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Combining CX, UX & MR will examine the benefits and challenges of bringing together three branches of insight generation to help organisations create the fullest picture of their customers and to ensure the voice of the customer informs every experiential touchpoint.

Hear how Vodafone, Sky, Compare the Market, Co-op Insurance, Maersk & IntendiMe are breaking down barriers between different insight silos and combining customer knowledge to optimise strategic decision making.

  • Build a 360 understanding of customer behaviour, values and satisfaction using CX, UX & MR
  • Combine silos of customer insight for a customer centric approach to ‘experience’
  • Identify transferable skills and expertise that are being harnessed in related insight led domains
  • Integrate CX, UX & MR to deliver exceptional product design and customer experiences
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10.00 Welcome from the Chair

Kate Reeve, Head of Customer Insight, RBS International


10.10 How Compare The Market blended online qual and UX to develop their Meerkat App

Compare the Market wanted to ensure that the performance of ‘Your bills’ in the Meerkat app met consumer needs and expectations. To achieve this, Verve created a new pop-up community approach, using a hybrid of online qualitative insight and UX techniques. This approach enabled Compare the Market to fully understand the app’s performance and provided solid insight into app functionality.

Explore how this approach enabled an iterative ‘test and learn’ method. Hear how over a 3-month journey with customers, ‘unboxing’ techniques and ‘check-ins’ were used to provide detailed feedback on UX performance and improve understanding of the triggers and barriers to use.

Edward Vargeson, Research Director, Verve

Paul Heaton, Customer Research Manager, Compare the Market (BGL Group)


10.35 All In This Together: Harnessing insights to protect financially vulnerable customers

Personal circumstances and tragic events can make us potentially vulnerable at any point in our lives, and impair our ability to make good financial decisions. This session will demonstrate how Co-op Insurance pulled together various sources of insight (CX, UX, and market research) to safeguard vulnerable customers and improve customer outcomes.  What were the lessons learned and what further challenges lie ahead?

Patrick Alcantara, Head Of Customer Insight, Co-op Insurance


11.00 Panel: Transcending Silos Of Customer Insight To Build Customer Centric Organisations

  • Weighing up the challenges and opportunities of combining or aligning CX, UX and MR
  • Discussing the politics of user research – biases, culture, commercial pressures
  • Breaking down barriers and assessing the synergies and separation for the different disciplines
  • What is the future pathway for research across organisations to support true customer centricity?

Panel chair: Kate Reeve, Head of Customer Insight, RBS International


Melissa Gonsalves, Co-Founder and Director, Colour of Research (CORe); also Director, Strategic Insight, Differentology

Alberto Ferreira, User Research Manager, Vodafone

Sarah Jousiffe, Head of Qual, Closeness & Insight Engagement, Sky


11.30 Refreshment break


11.45 Designing for superiority: holistic innovation

It’s a fundamental truth that people see products, brands and experiences holistically even though they may be developed in parts. Where this works, this is great but when just one part of the product, the brand, the experience, fails to deliver at a key moment, all the hard work can be undone.
Blue Yonder will talk through the holistic experience mapping technique, co-created with global FMCG giants, which challenges the siloed approach to product development.

Hannah Rogers, Head Of New Business, Client Lead, Blue Yonder


12.10 Making it count: developing a custom digital metric framework that works

This case study examines the development and implementation of Vodafone’s own custom metric framework based on self-reported and attitudinal data from customers. It incorporates the best aspects of Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, System Usability Scale, and others. The framework is aimed at developing the actionability and traceability of operations and customer services.

Through this presentation hear how to develop a custom framework without losing benchmarking capability. Identify gaps and needs from a framework that is not focused solely on operational numbers and determine how to navigate the murky waters of digital experience quantification.

Alberto Ferreria, User Research Manager, Vodafone


12.35 Refreshment break


12.50 Jamie Thorpe, Head of Experience Management - Customer Experience, Ipsos

In conversation with…

John Walker, Head of Customer Insights, Maersk

Combining MR, CX and Analytics: real time operational customer experience

Maersk is the world’s largest shipping company with over 80,000 people across in 130 markets. Jamie and John will discuss the journey of how this logistics giant moved from infrequent research to real time operational customer experience - accelerated by the global pandemic.

  • Developing a roadmap blending the best of MR and CX to build capability and deliver insights to support strategic direction
  • Develop a direct linkage between CX performance and customer value
  • Move towards a more operationalised programme with closed loop functionality
  • Improve digital feedback to positively influence customer journey and experience


13.15 Designing customer centric strategies to optimise customer journey and customer care 

Italian start-up, IntendiMe, has launched a service to detect, monitor and notify every “sound” that matters for the everyday life of a deaf person using technology like sensors & smartwatches. In this case study, Praxidia will take delegates through the steps and challenges of designing, developing, validating and implementing from scratch the customer journey and customer care of a service dedicated to deaf people. This stakeholder centric methodology involved a workshop, qualitative online community, UX design and chatbot implementation to collect and merge “special” customer needs, company standards and technological requirements. 

Hear how customer experience has been optimised using a customer centric approach to combining data analytics, customer insights and technology. 

Cinzia Paterlini, Qualitative Department Director, Teleperformance Knowledge Services
Alessandra Farris, Founder, Intendime


13.40 How mobile qualitative enabled more authentic research into swingers

‘The Institute of Competitive Socialising’ wanted to test the potential of launching their successful UK urban golf experience, in America: from the layout, to the menus and in particular the name ‘Swingers’. They also wanted to understand the customer journey and social decision making.

Using a mobile qual approach, millennials were asked to share videos of their social lives. The research team received screen recordings of mobile web-interactions along with verbal commentary. In addition, the team developed mocked up Facebook adverts and magazine reviews, as if ‘Swingers’ had already launched in the city. This helped participants judge the concept more meaningfully, in a more natural context.

Hear how the research inspired the client to proceed with their US launch.

Tom Woodnutt, Founder, Feeling Mutual


14.05 Closing comments from the Chair



14.10 End of conference

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