Learn more about using multiple data sources and advanced analytics to deliver exceptional insight

In association with the Advanced Analytics Network, this is the first MRS Data Analytics Conference.

Hear curated discussions on the future direction of insight and determine key actions for in-house and agency insight functions. Polish your skills in data visualisation and in communicating data to different groups of stakeholders. Cherry pick great ideas from leading companies that are using data analytics to achieve outstanding consumer and customer insight.

Join Betsson Group, ITV, Sky, Unilever, the Football Association Vue Entertainment, Arper and more to hear how they are using data driven insight to improve customer engagement and loyalty, brand positioning and advertising and take up of new propositions.

Attend to:
· Apply data science technologies and methodologies to consumer research to deliver deeper, faster insight· Blend multiple sources of data to achieve exceptional levels of detail about your customers and the market· Hone your skills in conveying complex data through simple stories to business stakeholders· Migrate from an ad hoc approach to analytics towards a strategic organisational approach where data is at the heart of all decision making· Meet stakeholders’ consumer data requirements through cross industry collaboration.

Who Should Attend:

Heads of Research & Insight, Heads of Analytics, Heads of Marketing Science, Research Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Heads of Data Science, Heads of Consumer Insight, Heads of Customer Insight, Chief Insight Officers, Heads of Global Insight, Managing Directors, CEOs.


Radisson Blu Edwardian
9-13 Bloomsbury Street,London,WC1B 3QD


Registration & coffee


Opening remarks from the Chair

Dr. Leigh Morris, Managing Director, Bonamy Finch


Supporting the future direction of insight

In this opening address Jane Frost, MRS chief executive sets out MRS’s vision for the future of insight and announces its new data analytics programme in recognition of how consumer and customer insight is being transformed by data driven insights. Hear how MRS plans to support the development of essential new capabilities and skillsets required for the broadening insight environment.

Jane Frost, Chief Executive, MRS


Combining multiple data sourcesto determine the true value of NPS and improve overall customer experience

Betsson Group is one of the world’s largest gaming companies. The company’s vision is to provide the best customer experience in the industry by listening to and learning from its customers using best-in-class technology and leveraging an abundance of data and insight.

To become more data and customer centric, Betsson Group is taking steps to put monetary value on NPS by combining research data with financial metrics, customer datasets, and Google Analytics. The goal is two-fold: calculate how much NPS is worth, and identify levers that can help the organisation improve customer loyalty.

This session will explore:

  • How Betsson is combining research data, financial metrics, customer datasets and Google Analytics to achieve a full customer view

  • The effectiveness of its online dashboard visualisation system for delivering data insights to key teams

  • The impact on customer experience team delivering targeted rewards to its most loyal customers

Christine Chou, Head of Consumer Insights, Betsson Group


Using multisource segmentations todramatically improve communication and engagement with customers, partners and suppliers

In an increasingly competitive and relatively undifferentiated cinema market, Vue Entertainment created a segmentation to set themselves apart from competitors and appeal to customers on a more individual level. Crucially, they needed the segmentation to be applicable to a wide variety of sources – including past and future research, business databases, market data and media planning tools –without losing the richness of an attitudinally-differentiated segmentation solution.

Since its creation, the segmentation has helped drive site-level planning, support key titles with targeted communications, and engage third-party brands by demonstrating the ability to target relevant customers. Vue and ABA Research share their approach to creating this segmentation, how it is being used across the business and how it is giving them the competitive edge.

Hayley Dean, Associate Director, ABA Research

Ruth Hinton, Brand Planning & Insights Manager, Vue Entertainment UK


Morning refreshments & networking


PANEL: How can researchers, analysts and technology platforms work collaboratively to meet stakeholders’ consumer data requirements?

In this lively panel discussion, panellists will:

  • Assess the limitations of different methodologies and identify how best to blend datasets to create a full 360-degree view of consumers

  • Debate different models for industry co-operation and collaboration to meet stakeholders’ ultimate data insight requirements

  • Address key industry barriers to achieving a more holistic approach to data driven insights:
    • siloed data, knowledge and skills

    • the rise of self-service analytics

    • rise of automation and uncertainty surrounding the role of analysts

Hugo Amos, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, Black Swan Data 

Rebecca Carson,VP Product, Social Insight, Brandwatch
Amelia Brophy, Head of Data Products -UK, YouGov
Stephen Phillips, CEO, Zappistore
James Oates, UK Analytics Director, Nielsen


Combining AI with online audience research to boost audio effectiveness in advertising

Typically, creatives and clients use gut feel or ‘experience’ to influence their choice of music, message delivery and audio branding but just imagine if they could apply data-driven audience insights to provide predictions. Hear a hot-off-the-press case study of how innovative research solutions are being deployed by brands keen to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns which incorporate audio.

Michelle Heywood, GM, Europe, Veritonic
Scott Simonelli, CEO & Co-Founder, Veritonic


SKY CASE STUDY: The journey to becoming a truly data driven organisation

  • Migrating from ad hoc analytics to a continuous and holistic approach to data science and visual analytics

    • identifying legacy issues and what needs to change to fulfil your vision

    • developing end-end tools that can be rolled out across the organisation

    • examining areas for scalability and repeatability

    • migrating to cloud based solutions (if necessary)

  • How sky moved from data being held in silos towards universal, real time access for all stakeholders

  • Achieving the right balance between stakeholder accessibility to data and information overload

    • targeting functionality and selecting appropriate KPIs for different stakeholders

  • Examining the journey from reporting to predictive to prescriptive analytics

Aji Ghose, Head of Research Analytics, sky | Insight & Decision Science


The power of Social Prediction™: How social data can identify new trends faster and more accurately than before

Predicting consumer behaviour using Social Data, Algorithms, and AI, is radically changing how progressive consumer-led companies are implementing and leveraging data to shape some of their most exciting innovation projects. Over the last 2 years, Black Swan has partnered with PepsiCo to create a technology that identifies early signals in social data to objectively predict and prioritise consumer trends, providing an accurate forecast of what consumers will think and do next. 

Hugo Amos, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, Black Swan Data


Lunch & networking


Multiple source analytics: Fusing multiple data sources to predict football participation levels

The Football Association wanted to develop a greater understanding of the key drivers of football participation levels and the extent to which these can be influenced, to provide more accurate, data-driven estimates of future participation.

The project combined upwards of 30 data sources. Once combined, these were used to understand and subsequently build a model to predict football participation for key groups. A wide variety of techniques were used from simple time-series analysis, through to machine learning algorithms such as gradient boosting.

This presentation will showcase how big data and multiple sources were successfully brought together in a model that delivers on insight and is being used for future planning.

Paul Carney,Deputy Managing Director, Bonamy Finch
Paul Jackson,  Head of Analytics, Bonamy Finch


Can chairs talk? Using image and text mining to bolster Arper’s brand

In today’s connected world, much of how we communicate is visual. From emojis to selfies, images are have become part of the modern lexicon – especially on social media. Yet to date, most social media analysis has been purely based on the written word – not on images. Imagine the power of being able to analyse brand and product imagery on social media. Furniture designer Arper with Kantar TNS did just that.

To help Arper understand how their brand was viewed on digital platforms, Kantar TNS invented a technique to mine social media for relevant images. The findings formed the basis of a set of clear, precise and achievable recommendations to strengthen the Arper brand – both online and offline. Presented at board level, the resulting analysis is central to Arper’s five-year brand strategy.

Preriit Souda, Director Data Science, Kantar TNS

Chiara Davanzo Zamarian, Global Brand Manager, Arper


WORKSHOP - Narrative by numbers: How to tell powerful and purposeful stories with data

There are some simple and effective rules of data-driven storytelling that help everyone tell more compelling, evidence-based stories, whoever they need to convince. This session will demonstrate how to tell powerful and purposeful stories with data and statistics at their heart. Sam Knowles will guide delegate through:

· Building the most convincing stories possible using data and statistics

· How to avoid the Curse of Knowledge, false positives, and spurious correlations

· Why you should only ever show your workings out if you’re asked to do so

· Identifying and using the ‘killer statistic’ to best effect

· Examining why empathy is the most important skill of the data-driven storyteller

· How the best data-driven storytellers do it, from Sport England to Spotify, easyJet to Tesco

· How to use data in your storytelling and still sound human

Dr Sam Knowles, Managing Director, Insight Agents


Afternoon refreshments & networking


PANEL:The future of insight generation: Bridging the divide between data analytics and traditional research

· Moving away from an either / or mindset and discussing the benefits to organisations of having a both mindset· Examining the key skills to share between disciplines to make insight better for stakeholders· Discussing different models for researcher and analysts to work together to deliver critical consumer and customer insight· How should analytics and research fit together within an enterprises to maximise impact of insights

Chair: Mario Paic, Head of Data Science, Ipsos MORI

Panellists:Aji Ghose, Head Of Research Analytics, Sky | Insight & Decision Science

Mat Watson, Head of Audiences, Online & Brands, itv

Alex Owens, Global Head Of Data And Marketing Analytics, Unilever


Putting data to the test: Pitting data against traditional surveys for consumer research

In a time where zero-based budgeting is increasingly prevalent, actionable insights are not always dependent on long, expensive, retrospective surveys that ask panellists lots of arduous questions! In this session Lightspeed will take one client challenge and pit two approaches to answering it head to head:

· A traditional survey comprehensively asking respondents their views and opinions

· A connected approach that brings various data sources already available to us together to build an illuminating picture of respondents without actually asking them any survey questions

This session will demonstrate how clients can find out more about their consumers before they’ve even asked a single survey question. It promises a bolder, faster, more creative way to finding the truth through data.

Alex Wheatley, Innovation Researcher, Lightspeed
Rufus Weston, Head of Insight, Just Eat


All work and no play? A text analysis

Breaking Blue wanted to understand attitudes and feelings towards work and play, how consumers prioritise their leisure time and measure people’s overall happiness with work-life balance.A key part of the analysis involved exploring the possibility of using open-ended data to predict levels of happiness with work and the position on the work-to-live/live-to-work spectrum. This session will:· Assess if there are ‘giveaway’ key words to predict whether someone is happy or unhappy at work· Evaluate how sentiment within open-ended responses correlate with other metrics coming from rating questions· Examine whether there is scope to use machine learning to predict the ‘hard’ metrics using respondents’ own words· Look to the future: the completely open-ended questionnaire

Charlotte Crichton, Associate Director, Breaking Blue
Chrissie Wells, Consultant Research Director, Breaking Blue


Closing comments from the Chair


End of conference

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