It is a year since the launch of the MRS Net Zero Pledge. Over 60 research organisations have now committed to be net zero by 2026. To celebrate World Environment Day in June, there a range of green events and initiatives for you to get involved.

Throughout June we will plant a tree for every ticket sold across our conferences, events, membership and training. The membership team also have sourced a fully biodegradable card so that all new and renewing members will receive green cards from now on.

Professional Webinar: How to talk to consumers about sustainability

Wednesday, 8 June

How can brands motivate consumers to change their behaviour around climate change? This webinar explains how to engage the mainstream to care and make the link between the problem and their ability to act. 

Townhall webinar: The case for sustainability in research

Thursday 23 June

 A townhall for research professionals from the UK and US

A townhall to hear how research organisations on both sides of the Atlantic are working towards sustainability. Looking at the business case for sustainability, this webinar will provide a forum to share ideas, strategies and the reality of becoming truly Net Zero. This event is only for signees of the Net Zero Pledge.

Professional Webinar:Bridging the sustainability gap between what customers want and buy

Friday, 24 June

Everyday millions of products are sold that have a negative impact on the planet. This webinar explores the complex relationships between people’s views on sustainability and their purchase behaviour.

Sustainability Awards

We have two new awards for 2022 where organisations can showcase their work in sustainability.

2022 Best Sustainable Operations – this award category celebrates research operations that have been developed to mitigate impact on the environment or development of sustainable products / services for the sector. Extended deadline 30 June.

MRS Award for Sustainability Research – this award demonstrates best practice in researching and understanding actions to improve the environmental sustainability of an organisation. Deadline 4 July.

Tree planting

We will be promoting this initiative through June and donating £1 per tree to which plants trees in parts of the world where tree replanting also helps reduce extreme poverty and reverse deforestation.

Biodegradable membership cards

We have sourced fully biodegradable membership cards through our supplier. All members renewing and new will receive their annual card in this new biodegradable format.

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