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Welcome to the Geodemographics Knowledge Base, a comprehensive directory of hand-selected websites for people interested in the application of geodemographics, geo-spatial analysis and Big Data. It has been produced by the Census and Geodemographics Group of MRS.

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ONS response to public consultation – “Initial View on 2021 Census Output Content Design

ONS invited views on their initial proposed design of 2021 Census outputs and the dissemination channels for England and Wales.

The consultation covered all aspects of 2021 Census outputs. This included their plans for a flexible dissemination system to access the majority of census data, and the approach for statistical disclosure control for 2021 Census outputs. They also informed users of the plans for specialist products (including microdata and origin-destination products), geography and the use of administrative data to improve and supplement outputs.

They consulted with users to:

obtain feedback on the proposed design and method of dissemination for 2021 Census data
help them prioritise our future research and development of 2021 Census outputs
inform the order in which they release products after 2021 Census
understand user requirements for a variety of census products

ONS Data Collection and Census Transformation Programme: Admin-Based Income Statistics

One of the aims of the ONS Data collection and Census Transformation Programme is to assess whether the government stated ambition that "censuses after 2021 will be conducted using other sources of data" can be met. They are aiming to produce population estimates, household estimates and population and housing characteristics using a combination of administrative and survey data. This is to meet demands for improved population statistics and as a possible alternative to the census.
They have published their experimental admin-based income statistics (ABIS) here.

The 2021 Census of Population and Housing in England and Wales - White Paper

The UK Statistics Authority has made its recommendations on the content and conduct of the 2021 Census. The census is planned to take place on 21 March 2021. A White Paper was published on Friday 14 December 2018.

BBC Radio - Thinking Allowed – Maps and Postcodes

Is there such a thing as a predictive postcode? Can it reveal more about us than our bank account, ethnicity or social class? Laurie Taylor poses the question to Roger Burrows, Professor of Cities at Newcastle University. Also, Mapping Society - Laura Vaughan, Professor of Urban Form and Society at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, examines how maps not only serve as historical records of social enquiry, but also reveal the ways in which difference and inequality are etched deeply on the surface of our towns, villages and cities.

Origins Classification

Origins is a segmentation system which classifies consumers according to the part of the world from which their forebears are most likely to have originated.

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