Angharad Stevens is a Client Executive at Kantar and sits as Chair of their Employee Resource Group Pride@Kantar UK, as well as being a member of Global Pride@Kantar, and has recently joined the MRSpride Steering Group. Day-to-day she works with brands in the health and beauty market, but her real love is in all things I+D. You will normally find Angharad in the bars around Peckham being a general nuisance.

I wish someone had told me at the beginning of my career that some people won’t be ok with you being the loud opinionated young woman that you are. This shouldn’t surprise you, it’s like that in so many societal circles. Add lesbian on top and it becomes almost unbearable to some. But keep going. It will pay off and you will find your people professionally as well as socially, and these people will lift your voice to levels that drown out the negativity. Oh, and always remember your worth.

I most admire the people who have the confidence to stand up for what is right always, no matter the consequences. I like to think I do this in some ways, but I definitely have a conceding threshold. I’m a libra… go figure…

In research we are inherently learning about human behaviour. So why does it often feel so rigid and autocratic? I think fluidity and recognition of skill, passion and talent should go beyond years in the industry. And for the love of god can we please stop making it so hard to research marginalised groups? Cost and logistical barriers should not prevent us from understanding huge groups of people whose voice and behaviours matter! 

My resilience tip for when times get tough is to find what brings you joy in the everyday – surround yourself with people who lighten your load and remind you that you may be having a bad day, but that does not equate to a bad life. Go back to the parts you used to love and remember why you do what you do. But also be honest about when it’s time to put yourself first, recognise when things are tough in short periods but also know when that feeling is becoming incredibly common and have a good talk with yourself or your good friend Malbec.

The most amazing or memorable experience I’ve had whilst working in research was, at the risk of laying it on thick, sitting on the ‘Research and the LGBTQ+ community: a happy marriage’ panel at MRSPride’s Alliance event back in early 2020. It was one of the most daunting experiences of my career, but the buzz I had after it and the opportunity to voice my opinions in such a big and important space has yet to be beaten. The imposter syndrome was second to none but just to have the opportunity was incredibly self-affirming. The tacos and wine helped the experience too.

The one story I’ve always wanted to tell but never had a chance is my family’s story. I think something I would like to achieve before I shuffle off this mortal coil is putting our lives on paper. The Stevens’ story is not a very fun one at times, but I think there is so much healing to be had when you immortalise that

At Kantar we are lucky to run the DIVA Survey annually which strives to understand LBTQ+ women and non-binary people in the UK. I’d love to be more hands on with it and I think there is so much more to be done in this space that is just waiting for someone to pick up and run with. And budget.

To me, great leadership looks progressive, fair and positive. One thing I can’t abide is when leaders take recognition and ownership of the ideas of others. A good leader recognises the talent of those they’re lucky enough to lead and lifts them and not themselves.

The main challenge in building a more inclusive world is a genuine lack of desire from those in control. Time and time again it is the grass-roots groups who inspire change and big-wigs begrudgingly concede when they can fight it no longer. I appreciate this is a rather pessimistic view, but I think it’s the reality. I have an incredible amount of hope for Gen Z and their views – so I really believe we will see some astounding change in the years to come. 

If I wasn’t doing this, I would be somewhere a damn sight warmer than the UK that’s for sure... I was lucky enough to live in Melbourne for 18 months and I think I would be back there or at least in Australia. My girlfriend is a chef and for me the dream would be her having her own place to create culinary madness on the beach and me running the bar meeting new people daily… ahh to dream…

Angharad will be sharing highlights from Kantar’s latest survey for DIVA at the MRSpride event ion 24 June. Book your fee place here.


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