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The Insights industry plays a key role in helping to make the planet a better place through understanding and voicing public opinion. But we should also make sure that we play an active role in making the planet better through our own business activity and by utilising the talents of our people. This is not something for one company or one country or one industry association to do. It is something that we should all get behind and hopefully work together on.

Join the Young Person’s Sustainability Collective to help ensure our industry embraces sustainability by working alongside the MRS’s Sustainability Council and the Insight Climate Collective to do so. It’s important to come together to create this movement - we need to set the agenda for the future of sustainability in the research industry.

In this special kick-off session, Steve Philips CEO of Zappi and chair of the MRS Sustainability Council outlines the work the Council has been undertaking the past year including the launch of the MRS NetZero Pledge in June 2021.

This 2.5 hour workshop is free for &more members and includes drinks and networking afterwards.

TBC – MRS or Zappi HQ

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