Thanks to the support of Principal Sponsor YouGov, MRSpride is launching a new award in 2020 for Inclusive Research. The category will actively seek case studies which demonstrate best practice in researching or understanding culturally and socially diverse, marginalised or minority communities - not restricted to LGBTQ+ - sharing their stories or acting as a force for good in the diversity, equality and inclusion space.

“We are proud to support MRSpride in creating this showcase for how research can represent the population in all its diversity,” says Stephan Shakespeare, CEO of YouGov, “this is something we try to do in all our work.”

Entries will open on 4 May along with the other MRS Awards. See the full timetable here.

“It’s more important than ever that research asserts its position as the sector that communicates real evidence from all parts of society to business and government,” says CEO of MRS Jane Frost. “Thanks to YouGov’s vital support, this award will highlight that research is not just effective but essential to an inclusive culture impacting decision-making.”

Michael Brown, Chair of MRSpride and Partner of Insight & Cross-Culture at UM, adds: “The extraordinary speakers at our first events in 2019, as well as some of the nearly 200 LGBTQ+ researchers and allies who came along to them, shared eye-opening stories about the power of research in giving a voice to otherwise unheard communities.”

“Platforms like ours are elevating, celebrating – and, hopefully, accelerating – best-in-class research about our community. We couldn’t be prouder to have initiated this new award for research that will do the same for research about all people of difference.” 

The next MRSpride event, in alliance with the MRS network for young researchers &more, will take place on 27 February. Click here for more details.

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