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Scaling large-scale qualitative insight

Discover how to build your own Big Qual capability using a range of tools, methodologies and technologies. Join Unilever, Cereal Partners Worldwide, IPA, Colart, IGD and Heads UP CIO to hear their approaches to delivering qualitative insights at scale and at speed.

  • Examine tools, technologies and methodologies to scale qualitative research
  • Understand how to build your own Big Qual capability
  • Harness NLP, AI and automation to accelerate traditional qualitative approaches
  • Apply Big Qual methods to longitudinal and global research
  • Extract big qualitative insights from social video, images and voice

10.00 Welcome from the Chair

Rose Crabb, Director: Client and Project Success,


10.05 Delivering global qual at scale: answering BIG questions

Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), wished to understand what sustainability meant to its consumers across the world.  This session will explore how a fusion of Bulbshare proprietary AI powered dashboard tools, Power BI and a close client relationship was the bedrock for large scale, cross cultural, qual analysis.

Julia Brannigan, Senior Research Manager, Bulbshare
Sophia Zhang, Consumer Insight Associate Manager, Cereal Partners Worldwide


10.35 Speed meets rigour

This case study examines how The IPA & Relative Insight applied comparative natural language processing technology to identify audience insights in big qual data gathered over a 12-month period. Hear how the IPA was able to identify the unique differences in opinions between different audiences proving enhanced contextual understandings of their target audiences.

Graeme Griffiths, Associate Director of Research, IPA
Felicity Edwards, Customer Experience Director, Relative Insight


11.05 comfort break


11.25 Fast-tracked flow: using AI to accelerate traditional qualitative approaches

An in-depth conversation between Unilever and two key agency partners that looks to discuss the ways in which big data can help speed up qualitative research in a multi-agency / client setting. Speakers will share thoughts and learnings from recent project experiences.

Catriona Ferris, CMI Director, Europe & NAMETRub, HomeCare , Unilever

In conversation with…

Siddharth Kanoria, Partner, Quantum Consumer Solutions
Victoria Thrift, Client Development Director,


12.00 Turning TikToks Into Insight

TikTok is one of the world’s most used social media platforms, yet it’s currently massively underused for insights.  So, Listen & Learn Research set out to help brands harness that power using a qualitative, systematic, human-based approach. This talk will share this approach, helping researchers see what's possible and illustrating the commercial application of TikTok research so that market researchers can be at the forefront of spotting creative and commercial opportunities on social media.

Jeremy Hollow, Founder & Managing Director, Listen + Learn Research
Jatin Kuckreja, Global Insight Director, Colart


12.30 Lunch


13.15 Build your own BigQual engine

Hear the journey of the development of ‘Big Qual,’ a platform for extracting and presenting qualitative insights. The session outlines the challenges researchers face when integrating depth interviews, focus groups, multimedia, and surveys. It offers tangible takeaways, laying bare its AI approaches and citing its use of freely available tools. The session also provides a strategy for those interested in scaling their own bespoke approaches as an alternative to off-the-shelf software.

Ryan Howard, Founder, Malliavin Marketing Sciences


13.45 Using a conversational AI approach to capture rich qualitative understanding at scale about the impact of COVID-19

Heads Up CIO is a charity that specialises in providing interventions to help people better manage the impact of trauma. This session will explore how a conversational AI approach that provides a simple, chat-based interface for participants and uses AI to collect and analyse rich verbatim data at scale is being used to optimise the support being offered by Heads Up CIO.

Phil Sutcliffe, Managing Partner, Nexxt Intelligence
Dov Benyaacov-Kurtzman, Founder, Heads Up CIO
Kimberley Cairns, TONIC Project Lead, Heads UP CIO


14.15 comfort break


14.30 Improving measurement of free associations for consumer choice

In this large-scale study, DVJ Insights applied an AI-based classification of free associations. They were able to compare the two methods of measuring brand perceptions in terms of their ability to predict consumer choice. Hear key conclusions from the research and the implications for brands.

Mark Vroegrijk, Senior Methodologist, DVJ Insights
Dr. Alexander Meier, CEO, deepsight


15.00 The breath-and-depth method for analysing big qual in primary and secondary research

In this session Rosalind Edwards, from the National Centre For Research Methods, will outline the Big Qual methodology, developed with colleagues, for working with large volumes of qualitative primary data and secondary analysis of qualitative longitudinal data from multiple archived studies.

Professor Rosalind Edwards, National Centre For Research Methods, University of Southampton


15.30 Insight communities for longitudinal big qual

In 2020, 'Transition Britain: Shoppers of our Time' was created, a long-term online community that, for a minimum of two years would track 30 households and examine every facet of their lives. It would assess the impact that COVID-19 would have on their shopping behaviour as they transition into, through and out of, a global pandemic. Join John and Dan for a discussion on how the community blends creative activities and technology to make extracting and analysing longitudinal qualitative insight simple.

Dr John Whittle, Client & Research Experience Director, Further

In conversation with…

Dan Gillett, Shopper Insight Manager, IGD


16.00 End of conference


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