As part of a recent Mentoring Scheme Evaluation, we asked past mentees and mentors to provide feedback - that the would be happy to share - regarding their experiences of being part of the MRS Mentoring Scheme. 


I’ve found the partnership with my mentor hugely helpful over the last year. We’ve had a lot of challenges in our team, and it’s meant I’ve stepped into a role I wasn’t very comfortable with. Having my mentor to speak about my challenges and also how he has navigated his career has been hugely helpful. I think what’s been most helpful was having someone outside my company to speak to as it’s given me a good sense of perspective and also sometimes a really good reality check.

I’d also say to anyone who is on the fence about applying, just do it! I wish I had done it sooner.

Ivonne Hoeger, Which?

“I'm enjoying a very fruitful and valuable mentoring relationship with Richard. The main benefit to me is his experience in the areas I lack - for example, the management and financing of large companies. He also gives me honest and valuable feedback on my ideas and initiatives. He's given me the confidence to progress concepts I might otherwise have struggled with.

He also gives a lot of his time and shares his network for which I'm very grateful! This has been a great benefit of MRS membership, I'm really glad I applied for it."

Joe Morrison, Craft and Scale

“The experience with my mentor was great, I felt really blessed to be paired with him.I gained a lot from the mentoring experience as I raised issues, doubts and insecurities and he could always guide me on thinking through all the questions."

Luciana Procopio, Panasonic Europe

“The MRS mentoring scheme is incredibly beneficial, I have been working with my mentor almost every month since I started the programme. I feel that I am making huge progress in terms of professional development and my confidence. To be honest, the support I have received from MRS and my mentor has been outstanding. I feel I am receiving the best mentoring support possible, and my mentor has been great. I very much look forward to continuing working with them this year.”

Josef Baines, London Sport

“Working with my mentor has been incredibly helpful. Our sessions have provided time for reflection, a safe space for exploring ideas, and an alternative perspective on anything I’ve wanted to talk about. I’ve rediscovered my mojo at work, grown in confidence, and have a clearer idea of what I want from my career.”

“I feel very fortunate to have been offered a place on the MRS Mentoring Scheme and paired with my mentor. Reflecting on my 12-month mentoring journey, I am delighted that I have achieved my initial objectives and I am progressing through the industry with the support of my mentor. The mentoring has enabled me to challenge and push myself out of my comfort zone outside of the sessions. As this is an evolving process, I look forward to setting new objectives and staying in touch. I highly recommend this worthwhile programme.”


“The Mentoring Scheme is a way to give back to the industry and helps develop talent coming through. As a mentor, it provides an insight into different organisations and the cultural challenges which is also a learning experience for the mentor themselves.”

Nick Bonney, Deep Blue Thinking

“Being part of the mentoring programme, recognised as a leader in class, is a fantastic space to be in. If you are thinking about becoming an MRS mentor, I would unequivocal say go for it, apply and go through the process because you find it really rewarding.”

Michelle Cockburn, Institution of Civil Engineers

“The MRS mentor scheme has been incredibly beneficial. It has been great to talk through work dilemmas with someone outside my business and also explore career options. I would thoroughly recommend the scheme to both mentors and mentees.”

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