Our specialist Mentoring Scheme has been developed especially for research professionals. We have seen first-hand how the partnerships help our members to grow and overcome challenges. Our unique personal matching service ensures we find the best match for you with the information we have and the available mentors. As a member you can apply to become a mentor or mentee – this is a free benefit of your membership.  

What to expect
  • The mentoring process is designed to assist you in developing effective approaches to achieving your goals.
  • Your mentor will be an industry professional and an MRS Certified Member and will provide their advice, guidance and support on a voluntary basis.
  • You will connect with your mentor in person, by phone or video chat depending on your preference and location. 
  • The relationship usually lasts for 12 months, however everyone's situations vary.
  • The mentoring scheme is not designed to provide detailed specific technical training or to provide support to businesses. 
It's a six-step process

(The mentoring scheme is currently closed for applications and will re-open in Spring 2024.)

  1. Become an MRS member

The MRS mentoring scheme is only available to individual MRS Members. (To become a mentor you will need to be a Certified MRS or Fellow of the society). Places are allocated on a number of criteria including location, expertise, availability of mentor and stage in career.

  1. Think about what you would like to get out of the experience.
  • What outcomes or performance improvements am I looking for?
  • What am I prepared to put in to the programme in order to achieve these outcomes?
  • How will I manage my time and energy to put into practice the changes I identify through the scheme?
  • How will I ensure my employer will support me to make the changes I want to achieve? 
  1. Watch the webinar with the handout and read the handbook.
  2. Complete your application within the specified application period.
  3. MRS begins the matching process.
  4. Contracts are signed and the mentoring relationship begins 


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