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Welcome to the Geodemographics Knowledge Base, a comprehensive directory of hand-selected websites for people interested in the application of geodemographics, geo-spatial analysis and Big Data. It has been produced by the Census and Geodemographics Group of MRS.

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Digital People Blog

The Government Digital Service has created a blog to follow digital, data and technology people and skills activity across London. Digital People showcases ‘what good looks like’ when it comes to working in digital, data and technology in government.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Guidance Note for the Research Sector: Appropriate use of different legal bases under the GDPR

EFAMRO and ESOMAR created a report to  provide a framework to researchers:Understand the basic principles of the new GDPR framework focusing on the data processing and collection principles; determine the appropriate legal grounds to collect, process or further process personal data for all types of research, the conditions that need to be followed and the associated data subject rights; and assess the implications of the different legal grounds for statistical and/or scientific research.

SiliconValley siphons our data like oil. But the deepest drilling has just begun

This 2017 Guardian article by Ben Tarnoff explains how personal data is to the tech world what oil is to the fossil fuel industry and that’s why companies like Amazon and Facebook plan to dig deeper than we ever imagined. He speculates that one of the reasons for Amazon’s recent acquisition of bricks and mortar retailer Whole Foods is to extend the powerful analytics of its online world into the analytics of offline retailing by using electronic tracking and surveillance in the bricks and mortar stores.

Are your sensors spying on you?

This 2017 press release from Newcastle University describes how a team of cyber experts led by Dr Maryam Mehrnezhad have revealed the ease with which malicious websites, as well as installed apps, can spy on us using just the information from the motion sensors in our mobile phones.

Wi-Fi location analytics

This guidance report by the ICO explains how operators of Wi-Fi (wifi) and other communication networks may use location and other analytics information in a manner that complies with the Data Protection Act (DPA). It makes clear that organisations must give clear and comprehensive information for individuals to make them aware of the processing. Organisations must also avoid excessive data collection and take steps to reduce the risk of identification of the individuals in the collected data.

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