Delivering great outcomes for consumers

Join industry colleagues, in-person, for this year’s Financial Services Research conference. We’ll showcase how FinTech to traditional financial providers are employing a range of research methodologies to help deliver great outcomes and great experiences for their customers.

Gain a deeper understanding of changing financial attitudes, behaviours and vulnerabilities caused by the biggest cost of living crisis for a generation. Hear how insight generation is helping to improve the design of financial products, communications and services and to deliver excellent customer experiences that meet consumers’ changing needs.

Examine how to:

  • Create a customer-centric culture and demonstrate outcomes-based approaches in compliance with the new Consumer Duty
  • Generate agile insights to respond quickly to the changing needs of financial consumers
  • Achieve a deep understanding of your customers’ journeys and lived experiences
  • Harness voice of the consumer research to develop valued commercial propositions and enhance customer experience
  • Build understanding of marginalised and vulnerable customers to deliver the right communications, products and support

Radisson Blu Edwardian
9-13 Bloomsbury Street,London,WC1B 3QD

09.00 registration & coffee


09.30 Opening comments from the Chair

Lisa Edgar, Director, the Big Window 


9.40 Taking the boardroom to the heart of the cost-of-living crisis

NatWest’s Customer Closeness programme is using an innovative, ethnographic, approach to help boardroom executives understand and plan for the challenges faced by their customers who are navigating the cost-of-living crisis. 


Hear how over a two-month period the executive team immersed themselves the lives of their customers through digital ethnographic generated insights as well as visiting customers in their homes / businesses to build on what they’ve learned. 

Jane Reece, Customer Insight, Marketing, NatWest Group
Zoe Willment, Customer Research Manager, NatWest Group


10.10 How customer centricity sits at the heart of fintech brands

Auden are a new-to-market, socially responsible, fintech disrupter brand in the UK lending space. From its inception, Auden have put customer-centricity at their heart and built the business with voice of the consumer research being integral.


This session will take the audience through the Auden journey, exploring how real-life experiences lie behind the brand’s aims and goals, and examining the challenges associated with being a fintech disrupter in a market still suffering from the long shadow of negative perceptions. It will show how the business has activated insight to remain truly customer-centric.

Bri Mcintosh, Research Director, Insites Consulting

In conversation with…

Victoria Gosling OBE, Chief Strategy Officer, Auden Finance
Sophie Jenkins-Anderson, Head of Research, Auden Finance


10.40 Understanding what a great customer experience looks like

In 2020 The Foundation worked with Lowell to help them understand what a great customer experience looked like for a debt management company.  It matters because customers don’t choose which company manages their debt, but they do choose whether or not to engage with them.


The approach used several methodologies, combining behavioural change models with in-person immersive depths. Hear how this work has been used to create a customer experience that focusses on support, addresses customer concerns around engagement and helps connects customers to others in a similar situation who they can learn from.

Charlie Sim, Partner, The Foundation
Lisa Hulme-Vickerstaff, Head of Customer Research & Insight, Lowell


11.10 Break


11.35 Modelling the nation’s cost of living pressures

Given recent pressures on household finances, The Money and Pensions Service is trialling innovative approaches to quickly track the different ways financial pressures could impact people’s Financial Wellbeing this year.


Hear how the service is combining multiple data sources from ONS, the Bank of England, the FCA, support charities such as Citizen’s Advice as well as in-house data to build a rounded picture of people’s saving and spending habits and to understand how these habits are changing during the uncertain times.

Russell Bradshaw, Senior Statistician, Money and Pensions Service


12.00 The customer compass: making life better for people in small business, their advisors and communities around the world

How do you leverage agile consumer insights at pace in an industry as complex as accounting? In this discussion explore how Xero is Using C Space’s X-Change community of accountant/bookkeepers and SMEs – with 400 community members across eight markets to thread the voice of the customer into its business fabric and decision-making.  Hear how insights are providing early detection of changing tides in attitudes and behaviours and how Xero uses these to anticipate customers’ future needs.

Asha Parmar, X-Change Community Research Lead, C Space

In conversation with…

Amanda Bourke, GM, Voice of Customer & Insights, Xero


12.30 Launching Bip: agile, iterative & customer centric proposition design

In July 2021, NewDay launched Bip, the UK’s first completely digital credit card. Customers were involved in the design of Bip from product inception to ensure the proposition truly met their needs. In addition, Bip launched with a high degree of commercial confidence following a programme of beta testing underpinned by an immersive longitudinal beta panel.

This case study tells the story of a collegiate, agile, multi-party collaboration between the client and agency partners, resulting in the successful launch of an award-winning product which meets the needs of the emerging digital-first generation of financial services consumers.

Mark Long, Director, BVA BDRC
Alex Cook, Head of Product & Customer Strategy, NewDay


13.00 Lunch


13.55 Capturing customers attitudes towards mobile payments & data privacy

What factors influence consumers’ payment behaviours and when are consumers more or less likely to use their phone rather than reach for their debit card or wallet? Bilendi, in partnership with a leading mobile manufacturer wanted in-the-moment insights into the contexts and drivers that led consumers to pay by mobile. This session will explore how Bilendi Discuss generated in-the-moment insights into mobile payments, data privacy and more.

Daniel Cunill, Director, Market Research UK & Global Head of Mobile, Bilendi


14.20 Panel: How research is helping to identify, engage and support vulnerable customers

The cost-of-living crisis will potentially expose millions more people to vulnerability. It’s key that providers ensure vulnerable customers receive the same fair treatment and outcomes as other customers.

In this discussion, speakers will share highlights from recent research that reveals the spectrum of vulnerability, its transient nature and the challenges financial providers face in identifying and supporting vulnerable customers well.

  • Identifying different types of vulnerability and understanding how it impacts financial decision making
  • Building understanding of the lived experience to develop communications, propositions and support that matches needs
  • How can firms reach vulnerable customers who don’t consider themselves vulnerable?
  • Discussing the next steps for financial providers looking to improve their current efforts to engage and support vulnerable customers


Flora Vieites, Divisional Director - Financial Research Survey (FRS), Ipsos
Ali Pugh, Co-head, Jigsaw Financial, Jigsaw Research
Nick Watkins, Partner, the Big Window 


15.00 Afternoon refreshments


15.20 Consumer attitudes to debt among early credit users – and implications for the future

There’s been much change to consumers financial need and behaviours as well as significant changes to the unsecured debt and credit market. To navigate this changing landscape the Financial Services Consumer Panel and Britain Thinks explored the complex journeys that consumers go in the early stages of taking on debt - What are their motivations, drivers and experiences? – and ultimately, what could this mean for potential consumer vulnerability and future policy and regulation of these products?

Dr Carol McNaughton Nicholls, Associate Partner, BritainThinks, Financial Services Consumer Panel
Francis McGee, Member, Financial Services Consumer Panel


15.50 Understanding the financial needs of people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities

ClearView Research were commissioned by Fair4All Finance to build understanding of the financial lives and needs of people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, as part of a larger research project. The research used co-creative and participatory methods to explore people’s perceptions of the financial system, knowledge and access to financial products and attitudes to spending, saving and debt. Fair4All Finance will explore short, medium and long term solutions. They will showcase findings to regulators, policymakers and people working in financial services on how to increase financial inclusion in different communities.

Sacha Romanovitch, CEO, Fair4All Finance
Beth Swords, Research Manager, ClearView Research
Stephen Brooks, member of the co-creation group


16.20 Behavioural finance: examining how psychological influences affect your financial health

Biases get in the way of financial decision-making: we all know we should “buy low and sell high” when we invest but the reverse is often true. This behaviour gap is where people under-perform the market because their instincts point them in the wrong direction.  Investing and personal finance is full of paradoxes and counter-intuitive findings.


In this session panellists will discuss the behaviour gap and determine how research can close this gap and improve behavioural understanding. They will compare emotional and rational thinking and examine the role action bias, present bias, and framing plays in financial decision making.

Chaired by:

Simon Shaw, Director, Trinity McQueen



Greg B Davies, PhD, Head of Behavioural Finance, Oxford Risk
Anna Miley, Partner, The Foundation
Jonathan Byrne, CEO, Virgin Money Investments

Anna Koczwara, Head of Behavioural Science, NatWest


17.00 Drinks reception


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