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Geoanalysis is the analysis of data, eg demographic or customer data, by geographical area or other form of spatial referencing.

3D Visual Data Mining

The 3DVDM research group is an interdisciplinary venture at Aalborg University in Denmark that aims to develop ways of mining large databases using virtual reality visualisations. The website contains a large amount of information on the current projects being undertaken within the group.

ACM Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining SIG

As a Special Interest Group within the Association for Computing Machinery, the SIGKDD aims to encourage research into new ways of using data and to promote the adoption of standards in data mining activities. The 'Events' page includes downloadable conference papers and other resources.

Australia's Topographical Mapping Agency

Geoscience Australia's National Geographic Information Group is the Australian Government's national mapping agency. It provides authoritative geographic information services and products to enable evidence-based decision making, deliver government policy, assist industry development needs and support community wellbeing.

BBC Radio - Thinking Allowed – Maps and Postcodes

Is there such a thing as a predictive postcode? Can it reveal more about us than our bank account, ethnicity or social class? Laurie Taylor poses the question to Roger Burrows, Professor of Cities at Newcastle University. Also, Mapping Society - Laura Vaughan, Professor of Urban Form and Society at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, examines how maps not only serve as historical records of social enquiry, but also reveal the ways in which difference and inequality are etched deeply on the surface of our towns, villages and cities.


CASSINI is a consortium of over 20 French academic organisations performing research into GIS and spatial information technology. Among the pieces of work currently being carried out is an investigation into modelling spatial reasoning, which is appropriate to geo-marketers interested in locational analysis etc. The site provides links to the partner institutions' websites.

Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), University College London

The web page for the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. It includes the department's working papers and journal publications, on a range of topics including the application of angular analysis to quantify space, the development of cellular models of urban systems and the study of the dynamics of urban areas.

Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity (CSCA)

The Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity (CSCA) is a non-profit research unit based at Ryerson University in Canada. The Centre studies private-sector economic activities that deal directly with consumers, including retailing, services, financial institutions, and the developers who create the physical infrastructure of malls and offices. CSCA provides a research focus for members of the retail and development sectors and facilitates the discussion of issues of mutual concern, the exchange of ideas, and the development of a network of professional contacts. It promotes research, innovation, education, and discussion. The Centre has the support of almost seventy private-sector members and associations.

Data Visualisation - A picture paints a thousand words

Graphs and maps are a great way of making statistics memorable and meaningful, visit the ONS website for interactive mapping and data visualisation that allows you to engage with ONS data.

Department of Social Statistics at the University of Southampton

The research performed in the Department of Social Statistics concentrates on sample survey theory, demography and statistical modelling. It covers issues such as the modifiable areal unit problem and the concept of ecological fallacy. The latest working papers produced by the department are available to download from this site.


EUROGI, the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information, aims to promote and support geographic information technology. Their site includes a number of directories of relevant information, ranging from 'GI people' to 'GI Industry'. It also contains a large amount of information on the European Geographic Information Policy Framework.


The Geo-Refer project site contains a digital library of learning materials on referencing social science data geographically.


GeoCommons is a free and public version of FortiusOne's data analysis and visualization technology. GeoCommons is a community in which users can contribute and share open data and easily build shareable maps. All data and maps in the GeoCommons Community are public and can be shared with other public websites and users.


The GeoCommunity is a portal for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), CAD, Mapping, and Location-Based industry professionals, enthusiasts, and students. The GeoCommunity also offers a daily SpatialNews Newswire.


Geomatics.org.uk is a web-based initiative launched in 2000 to promote geomatics in schools and colleges. Geomatics is the science of the collection, analysis and interpretation of data, especially instrumental data, relating to the earth's surface. The site is supported by the UK land and offshore survey industry.

Geospatial Analysis: Web site, Book & E-Book

Geospatial Analysis is a comprehensive guide to principles, techniques and software tools.

GIS and Remote Sensing Unit at Lancaster University

A list of the reports produced by the NWRRL, (many with online abstracts), and information on ordering copies of the complete documents. Topics covered include the classification of residential districts, the issues of aggregation and the MAUP in the British Census, and the potential for fuzzy classification systems in geodemographic targeting.

Hornsby, Kathleen

Kathleen Hornsby is a postdoctoral research associate at the NCGIA whose work concentrates on spatio-temporal reasoning and spatial data mining. These pages include a list of her publications, some of which can be downloaded from the site.


Website containing a wide range of open data on neighbourhood characteristics with impressive content, design, and interactive functionality.


InSite, from CACI, is a market analysis tool that brings together database, mapping and reporting functionality. It enables users to uncover intelligence in marketing data, from finding trends and opportunities in customer information to understanding locations in terms of people and demographics.


InstantAtlas enables geographical and statistical information to be displayed within web browsers, it can be used to create stand-alone, interactive atlases, dashboards, profiles, or key performance indicator reports that allows people to view and explore patterns, monitor key indicators, present trends and support decision-making.

Institute for Geoinformation, TU Vienna

The website of the IoG at the Technical University of Vienna. Research within the Institute includes the analysis of spatial problems, spatial reasoning and the use of geoinformation in a business context. The site includes freely-downloadable papers and publications, many of which are in English.


iShareMaps are mapping products from Astun Technology. UK Geocoding integrated into your website or on the desktop, and location-based web server for local government.

Laboratory on Geoinformatics and Cartography, Masaryk University Brno

The LGC is a division of one of the Czech Republic's foremost academic geography departments, and includes among its activities a market analysis service for companies looking to locate in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Manchester Geomatics Ltd

Manchester Geomatics Ltd specialises in the management, presentation and analysis of spatially referenced socio-economic data. They offer geographic information creation, management, visualisation and analysis products including spatial information systems, geocoding tools, data aggregation, and local land and property gazetteer maintenance and storage software.


MapInfo provides location-based solutions and services that help organisations better understand their customers and markets in order to gain a competitive advantage. MapInfo solutions offer a combination of software and data allowing customers to map, visualise, profile, compare and act upon customer and market information.


MapMechanics is a supplier of GIS software and data. Its website offers up to date information on the latest uses of digital mapping data including geodemographic data.

Micromarketer Generation3

Micromarketer Generation3 is Experian’s suite of powerful geographical analysis software. Available for use either on the desktop or over the web, it is an integrated GIS tool that provides customer profiling, catchment definition, sales territory analysis, data modelling, mapping and visualisation.

National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis

The NCGIA is an independent organisation dedicated to furthering research in geographic information science. Current areas of research at the centre include the issue of accuracy in spatial data, and the potential for increasing the cognitive abilities of GIS.

ONS Neighbourhood Statistics

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has produced a prototype interactive map of estimated local average household incomes as a mash-up with Google Maps and Street View for visualisation of any locality. The maps are defined at the level of Middle Layer Super Output Area (MSOA) for England & Wales only.

Quantitative Methods Research Group (QMRG)

The QMRG is made up of members of the Royal Geographical Society and the Institute of British Geographers with an interest in the progress of quantitative geography in Britain.

Roddick, Professor John F

Professor John Roddick's site at Flinders University. Among his research interests he lists spatial and spatio-temporal data mining and his publications pages include numerous downloadable papers and articles produced by his research group.

Spatial Data Handling Division, University of Zurich

This page outlines the research taking place within the SDHD into socio-economic applications of geographic information processing. The page provides contact information for the academics working in the Division.

Spatial Data Mining at LMU Muenchen

The homepage of a research group at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, headed by Professor Hans-Peter Kriegel. The site includes a list of the group's publications, some of which can be downloaded in full.

The Town Centres Project

This UK Government funded project aims to develop a nationally consistent system of retail data collection including areas of town centre activity, floorspace, employment and retail sales turnover. A pilot study covering the London area has been completed and the project is now extending to the rest of England and Wales.

Thrall, Professor Grant

Professor Grant Thrall's pages at the University of Florida. His research concentrates on business geography and geodemographics, incorporating market analysis and retail location. The site includes reprints of nine papers he has written, and also an 'Internet Tour' of business geography, interesting despite the inevitable American bias in its content.

Tranmer, Dr Mark

The home page of Dr Mark Tranmer, based at Manchester University. His research interests include the ecological fallacy, the modifiable areal unit problem and Census data analysis. His site includes links to downloadable versions of some of his publications, including one on the use of Census data in investigating the causes of the ecological fallacy.

Tsuvo StatDSS

StatDSS is a data surveillance system that provides web-based analytics anyone can use. Combine all the data you need into a powerful dashboard. Interactive visualizations and a smart querying system allow you to highlight and filter live data for real-time visual analysis.

UK travel flows now available from Nomis

18 June - Travel to work data from the 2001 Census can now be viewed and downloaded free of charge. Tables show daily flows of workers from residence to place of work for all local authorities and wards in Great Britain, and parliamentary constituencies and wards in Northern Ireland. They also include breakdowns of the characteristics of the people in the flows.

UPTAP: Understanding Population Trends and Processes

The primary aims of the UPTAP initiative are to: build capacity in secondary data analysis;promote the use of large-scale social science data sets, and improve our understanding of demographic trends and processes which affect society and the population.

Varenius - NCGIA's Project to Advance Geographical Science

Varenius is a project fostered at the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, the goal of which is to define the science upon which GIS and GIS-related subjects is based by advancing research into a selection of topics chosen for their relevance to today's IT-centric world.

Wendover Group, The

The Wendover Group provide geographical modelling, analytics and mapping services for commercial and public sector organisations.  Services include travel time accessibility modelling, site location planning, branch network optimisation, sales territory planning, customer profiling, bureau maps and demographic reports as well as the supply of digital datasets.

Williamson, Dr Paul

Dr Paul Williamson's homepage at the University of Liverpool. His research concentrates on small area population microdata and the use of neural networks and fuzzy logic in geographical analysis. The page includes links to the products of his latest research, including the website of a project aiming to create a national set of validated small area population microdata.

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