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Consumer Health and Wellbeing

Consumer Health and Wellbeing

25th February 2016

In a nutshell


This event has taken place.

Using Research To Engage New Audiences, Identify New Opportunities And Deliver Responsive Propositions To Empowered Healthcare Consumers

Technology has transformed the UK’s health and wellbeing market and has empowered users to be more knowledgable and hands on than ever before. The vendor market is bustling with new entrants excited by the enormity of the opportunity for launching new propositions designed to promote healthy living, improve ease and efficacy of existing medical devices and to assist those with managing long term conditions. In turn, healthcare organisations are excited about the new range of possibilities to engage with healthcare consumers and to provide improved care and solutions.

The MRS Consumer Health & Wellbeing conference will demonstrate how research is being used in healthcare to engage users and influencers, drive behaviour change and inform healthcare strategy. A one-day event packed with insights, strategies and research that offers delegates the opportunity to:

• Gain key insights into digital innovation in UK healthcare and assess new opportunities for new entrants and traditional healthcare companies

• Examine how data analytics is delivering unique insights to improve patient outcomes and extend market opportunities

• Evaluate new research paradigms relevant for a consumer centric healthcare landscape

• Examine innovative research methodologies that are successfully reaching hard to reach and vulnerable groups of people

• Hear how to feed insight into behavioural change programmes to encourage healthy lifestyles and to radically reduce the burden on healthcare budgets

• Maximise the impact of your research with stakeholders & the public


Where is the event taking place?

Radisson Blu Edwardian

9-13 Bloomsbury Street

    With thanks to:

    Survey sponsor


    08.20 Registration & Coffee

    08.50 Opening comments from the morning Chair
    Vicky Davies, Research Director, Morpace

    09.00 Digital Health In The UK: Supporting Digital Innovation As The Future Of Efficient Healthcare Service Delivery
    • Examining the UKs digital health strategy and current use of technology in healthcare: telehealthcare, mHealth, health analytics, digitised health systems
    • Evaluating the UK’s market landscape for digital health in terms of:
      • number and type of players
      • size of the market
      • growth forecasts
      • barriers to entry
    • What are the key dynamics affecting the UK’s digital health market?
    • Examining stakeholder opinions on the key areas of improvement to grow the UK digital health industry
    Elizabeth Hampson, Senior Manager (Healthcare Strategy), Deloitte Consulting

    Harnessing Online Health Data To Feed Into Patient Outcomes
    • Developing tools to make sense of the mass of unstructured public health data online
    • Examining privacy and ethical considerations of collecting and analysing unstructured public health data
    • How might we harness the growing body of patient generated content online to benefit patients and health organisations?
    • What might British healthcare look like if we can?
    Josh Smith, Researcher, Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, Demos

    Using Big Unstructured Data Analytics To Identify And Activate Hidden Influencers
    Medtronic, a global medical technology and services company, wanted to find a way to communicate directly with Diabetes Type 1 patients, carers and online influencers. This session will discuss the methodology, key findings and the impact of the research on improving engagement with key influencers.
    • Overcoming the challenge of communicating directly with users of your products in the healthcare sector
    • Examining how Medtronic turned to data analytics to:
      • uncover meaningful conversations about Type 1 diabetes and related topics
      • reveal key influencers in those conversations
      • sustain engaged discussion with this audience
    • Developing the ‘influencer network’ to engage with top influencers across Europe
    • Examining the key outcomes from the research
    Guy White, Founder & Managing Director, Catalyx
    Moniek Haan, 
    Senior Digital Project Manager, Medtronic Diabetes EMEA


    • Harnessing market research to build great healthcare brands with the customer at their core
      • analysing how consumers make decisions and what this means in health and wellbeing
      • Evaluating how brands can connect with that decision making process to evoke behaviour change
      • How can we better use market research to build strong brands?
    • How effective design can win consumers over in 'System 1' at shelf
      • explaining the ‘System 1’ consumer mindset at shelf in the health & wellbeing category
      • highlighting key design strategies that offer health and wellbeing brands the best chance of cutting through in ‘System 1’ at shelf
      • Interrogating the dominant semiotics and implicit design themes of health and wellbeing – and outlining clear recommendations for optimal design communication on pack
    • Examining the rising importance of incorporating consumer insight into medical device design
      • understanding why medical devices have to be desirable, as well as safe & effective, to compete in their competitive set
      • identifying new emotional, cultural and fashion drivers that medical device designers should consider
      • Re-evaluating who to design for (physician, carer, nurse or patient)?

    Chair: Seb Martin, Director, Bryter


    David Coleiro, Partner, Strategic North
    Emma Howlin, Director, The Big Picture Research Agency
    Craig Scott, Director, Greensand
    Martin Schlaeppi, Director, Greensand

    Combined Q&A and discussion

    11:25 The Rise Of The Health Conscious Consumer: Scared And Healthi
    This session will examine how the drivers of anxiety and individuality are creating a new generation of health-conscious consumers placing their faith in solutions that combine the traditional values of reassurance with cutting edge analysis.
    • Predicting how demographic changes and disruptive technologies will shape what consumers will want from wellbeing in the next decade
    • Comparing the requirement of different segments and what this means for the development of products and services:
      • millennials – personalised service and products
      • ageing population – at-home retail and advisory services
    • Examining how 3D printing, wearables and smart home technologies will help the wellbeing industry successfully reach these consumers in future
    Richard Cope, Senior Trends Consultant, Mintel

    11.50 Can Your Smartphone Support Cutting Back On Drinking?: The Drinkaware App Evaluation Findings
    • Overview of the drinkaware app and how it is used by different users
    • Extracting and evaluating user data and maximising confidence levels in the results
    • Combining data with qualitative research to produce holistic insights
    • Working with independent researchers to ensure critical and transparent analysis
    • Assessing how usage of the app links to reducing alcohol consumption across different user categories
    • Feeding insights into improving the future effectiveness of the app for different groups of users
    Dr John Larsen, Director of Evidence and Impact, Drinkaware

    12.15 Supporting Patient Self-Care And Everyday Management Of Long Term Conditions
    • Examining how Macmillan is working to engage, empower and support patients in their daily wellbeing
    • Meeting patients’ growing desire to self-manage long-term conditions:
    • - understanding attitudes and behaviour
    • How Macmillan uses insight to identify and develop and fine tune digital strategies that support patients’ needs
    • Evaluating the success of different tools and channels across different segments and determining new propositions
    Amanda Neylon, Head of Digital, Macmillan

    12.40 Harnessing Consumer Led Research And Innovation To Match The Changing Needs Of Users
    • Understanding consumers’ needs and developing a consumer led approach to health and wellbeing
    • Responding to new consumer needs by providing a joined-up health consumer journey with seamless interactions across products, services and app development
    • Embracing innovative techniques to reach and engage with different users to improve their health:
      • Feedback from Nuffield’s community panel
    Charlotte Klahn, Research Manager, Nuffield Health
    Rachael O’Leary, Senior Research Executive, 
    Nuffield Health

    13.05 LUNCH

    14.00 Comments from the afternoon Chair
    David Teeman, Evaluation Manager, SCIE

    14.05 INTERACTIVE SESSION – Behaviour Change In Practice: Driving The Healthy Living Agenda
    In research we are regularly tasked with helping clients to identify opportunities to shape behaviour that will drive growth to their brands. In consumer healthcare and wellbeing, there are a range of key business questions across the consumer journey, for example, how can we:
    • Increase the number of people who recognise their symptoms and take action?
    • Grow the number of people who identify a need to protect aspects of their health?
    • Support consumers to navigate the category to our product?
    • Ensure that people adhere to recommended product use?
    This interactive session will demonstrate a practical application of behaviour change principles in encouraging people to adopt a proactive behaviour to protect their health.

    Stefan Schafer, Principal, Incite
    Hannah Murphy, Principal, Incite

    Can Insight Really Change Behaviours?
    For decades health insurers have grappled with controlling ever increasing healthcare costs with the primary focus being one of cost management at the point of claim. This session will examine VitalityHealth’s experiences in changing customers’ health behaviours:
    • Evaluating how best to encourage healthy behaviours amongst customers
    • Testing and analysing the effectiveness of motivational incentives and rewards in helping people to stay healthy
    James Baker, Head of Insight, VitalityHealth

    Analysing The Role Of Community Organisations In Promoting Wellbeing
    • Promoting preventative wellbeing strategies to reduce the burden of local healthcare service delivery
    • Identifying what level of responsibility people and communities can take for their own health
    • Measuring how much community organisations support wellbeing and determining what local authorities do to support them do more?
    • Determining the level of contribution different community assets make to reducing local healthcare service cost
    • Developing a toolkit to help local authorities assess cost and benefits of promoting wellbeing
    Becky Rowe, Managing Director, ESRO

    Best Practice Engagement Strategies To Encourage Healthy Lifestyles
    Bupa’s Health and Wellbeing information webpages receive 1 million visitors each month. However they wanted to engage more people with their content by understanding customer needs, identifying opportunity areas and co-creating new concepts for getting consumers to engage with their health more proactively.
    • Using the Bupa think tank co-creation community to uncover consumer needs for content
    • Identifying the barriers to engaging with health and wellbeing information and activities
    • Identifying key sources consumers turn to for health and wellbeing information
    • Uncovering what consumers want from health and wellbeing information providers
    • Developing new concepts drawing on consumer insight and trends to feed into the future of Bupa’s health and wellbeing content
    John Paul Matthews, Consultant, C Space
    Natalie Heaton, Specialist Editor – User Experience, Health Content Team, Bupa UK

    Combined Q&A and discussion


    16.10 Understanding People First, Making Them Healthier Second: An Ethnographic Study Of 40-60 Year Olds And Unhealthy Lifestyles
    Improving the health of 40-60 year olds, especially that of C2Ds, is a key priority for Public Health England. This ethnographic study was the first examination of the group from a holistic, contextual perspective: who are they, how do the people and places around them influence their lives, and what are the true reasons behind their unhealthy behaviour?
    • Examining the range of technologies used in this ethnographic study and the different sources of data
    • Evaluating key findings from the study
    • Examining how this research is being used at PHE to educate internally and to inspire communication strategies
    • How research findings about the audience will feed into behavioural change campaigns
    Alma Berliner, Senior Ethnographer, Ipsos Ethnography Centre of Excellence
    Rezina Chowdhury, Market Research Analyst, Public Health England

    16.35 ROUND TABLE DISCUSSIONS – Upskilling For Healthcare Research: A New Skillset For A New Market Environment
    Delegates will have the opportunity to attend two of the round tables for a 20 min informal discussion. Choose from the following tables:
    • Meeting rigorous requirements of healthcare recruitment and engagement practices
      Led by Maya Middlemiss, Managing Director, Saros Research
    • Compliance and ethics in healthcare research
      Led by Julie Corney, Standards & Compliance Manager, MRS
    • Techniques for getting the most from social listening
      Led by Michalis Michael, CEO, Digital MR
    • Best practices in creative engagement techniques
      Led by Anastasia Knox & Anita Nayyar, Associate Directors, Britain Thinks
    • New research paradigms for a user centric business
      Led by Craig Scott, Director, Greensand
    17.15 End of Conference

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    MRS Member £335 (£402 inc VAT)

    Non-Member £395 (£474 inc VAT)

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    Delegate fee from 5th Jan 2016

    MRS Member £435 (£522 inc VAT)

    Non-Member £495 (£594 inc VAT)

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