGG).

GeoDems is the spatial analysis of people and their behaviour. It includes traditional geodemographics (the description of people according to where they live, derived from the study of spatial information) as well as real time geodemographics (which focuses on the analysis of peoples’ digital footprints in space and time).

The GKB provides a comprehensive directory of several hundred selected websites covering the UK, Europe and many other parts of the world. Each site is checked and curated by members of the CGG and new contributions are encouraged.

The GKB includes topics specifically devoted to areas of interest to CGG. These include:

All topics can be found on the side navigation, use the Search Resources function for the full listing.

From time-to-time further sections are added to reflect key developments in geodemographics.

In the blog below, expert contributors describe the latest developments in their specialist field. Recent keynotes include: the History of the CGG, Geodemographics Goes Mobile, the ONS Data Science Campus, and Creating a European Data Innovation Ecosystem.

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